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Brave Soldier's Worldly Possessions Sold by Public Storage Company

Blonde Sagacity has an infuriating story about Army Reserve Specialist Patrick Rogalin. He stored all his worldly possessions while he was serving in Iraq with Public Storage. When there was an issue with his account, which was corrected, this company sold his possessions out from underneath him without his knowledge.

Update: Patrick and Public Storage have come to an agreement. And what the company did became illegal when President Bush signed the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act in 2003.


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Comments (19)

Kimit is an outrag... (Below threshold)


it is an outrageous incident, but what can we expect? Just a good American company watching their bottom line on behalf of the shareholders & perhaps making sure that they can pay off their CEO's golden parachute.

It is a disgrace but unfor... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

It is a disgrace but unfortunitly ...when our brave men and women return or are deployed...their sacrifice is ignored...until we sacrifice by higher local and national tax increases to ensure that their sacrifice is covered in whatever manner necessary..
we are not doing our part..for their effort...
These people are more than a number of enlisted...more than a number of wounded or with PTSD..certinly more than a number of killed...
WE owe them so much more than we are providing...

If you have the time..volunteer at your local V.A. hospital...volunteer at local food banks....
A flag on our porch or bumper stickers are not enough...
....and for those opposed to the Iraq occupation...
You can honor the warrior without honoring the war..

We are all an extended family...we may not get along..but when one of us is in need..we must try to meet that need...

Contact any and all Public ... (Below threshold)

Contact any and all Public Storage facilities. Maybe the higher ups dont care, but if enough franchisees bitch, they might make this right.

No surprise theyre located in Mexifornia.

When I was stationed in Ger... (Below threshold)

When I was stationed in Germany in the early eighties, I never knew one person that ever received their full baggage that was shipped to them from the states.

A couple years after returning to the states after my stint there I remember a news magazine show (60 Minutes) I believe busted the workers in the New York port. They simply took what ever they wanted along with the supervisors.

They filmed these people over several days leaving work with truckloads of service members personal possessions. They knew the military would simply compensate the military members. In the meantime they stole millions of dollars worth of stuff.

It had gone on for years and years before it ever stopped.

It was nothing but Union thugs ripping off the military.

Now it sounds like some things never change since they are offering this young reservist only $2,500 for over $8,000 worth of belongings.

If this soldier is near a military base, the post commander can bar all soldiers from visiting certain businesses. Hell, even "Ranger Joe's" was off limits for a while in Fayetteville outside of Fort Bragg in the 1990's.

The military should bar Public Storage from military use if proper compensation is not made.

Another reason to re-instat... (Below threshold)

Another reason to re-instate the draft. Until all citizens are made aware of the sacrifices the chosen few are making, they must be excused. After all, there are no situation updates from On High. No maps or charts. No declared war. "Serving in Iraq" is a euphemism. And political blogs, the nightly news, and talk radio don't reach The Folks. Where's Waldo?

A friend had to give up her... (Below threshold)

A friend had to give up her apartment because she was in financial difficulties. She put her stuff in a unit at Public Storage. The people at her [Columbus, Ohio] facility were such complete idiots that it doesn't even bear thinking about. She went in once to pay her rental on a Sunday, the young lady at the desk didn't know HOW to post it, so the payment and their copy of the handwritten receipt got put away and overlooked for 3 days (thank goodness she had gotten the original receipt) and then they tried to charge her a LATE fee for their own mistake!

Since she was living at my apartment temporarily and they were hectoring her on MY PHONE - I got involved. I wrote directly the CEO of Public Storage and detailed their idiotic mismanagement (like trying to charge a $25 late fee for a payment that was $1.25 short) and basically questioning how on earth they were managing to stay in business. She got an apology and the harassment stopped.

I would NEVER do business with Public Storage. It isn't just one franchise.

No different than what happ... (Below threshold)

No different than what happens to hundreds of ordinary Americans every day. It's the direct result of Republican efforts dating back to Reagan to get rid of corporate responsibility toward citizens.

It's the direct re... (Below threshold)
It's the direct result of Republican efforts dating back to Reagan to get rid of corporate responsibility toward citizens.

What in God's green earth are you talking about?

Oh yeah, I remember - The C... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, I remember - The Corporate Irresponsibilty Act of 1986. Of course BlacCat won't tell you how the Democrats tacked on a rider mandating rude counter personnel.

until we sacrifice by h... (Below threshold)

until we sacrifice by higher local and national tax increases to ensure that their sacrifice is covered in whatever manner necessary.. NoGo Po

You're off your nut. Name a single Gov run institution that is run competently.

Another reason to re-instate the draft. Until all citizens are made aware of the sacrifices the chosen few are making, they must be excused. bryanD

Do I read that correctly? You're saying this company "must be excused" because there isn't a draft.

If so you're further off your nut than nogo.

Ah yes,Poor custom... (Below threshold)

Ah yes,

Poor customer service is the fault of the Republicans.

It's nice to be part of the most powerful political party in the universe. We can cause Hurricanes, control minds and cause those bastards at the storage comapny to be incompetent.

marc, Excuse my subtlety. T... (Below threshold)

marc, Excuse my subtlety. The US GOVERNMENT says they must be excused. Hazard Pay doesn't mean shit to civilians. (What's hazard pay? D'uh!)

It's the direct r... (Below threshold)
It's the direct result of Republican efforts dating back to Reagan to get rid of corporate responsibility toward citizens

More likely a couple of anti-military liberals working at the desk stealing stuff to feed their drug and gerbil habits.

They probably took the stuff and high fived each other at how easy it was to rip off military personnel because of how stupid they are.

They are now scratching their heads wondering why all this attention is directed towards a warmonger.

Now these libs have asked their friends to spam across the blogs that it is really President Reagan's fault and evil corporate America.

I have proof. See block quote above.

This is not only wrong, we ... (Below threshold)

This is not only wrong, we should all write about it. If you can, would you please email me all the information on this case? I want this company to go down! (RawSense2004 AT yahoo DOT com)

I keep a car trailer at a ... (Below threshold)

I keep a car trailer at a Public Storage facility in Chicago, the contract has so many references to selling the contents of your unit that it is frightening. I make sure to check my credit card online early each month just to make sure that the Public Storage charge has gone through.

The Company has a press ... (Below threshold)

The Company has a press release on its website but it is so sterilized the corporate lawyers must have burned the midnight oil on this one. The Company and soldier have come to a mutual agreed settlement.

OK, I suggest that everyone call the Corp. Office and voice their objection.


the Federal Serviceman's Re... (Below threshold)

the Federal Serviceman's Relief Act states:

"(1) Limitation on foreclosure or enforcement

A person holding a lien on the property or effects of a servicemember may not, during any period of military service of the servicemember and for 90 days thereafter, foreclose or enforce any lien on such property or effects without a court order granted before foreclosure or enforcement."

So the foreclosure reported violates Federal law and needs to be undone, quickly and generously to our hero, Patrick!!! [email protected]

Maybe an AC-130 could accid... (Below threshold)

Maybe an AC-130 could accidentally target PS HQ.

THE RANGER JOES IN ... (Below threshold)







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