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Casualties from the move

Well, I think I've had enough time and distance from the big move to properly assess just what didn't survive the trip...

1 Coatrack (they tip over very easily, and tend not to survive the fall)

1 19" monitor (they don't like it if you leave their signal cord hanging out the door and drag it 50 miles up the highway)

1 computer desk (Sauder doesn't design their stuff to be carried down three flights of stairs after being assembled

1 3.8L V6 engine from a Buick LeSabre (when the oil light comes on, you probably have less than 30 seconds to shut it off before you total it)

Off to explore the wonderful world of public transportation...

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Oh, the post you've inspire... (Below threshold)

Oh, the post you've inspired with this...

In my experience that "oil ... (Below threshold)

In my experience that "oil light" really means get a new engine and put some oil in it!

It's too late to stop by the time that light comes on.

First mistake...Bu... (Below threshold)

First mistake...


Buick? What happened to th... (Below threshold)

Buick? What happened to the shaggin wagon?

Nevermind my last post - I ... (Below threshold)

Nevermind my last post - I found it. http://wizbangblog.com/2006/08/27/glug-glug-glug.php Poor shaggin wagon.

Jay - you're pretty hard on cars. Ever consider bicycle? :-)

Public transportation in th... (Below threshold)

Public transportation in the Upper Valley? Good luck with that!
Do a google search for Advance Transit. And get a good pair of walking shoes. I recommend Hubert's on the Not-Very-Miraculous Mile.

The car's not totalled. Whe... (Below threshold)

The car's not totalled. When the engine cools, fill with oil, apply Wizbang bumpstickers all around, and as you go Clackety-clacking on your daily rounds, you'll be acclimating your neighbors to think: "what's the latest at Wizbang? Let's go log on and see!"

I hope you moved close to y... (Below threshold)

I hope you moved close to your place of work. I made sure I was only a 15-20 min walk from work.

You know how you learn to back up all your important files, run anti-virus updates weekly and defrag your hard drives?

Check the oil, tires and fan belts regularly. Do a walk around every time before you drive. And get those regular maintenance things like oil and filter changes.

Makes like the difference between a Mac and a PC. BTW, my son was watching Dodgeball movie last night, and I kept annoying him by saying "Hi, I'm a mac" Every time Justin Long came on the scene. (his PC was on the fritz and he was reduced to watching cable). Oh yeah, and his MV died last month too from a similar malady. Thus the association with the subject of this thread.

Doh!FWIW, I have h... (Below threshold)


FWIW, I have had the same computer desk since 1986. Got it for probably $99, similar type of assemble-it-yourself particle board dealie. It has lived with me in nine locations, which means it's gone through eight moves, two of them 2+ hour drives.

Guess they don't make 'em like they used to.

You bought the Buick off of... (Below threshold)

You bought the Buick off of Rumsfeld, didn't you?

"Hi, I'm a Mac." Why not g... (Below threshold)

"Hi, I'm a Mac." Why not get a Bug & name it Herpes? Hard to kill herpes--just ask Lindsay.






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