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Has the Battle of Baghdad Begun?

Mohammad at Iraq the Model gives us an update:

The sounds of furious battles filled Baghdad's skies for the past two days. In the largest battle Haifa street and its surroundings were the field in which all sorts of guns were used.

Actually yesterday was the first time in months that I hear the familiar characteristic sound of the 30 mm cannon that is usually mounted on A-10's and Apache helicopters. This particular weapon is an indication of the seriousness of the battles even though was fired only a few times. Anyway, military aircrafts are still roaming the skies above us occasionally at low altitudes and making significant sounds.

Hat tip: Betsy Newmark

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Has the Battle of ... (Below threshold)
Has the Battle of Baghdad Begun?

Uhh...Kim? This battle started in May of 2003 when the geniuses in the White House decided to disband the Iraqi military:

Demobilized Iraqi Officers Threaten Protests, Suicide Attacks Against US

The important thing to remember is that the insurgency we are facing in Iraq didn't HAVE to happen. It's a result of the blundering stupidity and incompetence of the White House and the civilian leadership in the Pentagon.

RRiiighttt.... (Below threshold)


I mean LLLEEftttttt.

Airmchair CINC Larkin feels... (Below threshold)

Airmchair CINC Larkin feels that

a) The old Sunni driven Iraqi Army should have been kept in place and in charge of security for Baghdad.

b) We should have massacred the entire old Sunni driven Iraqi Army in the first days of the war before they had a chance to blend into the general population.

c) We should hire the Ethiopian Army to clean out Baghdad.

d) A and C

e) All of the above.

Extra Credit:

Using false logic, straw men and unnamed sources, describe how George Bush is to blame for the fiasco of the last World Series.

My, my how defensive all th... (Below threshold)

My, my how defensive all the strutting fighting keyboardists have become...

Another sign that we've got you on the run. The first sign being the little election that was help last November.

Damn, Larkin, did your sens... (Below threshold)

Damn, Larkin, did your sense of humor and understanding of sarcasm & satire leave you with your most recent bowel movement? Just wondering.

Hate to tell ya, babe, but epador isn't being "defensive" about anything.

Rather, he's poking fun at the way you tend to torture logic through your endless whining posts about how bad GWB is, and how (to hear you talk) it's his fault for practically everything going on in I-rak.

Meanwhile, your piss poor little Party can't make up its mind which will get it more points: a) to bitch against W through a p*ssyfied non-binding resolution (which will infuriate the Sheehan-KOS/PINK nutroots); or b) to bend over to the nutroots and actually vote to cut funding for the war (which will infuriate the "blue dog" Democrats, and likely screw the Dems chances for securing the Oval Office in 2008).

Me, I'm popping a couple bags of popcorn in juicy anticipation of the televised sh*tfight that's gonna hit the MSM when Nancy and Harry ignore Mother Sheehan and the KOS/PINK crowd.

Great fun, that. A true "phased redeployment" from leadership, even before the first month is over...

The Ethiopian forces have a... (Below threshold)

The Ethiopian forces have arrived!!

Yee Haw!

Well, Wanderlust, I didn't ... (Below threshold)

Well, Wanderlust, I didn't see a logical argument refuting my contention that the "Battle for Baghdad" began when we disbanded the Iraqi military.

I'd like for all of you to explain to me how throwing 400,000 trained soldiers out of work into an economy with massive unemployment overnight was the right thing to do. How exactly were these men supposed to put food on the table for their families? Or hadn't Bush thought that one through?

It should have been no surprise to anyone that many of these men got jobs in the well-funded Iraqi insurgency.

Larkin, I still believe you... (Below threshold)

Larkin, I still believe your argument has a strong whiff of straw man in it.

"Trained professionals" (as you put it) might have correctly described the Fedayeen Saddam, or the Republican Guard, but not the regular Iraqi Army.

Iraq's existing military force and infrastructure were beyond damaged. It was literally "bent", in the moral sense of the word. As dirty as the process may have been, disbanding the existing Army and starting from scratch was the only way of providing the "new" Iraqi Army with an identity of its own, outside of Saddam; a distinction that I believe is making a difference now, and will make more of a difference as time goes on.

Unfortunately I have no more way of "proving" my beliefs in this area than do you, in that it would have been just as easy for Iraqi Army regulars to continue holding their jobs as Army personnel while also being paid by insurgents to attack US forces. You cannot "prove" that this scenario would not have happened, no more than I can "prove" that disbanding and starting from scratch was the better choice.

I agree that perhaps things would have been better had the soldiers not been out of work quite so long, assuming some still are. Yet I also feel that disbanding the existing Army and starting from scratch with a new one, whose identity is rooted in Iraq post-Saddam, was the lesser of several evils.

What World Series fiasco???... (Below threshold)

What World Series fiasco???






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