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Johnny on Leno

I just saw that John Edwards will appear on Jay Leno tonight. I wonder if he will be asked about why he, a multi-millionaire, drew a $40,000 salary for his position at the Poverty Center (or whatever it is called) at UNC. In addition to the fact that the position was used to gain tons of favorable media for him personally (media that money couldn't buy), I have another problem with it. Wouldn't that money have been better spent, you know, helping to relieve poverty? I'm just askin'.

Update: Surprise, surprise, Jay didn't ask him. Here are a couple of highlights from the interview:

Edwards told a cute story about his kids. He was travelling a lot and spoke to them on the phone, letting them know that he had heard they were fighting. His daughter told him it was "unfortunate, but not unexpected."

Edwards said the U.S. should have universal health care and when Leno asked how you do that, Edwards responded that you convince the American people that it needs to be done and then you get a plan to do it. Why didn't anyone come up with that idea earlier? Edwards' "plan" almost makes me long for Hillarycare.

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Now lorie who are to to ask... (Below threshold)

Now lorie who are to to ask a question such as that about an upstanding lawyer as he?

Hopefully he'll repeat <a h... (Below threshold)

Hopefully he'll repeat this:

"The new Congress must intercede to stop Bush from stubbornly sticking to the same failed course in Iraq and refuse to authorize funding for an escalation of troops. They should make it clear to the president that he will not get any money to put more of our troops in harm's way until he provides a plan to turn responsibility of Iraq over to the Iraqi people and to ultimately leave Iraq. George Bush wants to dig a deeper hole, but we need to climb out." - 2008 presidential candidate and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards.

A couple of months ago, rig... (Below threshold)

A couple of months ago, right after some Walmart bashing speeches, a staffer of Edwards was caught trying to call around to higher ups at Walmart and use influence to get Edwards one of those Playstations for his kids christmas present. This time Walmart fought back and released a press statement announcing it to everyone. They said that apparently John Edwards didn't feel he needed to wait in line like everyone else. Hurray Walmart!!! Way to go!

John Edwards. Typical hypocrite democrat. So no wonder Lee feels the desperate need to change the subject. I would too.

Question Lee:John ... (Below threshold)

Question Lee:

John Edwards and many others have stridently claimed they support the troops, don't support more troops in Iraq and in various forms pull out with zero regard to what is left behind.

Given the fact Bush is THE Commander-in-Chief and Congress authorized the war in Iraq and Bush has every constitutional right to deploy troops as he sees fit, how are they "supporting the troops" if they limit funding to any additional troops in Iraq?

Truth be known it's nothning more than political posturing. They'll all blather til the cows come home (and the troops in about 2-3 years) but in the end will do nothing.

guys like sharpton and edwa... (Below threshold)

guys like sharpton and edwards donl;t really WANT to be presidentl; they just wanna RUN for president.

so please: don;t ask them any serious questions.

like:mr. edwards what do you think about the nifong case?

Edwards is such a lightweig... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

Edwards is such a lightweight, he walks around with $100.00 worth of quarters in his pocket to make sure he does not blow away.

This is the smae Edwards that ran as a hawk 2 years ago to burnish his presidential chops.

This the same man that on 9/19/2002 wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post titled "Congress Must Be Clear" that emphasized efforts such as...

"Here's what I believe the resolution should say. First and foremost,
it should clearly endorse the use of all necessary means to eliminate
the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction"

"Third, Congress should demand that the administration take real steps
to win the peace. The only chance for Iraq to become a democratic,
tolerant state -- and a model for the Arab world -- will be through
sustained American involvement. We will need to help provide security
inside Iraq after Hussein is gone, work with the various Iraqi
opposition groups, reassure Iraq's neighbors about its future
stability and support the Iraqi people as they rebuild their lives.
Congress also should consider authorizing funds now to support such
efforts, rather than waiting for events to force us to act with
emergency spending."


"Iraq is a grave and growing threat. Hussein has proven his willingness
to act irrationally and brutally against his neighbors and against his
own people.
Iraq's destructive capacity has the potential to throw the entire
Middle East into chaos, and it poses a mortal threat to our vital
ally, Israel. Thousands of terrorist operatives around the world would
pay anything to get their hands on Saddam Hussein's arsenal and would
stop at nothing to use it against us. America must act, and Congress
must make clear to Hussein that he faces a united nation."

When the war went south it became "Bush lied to us, Bush misled the country". This from a senator/lawyer on the Senate Intelligence Committee. His North Carolina constituents were not impressed. Even with liberal Raliegh-Durham, his approval rating was in the mid-20's% as a senator with the benefit of the media gushing over him.

Now he is the anti-war populist lamenting the plight of New Orleans, the most corrupt city in the most corrupt state next to Moscow. Add to the example of government management of Katrina (Before-During-After) and he wants to turn the healthcare over to the government? Yeah.... take that platform and run with it.

Just get a MAN'S haircut like a "High and Tight" or a "Mullet" or a "Jeri Curl" or "Shirley Temple" curls like the pimp Pretty Tony in the movie "The Mack".

Lee:Ever present r... (Below threshold)


Ever present regurgitating tripe.

What is amusing here is the quote in contrast to Chris G's montage.

Gotta have a montage...

Did people like Chris Reeve... (Below threshold)

Did people like Chris Reeve walk yet??

IN THE NAME OF THE HAIR I C... (Below threshold)


Goodnight Johnboy..goodnigh... (Below threshold)

Goodnight Johnboy..goodnight Elisabeth..goodnight Mary Ellen..

What a dufus.

Vapid, empty, but nice head... (Below threshold)

Vapid, empty, but nice head of hair; what that there were something in that head.

I just found this out, and ... (Below threshold)

I just found this out, and find it compelling:

Did you realize that before the Duke rape accuser gave birth, Johnny was able to channel the fetus, and has informed Mike Nifong of who the actual rapist was. The fetus says he has a "distinguishing characteristic" on his what-not.

Hmmmm. If I were a juror, I'd buy that.

Didn't his hair look good, ... (Below threshold)

Didn't his hair look good, though?






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