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Why Harriet Miers Deserves a Big Thank You

Ed Whelan at Bench Memos explains:

How should we assess the legacy of outgoing White House counsel Harriet Miers? I am very reliably informed by someone in the know who has no vested interest in enhancing Miers's reputation that she provided a very important voice in support of the President's decisions to nominate both John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. Whatever criticisms may fairly be leveled at her own nomination (criticisms that should be directed primarily against persons other than Miers) and whatever other criticisms folks may have, Harriet Miers helped delivered two major triumphs of enduring value. That is a legacy that anyone should be proud of, and Miers deserves our deep and lasting gratitude.

Very true, Ed. Thank you for your service, Ms. Miers.

Hat tip: Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner

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[ cue "Twilight Zone" music ]

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bryan, no need to cue. We always hear that music as soon as you come into the "room."

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jo, did you even READ the original post? ("No.") [reprise "Twighlight Zone" music]

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BryanD - Don't you have some cooking show to watch right now?






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