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Quote Of The Day - 'Rescue Me' Edition

"No city agency should permit the work place to display inappropriate stuff."

Mylan Denerstein, the FDNY's deputy commissioner for legal affairs, commenting on the department's new policy banning all personal decorations from the outside of firefighters lockers, including pictures of colleagues killed on 9/11, American flags, and 'Support Our Troops' stickers.

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Stuck on stupid.... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

Stuck on stupid.

Great idea! Lets ... (Below threshold)

Great idea!

Lets tell the guys and gals that run into burning buildings to save lives that remembrances of the lost firefighters of 9/11 and the soldiers fighting the war against terror are inappropriate.

"inappropriate stuff"... (Below threshold)

"inappropriate stuff"

Does he mean like the bureaucratic Politically Correct horseshit that pretends to be FDNY policies, written up by asshats?!!

Cuz that crap is INAPPROPRIATE STUFF!!!!!!

Some people care more about... (Below threshold)

Some people care more about their feelings than their freedom and this is the result. There's a reasonable case for saying that a worker shouldn't be subject to stuff like sexual harassment or unwanted religious proselitization, but that's vastly different than a picture in somebody's locker. If you don't like it, don't look at it. Duh.

Some bureaucrat saw his opp... (Below threshold)

Some bureaucrat saw his opportunity to impose his personal restrictions on free speech. Hope the individual gets publicly excoriated as an example to the rest.

This is not going to be pop... (Below threshold)

This is not going to be popular in NYC. What does Nanny Bloomberg have to say about this, I wonder.

The world moves on, firefig... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

The world moves on, firefighters showing respect to their fallen brothers and drawing inspiration from images of family. Asshat city officials enforcing their policies of political correctness.

I wonder if the city officials at town hall have to take pictures of their families of their desks.

I'll admit as a lawyer that... (Below threshold)

I'll admit as a lawyer that we have become such a "legalized" society that we let "legalisms" (i.e., false assumptions substituting for common sense) take us over, to the point where we can't make the simplest of judgment calls.







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