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Only Two More Days To Wait For Your Jack Bauer Fix

Got your "24" thread right here. Anyone wanting to comment on the upcoming season six premiere can do so here, but please include a spoiler alert in your comment if you are one of those who couldn't wait and watched the first four episodes online.

It looks like I have something to add to my 2007 Christmas list:

Fans of Fox's 24 this summer finally will be able to see what ever-on-the-run Jack Bauer looks like standing still. Star Kiefer Sutherland will make his debut as a high-end adult action figure.

Two months ago, toymaker Todd McFarlane, CEO of McFarlane Toys, spent two hours scanning every facial expression of the actor, who returns in the series' sixth season Sunday and Monday (8 ET/PT).

"Kiefer understands the process of being poked and prodded," McFarlane says from Hong Kong's toy fair. "He understands you have to do certain things to get your job done, even if it means having some ancillary product out there."

Last Christmas, McFarlane's introductory line of six character figures from ABC's Lost arrived in specialty toy stores. But McFarlane says 24 fans should not expect to pair their Jack figure up alongside likenesses of Jack's CTU colleague Chloe, daughter Kim or President Palmer anytime soon.

"24 is going to be a bit different from Lost, because Lost has that ensemble group," McFarlane says. "When you think about 24, you think Kiefer. He's the easy guy to do first.

"Jack Bauer is our Batman. At some point, fans will tell us if they want Robin and Joker, or just more Batman (Jack) in different poses."

The initial Bauer figure finds him in a bulletproof vest with his gun raised, "looking for danger," McFarlane says. He estimates it will sell for $10 to $12.

Future figures will find Bauer "pouncing, diving and running." The second likeness -- Jack kicking down a door -- is scheduled for release in December.

They are insane if they don't make a Chloe doll. That is the one I want. A few questions come to mind... does the Jack Bauer action figure come with a kung fu grip? How about a hacksaw? This one should make for some fun comments. Enjoy.

Update: Debbie Schlussel has a post saying that in the upcoming season the ACLU position will be glorified. She gives some info about the first few episodes, but not enough to in any way be a spoiler, so it is safe to read even if you are like me and haven't watched the online episodes.

There have been several "24" storylines that I thought were pandering to liberals (the war for oil plot for example), but I have continued to watch and generally find something to cheer about in another plotline. The thing about "24" is that even when they occassionally throw in some ridiculous liberal fantasy, they also include plotlines showing a conservative perspective that is found nowhere else on television. I hope that this season the liberal fantasy will be kept to a minimum. I came incredibly close to giving up on the show when that silly war for oil plot ran, but they redeemed themselves in other episodes. I only have so much slack to cut though. Suspending disbelief when it comes to superhuman feats of endurance or technical sci-fi is one thing. There is a limit though to how many illogical liberal fantasies I can endure. I see enough of those on every other show on television. I haven't seen the episodes yet, so I will have to report back on this one Monday night.


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Comments (6)

I'd be interested in a life... (Below threshold)

I'd be interested in a life-size, life-like, anatomically correct Jack Bauer doll =D
Kung fu action grip optional :o

Something for the asexual n... (Below threshold)

Something for the asexual nerd who likes to dust!

Something for me to put up ... (Below threshold)

Something for me to put up in my cube next to my Mary Kate & Ashley dolls.

The biggest 24 shocker I've had as of late came when I discovered that the first 4 episodes of 24 are already out on the P2P networks. How the hell did they manage that?

I'm not going to even think about downloading them. Just the thought of all the nefarious junk that comes with wading through a P2P network, not to mention the lawsuit you get, is more than enough to dissuade me ... besides ... I'm enjoying the suspense.

I'd like a talking Edgah do... (Below threshold)

I'd like a talking Edgah doll...

"I shouldn't do this, Curtis. I could faint. I feel very nauseous. I have low blood sugar." :D

I will take one Tony Almeid... (Below threshold)

I will take one Tony Almeida doll WITH soul patch of course!

The only terrorists on eart... (Below threshold)

The only terrorists on earth that don't do it in the name of the ROP are on TV.






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