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Breaking: Nifong Bails Out of Duke Case

The slimeball figured out how to weasel out.

Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Hands Off Case

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- The state attorney general's office agreed Saturday to take over the sexual assault case against three Duke University lacrosse players at the request of the embattled district attorney.

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, hamstrung by a flip- flopping witness and dogged by allegations that he made inflammatory statements to the media, asked Attorney General Roy Cooper's office Friday to appoint a special prosecutor.

"I wish I could tell you this case would be resolved quickly," Cooper said at a news conference Saturday. "Since we have not been involved in the investigation and prosecution, all of the information will be new to our office. Any case with such serious criminal charges will require careful review."

Typical of this weasel. He makes the mess then gets the AG to bail him out.

Not to say I told you so, but I told you Thursday was the day the case died. When that hit the paper, it was all over.


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Comments (26)

I posted this a hole (Nifon... (Below threshold)

I posted this a hole (Nifong) should be prosecuted 6 months ago.

What a jac ass.

But who will help Justice58... (Below threshold)

But who will help Justice58 get whitey now?

The head of the special pro... (Below threshold)

The head of the special prosecutor office of the AG is pretty non-political, and a straight-shooter (I know his brother well). I expect the AG's office to conduct a professional investigation, which will lead to dismissals.

Thank God. Now, the true investigation begins: how did a rogue DA subvert justice, and make our State look like shit?

Sometimes "Justice" prevails, Justice 58.

Just read the AP account, a... (Below threshold)

Just read the AP account, and I would add, I know Mary Winstead, and she, too, is a straight-shooter who will do justice. Good folks are finally on this case.

Can you post the AP link?</... (Below threshold)

Can you post the AP link?

The interior mini... (Below threshold)
The interior ministry (in a flip-flop) recognized his existence

From what I gather they were looking for Capt. Jamil Hussein and it turns out that was a pseudonym. But then the guy the AP claims is "really" Jamil Hussein denies he is the alias.

I would post the guy's new name but Curt's bandwidth has exceeded its limits.

Sorry wrong thread......</p... (Below threshold)

Sorry wrong thread......

My bad....


Exit, stage left.....

See www.breitbart.com/news/... (Below threshold)

See www.breitbart.com/news/2007/01/13/D8MKKN0O5.html

And toward bottom of page is reference to new prosecutor.

But the special prosecutor ... (Below threshold)

But the special prosecutor has only been asked to take over the 'rape' prosecution. The AG has not said that Nifong's actions will be part of the investigation.

What the politicicos want is for the state Bar Association to slap Nifong on the wrist for his pre-trial statements. Nothing has been presented to the Bar for his spiking the DNA report results. This will be considered adequate 'punishment' and Nifong will get off far easier than what he put the students through. He'll keep his office and his unethical and illegal actions will be dismissed as having been 'resolved'.

Paul, From the heights of y... (Below threshold)

Paul, From the heights of your thoughtful Katrina posts of an historic event, to this real pussy fart of a "story"! Please let the John Gibsons of the world handle this one. John's version has a sticky rap soundtrack!

It is expected of the Dems ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

It is expected of the Dems and liberals to vote for corrupt prosecutors like Nifong. The dem party is truly in a moral sewage. They kept electing people like Nifong, Jefferson ... ANd liberals continue to defend this moral sewage right in this forum. I DO expect this kind of behavior from liberal since i cannot expect anything better from then these days.

As an Atlantic Coast Confer... (Below threshold)

As an Atlantic Coast Conference fan, I follow events that embarrass Duke with great delight. But the idiot Nifong has actually made me feel bad for Duke, and that is inexcusable!

Where's justice58?</... (Below threshold)

Where's justice58?

Paul, From the heights o... (Below threshold)

Paul, From the heights of your thoughtful Katrina posts of an historic event, to this real pussy fart of a "story"! Please let the John Gibsons of the world handle this one. John's version has a sticky rap soundtrack!

Hmm, one of the more blatant acts of prosecutorial misconduct in a long while is not really a worthwhile story to cover, eh?

Hermie, give the State Bar ... (Below threshold)

Hermie, give the State Bar some time. I have a feeling they'll amend the disciplinary complaint to add the other misconduct, including illegal suppression of DNA evidence.

That just goes to prove I c... (Below threshold)

That just goes to prove I can offend all of the people some of the time. ;-)

Paul, I don't think this le... (Below threshold)

Paul, I don't think this lets him "weasel out" of anything other than the embarrassment of the eventual dismissal. What it does do is put the case in the hands of someone who can (and arguably has a duty to) assist the bar association in investigating his misconduct.

Wouldn't it be interesting if, in the course of the AG's office "reviewing" the evidence and its handling in this case they asked Nifong a question or two and he asserted his 5th amendment right?

Nifong's own laywer critici... (Below threshold)

Nifong's own laywer criticized his conduct in April of last year, now disavows it as he now says he's seen "more" of the case.

The objectionable conduct was public and has not much to do with the case itself; it merely relates to unfair and prejudicial pre-trial pronouncements of the prosecutor.

Old Nifong can't even pick a lawyer for himself.

Hmmmmmm, I wonder how long... (Below threshold)

Hmmmmmm, I wonder how long it's going to take Mitchell, Eric, & MikeSC to start calling the NEW prosecutor names? Geez, some duke supporters started the minute the AG announced his name!

I have to ask...Do you really want a thorough investigation??

It's unfortunate that justi... (Below threshold)

It's unfortunate that justice58 did not read my comments before the perfunctory grenade toss.


j58, by the way, you are tr... (Below threshold)

j58, by the way, you are truly a moron.

The new prosecutor is a FEMALE, so apparently, you are 1)ignorant, and 2)making it up as you go.

Yes, j58, we do want a thor... (Below threshold)

Yes, j58, we do want a thorough investigation. Of the actual case at hand AND of how Nifong and co have handled it so far.
What is it you want? Aside from lynching some college boys before they've even stood before a jury.

At what point did I comment... (Below threshold)

At what point did I comment on the new prosecutor who is forced to deal with the reeking mess of near-unlimited liability for the city of Durham?

I almost pity the person having to clean up after Nifong.

I have long since wanted a ... (Below threshold)

I have long since wanted a new prosecutor, one who will look at the evidence objectively and act within the law. If a new prosecutor comes back and can show that these guys are guilty, I'll look at that evidence objectively as well and change my opinion if the evidence warrants it.

However, Nifong has engaged in repeated acts to deny the civil rights of three people. Whether you believe in the alleged victim or not, the very fact that Nifong has been willing to deny due process, conceal exculpatory evidence and not even meet with defense attorneys should concern everyone.

If Nifong is going to do this in a high profile case, how many times has he done these types of things in low profile cases against defendents who can't afford the best attorneys in the state but have to rely on the public defender's office?

What are the odds that this is the first time he has done this? People like Idiot58 are fine with it when the DA goes after someone they don't like. But Durham is prediominantly black. If he's so willing to break the rules this time, chances are he has done it before and chances are that he has done it to one or more black people.

One of the fallouts of this case is going to be a review of Nifong's old cases.

That's the issue, Eric.... (Below threshold)

That's the issue, Eric.

He can destroy anyone with the power and resources of his office. The blacks in Durham are not immune, and those like J58, should know better. In the old days, and I suspect at times now, they didn't get justice.

Making sure "whitey" doesn't get justice doesn't improve J58's and the black community's position any.

When Nifong spoke of trying... (Below threshold)

When Nifong spoke of trying the case "the good old fashioned way" he really meant trying the case like they did in the days of Jim Crow when Democrats like him had absolute control of the South.

Nifong is nothing more than a modern day Bull Conner.






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