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Jamil Hussein -- A Primer

Curt at Flopping Aces has put together a primer of sorts for those following the Jamil Hussein story. He goes back to the beginning to remind readers what the original issues were with the mysterious AP source and then goes through the various developments in the story.

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Jeez..this is like saying w... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Jeez..this is like saying we did not invade Iraq because of WMD's but to spread democracy..
I ventured from MM to LGF to others..
the cry was "Fake" "Fraud".."does not exist"
"AP manufactures fake bad news"....
Like with Dan Rather righty blogs were going to PROVE the bias of MSM...
Well the facts are simple...he does exsist..he is attached to the Iraqi police..he was present when the burnings took place...
Why do people find it incomprehensible that in a city were dozens of bodies showing torture before being shot in the head are dumped in the streets and rivers each day would not have burnings?...or that members of the Iraqi Army would just stand by?
Of Course after our President's dynamic new plan for victory is fully implimented..all these killings will cease..

Uh, Nogo, has anyone other ... (Below threshold)

Uh, Nogo, has anyone other than AP claimed to have seen/met this man? Has AP provided any evidence?
Last I heard, and I admit I've been away from radio/tv/internet today, we have only the APs word. And it is the APs word is what all of this has been calling into question.

Try to keep up with the res... (Below threshold)

Try to keep up with the rest of the class, SCSI...

The interior ministry (in a flip-flop) recognized his existence and he now faces arrest for talking to the media.

The whole thing is a shameful farce on the part of the racist Malkin and her followers like Lorie.

SCSIwuzzy said: "and I admi... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy said: "and I admit I've been away from ...(the) internet today" so I posted this by osmosis!

The interior mini... (Below threshold)
The interior ministry (in a flip-flop) recognized his existence

From what I gather they were looking for Capt. Jamil Hussein and it turns out that was a pseudonym. But then the guy the AP claims is "really" Jamil Hussein denies he is the alias.

I would post the guy's new name but Curt's bandwidth has exceeded its limits.

Jamil not existing was the ... (Below threshold)

Jamil not existing was the slam dunk, but hardly the bulk of the "case" against the AP. The mosques are all still standing. Nobody has ever found the burning six. The story is bogus. There were probably some intentions known or rumors heard, later relayed as facts. I have no qualms with believing that if you will. The AP stands by their source and their story.

If you were in court and a star witness was put on the stand that testified to things that were later found to be false, would that not cast doubt on ANY testimony he might have made? Why doesn't it disturb you that the AP is knowingly passing hearsay or rumors as facts? Just how much of the news that we see each day in Iraq, Columbia, or Peoria is simply hearsay told as facts?

You guys crack me up. You ... (Below threshold)

You guys crack me up. You should know when to stop digging. This entire story shredded what few crumbs of credibility the wingnut blogosphere had into the dustbin forever. Dan Rather was the shining moment in the sun, then it was all downhill from there.

Remember the story where the Ny Times publishes articles about the summer homes of Cheney and Rumsfeld last year? Rather than actually calling the reporter themselves to find out more info, Malkin and Hindranker and LGF and the rest immediately foamed at the mouth and went on some paranoid rant about how the NYT really hates America so much so that they'll publish pictures of their beach homes in the Home/Style section in hopes Al Qaeda would bomb them. Hoping to look like complete fools even more, they didn't even bother to understand that there was permission from the Secret Service to run the article, but again, rather than actually doing some, you know, reporting it was assumed since the wingnuts have an irrational hatred of all things NYT, that this was solid proof they are in cahoots with the enemy. And you call the left unhinged and angry?

Remember the Terri Schiavo 'talking points' memo? The one written by a staffer for Mel Martinez R of FL? Again, the usual wingnuts freak the hell out and spend all this energy writing about how its typical Democrat language and whatnot. And when the truth comes out for real, Oops. no apologies, no retractions, just more digging.

Now the Hussein story. And the funniest thing is, you guys can't admit when you've fucked up, badly at that. You keep spinning, keep digging, somehow refusing to accept the fact that you were wrong. It's okay to be wrong, we all faulter at some point.

And just step back and look at the Hussein debacle for just a moment; a story runs about a terrible incident of violence in Iraq. But Malkin leads the holwing pack, claiming he is fake, he doesn't exist, things in Iraq arent that bad, the AP hates America, ad nasueam.

Do you people actualyl listen to yourselves when you launch these ridiculous conspiracy theories? Do you know how stupid and ignorant you sound?

And rather then taking it like a pro on the chin, when caught red handed you flail, and deny, and spin, and bloviate some more.

Keep it up, it's really amusing.

Feel free to find the morgu... (Below threshold)

Feel free to find the morgue the victims were sent to --- which, mind you, doesn't exist.

Find the mosques that burnt. Nobody else does.

PRODUCE JAMIL HUSSEIN. The AP swore he was not using a pseudonuym, except the Interior Ministry never said JAMIL HUSSEIN works for them. Somebody ELSE did --- the name the AP actually gave them.

Why no go back to reminding us of how Jeff Ganon is the end of democracy or how Rove leaked Plame's name to the media to punish Wilson?
...Heck, remind us of just how guilty those Duke players are...

The Jamil identified as Hus... (Below threshold)

The Jamil identified as Hussein has denied it.

Here's the conundrum. Regardless of the motivation of his denial, unless he will take ownership of his statements, they are worthless now as an eyewitness accounts. At least until he retakes ownership of his statements and explains his denial convincingly.

I mean how many of you lefties would love to be convicted in court of smoking pot or some such thing based entirely on a phoned in tip by someone who now denies having made the call.

Even as an eyewitness account, it is one piece of evidence from a person. Unless a person has credibility, those accounts mean nothing. Jamil is no longer credible (if he ever was). Many of AP's stories are largely based or entirely based on Jamil. And now those accounts are no longer credible, either.

AP still has much to explain.

You can always tell those t... (Below threshold)

You can always tell those that follow a story versus those that follow the talking points f the left. Curt has done a fabulous job tracking this story from the beginning.

OK, in turn,Jp2: And... (Below threshold)

OK, in turn,
Jp2: And only the AP has the "story" that a Jamil Hussein saw what they said he saw. And as MikeSC points out, no bodies. And no charred mosques. Etc.

BryanD: "I have been" = past perfect progressive = used for describing an event that has been going on until the present and may be continued in the future.
The English language. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Sorry, that is present perf... (Below threshold)

Sorry, that is present perfect progressive.
Eagles v Saints has me just a little distracted

SCSIwuzzy, "past perfect pr... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy, "past perfect progressive" or otherwise: never studied it_ went to Hashish H.S., Mannheim, W.Germany. As for the English language: SHAKESPEARE! KJV! Strunk and White! 'nuf said.

Cornwell:"Do you peo... (Below threshold)

"Do you people actualyl listen to yourselves when you launch these ridiculous conspiracy theories? Do you know how stupid and ignorant you sound?"

Since the story is fake, doesn't that make your whole rant moot at best?

Even for you Bryan, that wa... (Below threshold)

Even for you Bryan, that was a tale typed by an idiot. Full of sound and furry, but signifying nothing.
The point being, have not been != am not now.
If you're going to invoke "Elements of Style" (must be part of your freshman book list), try to have some (style).

Yea, sure, the Husseun stor... (Below threshold)

Yea, sure, the Husseun story is fake only because the average wingnut sitting at home watching Faux News hasn't seen the body himself.

Just be sure to ignore the other daily stories in Iraq of murder, kidnapping, corruption, headless bodies being discovered, etc. They all must be fake too, since I've never seen the bodies, either. It's that media, yea that's it, reporting all these made up stories because they hate america, too and they want your kids to die at the hands of the tarrists.

Maybe if that awful AP just reported nothing but sunshine and rainbows in Iraq, which apparently you all know is what is really happening there, then the American public will come on in for the big win.

And again, you call the left unhinged? take a good look in the mirror, if self reflection is attainable with a right wing mindset.

Cornwell,Nobody has ... (Below threshold)

Nobody has seen the bodies. That is the point. But don't let that get in the way of your dialectic.

Geez, used to be you people... (Below threshold)

Geez, used to be you people at least had the pride in yourselves to move on when your premises proved false/stupid. Really, stuff like this is why the American people rejected you 11/7.

Cornwell, it's such comedy ... (Below threshold)

Cornwell, it's such comedy watching this blog (unintentional comedy, that is). Day after day they follow these false talking points, never bothering to do their own research. Then when they are proven wrong, they lash out at "teh librul hate merca 1st media."

My favorite is when Powerline went down about a week ago. Theories about how anyone from the terrorists to libruls to teh media abounded without reflection, when in the end? Oops, Paul Mirenhoff accidentally did it. I didn't stop laughing for three days.

My favorite is when Powe... (Below threshold)

My favorite is when Powerline went down about a week ago. Theories about how anyone from the terrorists to libruls to teh media abounded without reflection, when in the end? Oops, Paul Mirenhoff accidentally did it. I didn't stop laughing for three days.

Outside of the tepid swamp that passes for a brain in your head, where were these theories presented?






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