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Sandy Pants

Scott Johnson at Powerline posted Mark Steyn's hilarious take on Sandy Burglar. This one made me laugh out loud.

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This should not be filed un... (Below threshold)

This should not be filed under "humor" because it's far from funny.

I think I should note that these lyrics are Copyright © 2007 by Mark Steyn, All Rights Reserved.

Again, not funny.

It's unbelievable that Sand... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

It's unbelievable that Sandy Burgler is not behind bars as convicted felon. Anyone else caught doing what he did would be.

I've always had a conspirac... (Below threshold)

I've always had a conspiracy theory about how Bush not only didn't seek to unearth Bill's prior misdeeds, but he actively worked to help bury them.

I know it sounds 'black helicopter'-ish but the fact remains that Bush has played Clinton's cleaner for whatever reason.

I knew he would fight for a wrist slap on Berger. I also knew that Ashcroft essentially resigned the moment I saw the clip of him confronting Gorlick with her Clinton-era memo.

jpm100Right on!</p... (Below threshold)


Right on!

Something about that whole thing (911) Clinton, Gorelick,Bush and Burglar smells of sulphur..

See Wall Street Jounal ed. ... (Below threshold)

See Wall Street Jounal ed. on this today.

WSJ was fairly lenient when the plea was entered, but now, like the rest of us, realize they've been snookered once again by the Clintontistas.






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