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The wait is almost over

[Update: Since this post has already been linked by several other bloggers who are following the 24 premiere, I am not going to start a separate open thread for anyone who wants to comment during the show, but instead will bump this post up a bit. Consider this your 24 open thread. For those who want to complain about blog space taken up with a television show, then skip these posts. Really, just skip them and spare the rest of us your whining. Sorry to get a little snippy there, but I think I am already beginning to channel Chloe. Just be glad I am not channeling Jack or I might start threatening to shoot people in the thigh. Enjoy the show and post your comments below. Beware to those in later time zones that some comments posted may be spoilers.]

Some have already watched episodes they got online, but the rest of us have waited and will finally see the return of Jack Bauer tonight on Fox at 8 p.m. EST. The season premiere will continue for two additional hours tomorrow night.

After the show, Steve should have some new 24isms to post. Here are a few from last season.

Update II: Laura Lee Donoho reminds us what is really important to remember -- like the premiere of 24.

Please read Rick Moran's preview "Descent Into Hell." It is excellent. Rick will be posting on each episode after it appears. This year he is adding "Chloeisms" to his coverage. Now that should be fun.

Update III: Ian has a "24" thread up at Hot Air.

Update IV: Jay at Stop the ACLU is commenting on Drudge saying that "24" might go nuclear. Sorry, but what is the big deal about nuclear? They have already killed thousands, including Edgar's mom, from attacks on nuclear reactors. They have not yet detonated a nuclear bomb (that I can recall), but they have killed thousands with nuclear fallout. Wait. They did detonate a nuclear bomb over the desert. I forgot about that one. They killed someone is season one from radioactive poisoning, too.


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Comments (75)

I am more interested in the... (Below threshold)

I am more interested in the return of Rome tonite.

"Hang 'em High" is on the W... (Below threshold)
observer 5:

"Hang 'em High" is on the Western Channel.

Guys, quit being childish. ... (Below threshold)

Guys, quit being childish. If you don't appreciate 24, then fine--but just shut the F up, will you? Everything doesn't require a post, for Chrisake.

Sounds like somebody... (Below threshold)

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays

I've been holding a vigil b... (Below threshold)

I've been holding a vigil by checking our local Fox affiliate to make sure we get to see the premier tonight. For some reason on our cable channel it only says No Data. Trying to fool me huh? The Simpsons are on and we are seeing commercials for 24 so I think we are good to go. Earlier I watched the Monk marathon. But I can't wait for Jack.

Jack Bauer for President ;-... (Below threshold)

Jack Bauer for President ;-D

Diet Coke ... check!... (Below threshold)

Diet Coke ... check!
Popcorn ... check!
Remote Control ... check!
Phones turned off ...check!

I'm ready! Having just come off a marathon viewing of the Season 5 DVD set, I am positively squirming!

7:59:00 ... tick tock tick tock

Jack is BACK! RAWR!!

First choeism: Jack's comi... (Below threshold)

First choeism: Jack's coming back?

I like what I can see of Ch... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I like what I can see of Chloe's new hair. Why is it so darn dark at CTU. They got blown up and had to rebuild. Couldn't they spring for lightbulbs?

Audrey? Ugh. The first wo... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Audrey? Ugh. The first word in two years is Audrey?

First thing out of the chut... (Below threshold)

First thing out of the chute, discrimination against muslims, concentration camps, etc.

"24" just lost me for the season.

oh, good grief!... (Below threshold)

oh, good grief!

I hate it when they do thes... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I hate it when they do these scenarios that the ONLY option is to give the terrorists what they want. They have done this quite a few times before, but they always redeem themselves. Hopefully they will again. For anyone giving up on the show now I would just ask why they didn't lose you when they did the lame "war for oil" plotline.

Well, we know Jack signed a... (Below threshold)

Well, we know Jack signed a 3-year deal, so how's he going to get out of this?

I didn't think the argument... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I didn't think the argument over whether or not Muslims were being oppressed by the government was as bad as I had heard people talking about. Maybe they were referring to something that has not happened yet, rather than that opening scene. Heck, that argument is going on today, why not have one take place on 24 as well? I want to see how it plays out.

What is going to be fun is to watch Jack go from his subservient "I am ready to die" mode to "I am back and I am going to kill some terrorists" mode.

There has to be a way to wi... (Below threshold)

There has to be a way to win without giving in to the terrorists. But, of course, we know there must be. Can't have this entire day end in the first hour.

There's a difference in dying for something and dying for nothing.

Yay! A plot all about Musl... (Below threshold)

Yay! A plot all about Muslims having their civil rights violated!

Jack's giving his life for ... (Below threshold)

Jack's giving his life for this operation, so I don't want any mistakes.

Uh, Jack might.

I love Chloe's new do. But ... (Below threshold)

I love Chloe's new do. But it really bugs me that they are "sacrificing" Jack.

Yeah, like who gets sacrifi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, like who gets sacrificed next time?

Why are they 10 minutes fas... (Below threshold)

Why are they 10 minutes fast?

Other people can't sacrific... (Below threshold)

Other people can't sacrifice you. You have to sacrifice yourself.

I think Hollywood doesn't remember what sacrifice really means.

ouch!... (Below threshold)


Hey, the Muslims are still ... (Below threshold)

Hey, the Muslims are still the bad guys here...

But OK the PC crap IS a bit much.

First plot twist appears. ... (Below threshold)

First plot twist appears. Stupid terrorist shoulda never said to Jack..you will die for nothing. Now...its done...

And the PC stuff is getting on my nerves already. If this crap is all through the season I don't know if I can make it.

Ewwwwww! Jack's a vampire!... (Below threshold)

Ewwwwww! Jack's a vampire!

Yes!... (Below threshold)


...Can't trust a terrorist.... (Below threshold)

...Can't trust a terrorist....JACK IS BACK!!!!

Is it wrong to watch this w... (Below threshold)

Is it wrong to watch this while eating hummus and pita bread?

Ha! I told you guys that "... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Ha! I told you guys that "24" always redeems itself. The innocent muslim neighbor boy is already exposed as not so innocent after all and Jack is killing terrorists with his bare teeth, Hannibal Lecter style. In addtion, most importantly, we see that it does not pay to negotiate with terrorists. They are not to be trusted.

Now I am ready for Chloe to... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Now I am ready for Chloe to start kicking butt.

Don't trust the aides!... (Below threshold)

Don't trust the aides!

I say capture Assad, make h... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I say capture Assad, make him give up Fayed, then try Assad and execute him. Assad needs to pay for his history of terrorism, but it wouldn't hurt to let him renounce terrorism first.

Is that the kid from Sky Hi... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Is that the kid from Sky High? It looks a little like him.

<a href="http://www.debbie... (Below threshold)
"Debbie Schlussel":
I think we are looking at a... (Below threshold)

I think we are looking at a REAL nuke here or more than one. The Muslim kid told the other, when rejecting the necklace for good luck, that he might need it himself one day.

Could be Will Stronghold fr... (Below threshold)

Could be Will Stronghold from Sky High (Michael Angarano is his real name). Not in the credits on IMDb yet.

Will President Wayne Palmer... (Below threshold)

Will President Wayne Palmer's sister be a big embarrassment like some other presidential siblings?

Rome can wait. HBO records... (Below threshold)

Rome can wait. HBO records on multiple nights. TIVO dictates that Sundays are for Jack and Jack only.

Internment camps!!! Is Way... (Below threshold)

Internment camps!!! Is Wayne Palmer's sister an ACLU lawyer?

The idea that terrorists wi... (Below threshold)

The idea that terrorists will be in our own streets detonating bombs is chilling. To see it happen on 24 only adds to the frightening scenario.

Lorie is right: 24 is showi... (Below threshold)

Lorie is right: 24 is showing not to negotiate with terrorists; but this internment camp side story has me a bit irritated.

I would add: never negotiate with CAIR.

Yeah..how about Kieffer hav... (Below threshold)

Yeah..how about Kieffer having flashbacks from his 'Lost Boys' Days? Heh!

Lorie, it is the kid from S... (Below threshold)

Lorie, it is the kid from Sky High. Same mole over his left eyebrow.

Jack's getting soft! He qu... (Below threshold)

Jack's getting soft! He quit the torture before he got the information!

"I don't know how to do thi... (Below threshold)

"I don't know how to do this anymore."
It's like riding a bike, Jack. It'll come back to you.

So...this Islamic speaking ... (Below threshold)

So...this Islamic speaking member at CTU...what about her? Mole?

Loved this line, Jack: "I d... (Below threshold)

Loved this line, Jack: "I don't remember how to do it anymore." Assad: "I'm sure you'll remember."

Wow! She's as fast as Chlo... (Below threshold)

Wow! She's as fast as Chloe!

Why do we always have to ha... (Below threshold)

Why do we always have to have a Palmer female causin trouble?

Overt message: PC BS; Hidd... (Below threshold)

Overt message: PC BS; Hidden message: Suspect everyone...

Gee, so far in the first tw... (Below threshold)

Gee, so far in the first two hours, the villains appear to actual Islamic terrorists, not a bunch of white guys.

Jack did it again then jump... (Below threshold)

Jack did it again then jumped off the train.

Uh-huh--next time they'll l... (Below threshold)

Uh-huh--next time they'll listen to Jack. Won't they ever learn????

Thats it! Til tommorow!</p... (Below threshold)

Thats it! Til tommorow!

You see those previews Lori... (Below threshold)

You see those previews Lorie? Somethin big happens that CHANGES everything on tomorrow's show! NUCLEAR!

I am surprised that it has ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I am surprised that it has taken 24 so long to put suicide bombers in American cities, but what surprises me more is that suicide bombers have not started attacking US cities yet in real life. My theory has been that the 9/11 attack was so huge that to do anything less would show that the terrorists have been degraded to the point that they are unable to pull off another high profile, high casualty attack.

As time passes, though, I fear suicide bombers will attack here. We are such an open society that it would be incredibly easy to pull of sucide bombings and if there were a dozen or more coordinated to take place at the same time, it would make for a terrifying event. I hope and pray it never happens here, but I fear it will.

Sis don't last the season.<... (Below threshold)

Sis don't last the season.

It will Lorie. Its too eas... (Below threshold)

It will Lorie. Its too easy when groups like the ACLU fight against even having searches in Subways.

What a weekend! The Colts ... (Below threshold)

What a weekend! The Colts win, and Jack Bauer is back in action saving the world (or at least the USA!)

The concentration camp is a... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The concentration camp is a bit much I think. The presidential aide pushing it is a jerk and has something up his sleeve.

Jack is shell shocked but I think that after the nuke goes off it will snap him back on the right track.

I foresee a dead chinese guy by the end of the season as well.

I didn't question whether o... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I didn't question whether or not "24" would go nuclear, but rather wondered why doing so was being touted as going somewhere the show had not gone before. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. See you tomorrow night guys. Same Jack time, same Jack channel.

Disappointed tonight...will... (Below threshold)

Disappointed tonight...will not pass judgement until tomorrow night's two hours.

I was bored.

Disappointed tonight...will... (Below threshold)

Disappointed tonight...will not pass judgement until tomorrow night's two hours.

I was bored.

Thanks to the Drudge thing,... (Below threshold)

Thanks to the Drudge thing, I'm psyched about tomorrow. It sounds like it's going to hit the fan.

I could do without the CAIR... (Below threshold)

I could do without the CAIR propping, but I love the fact that we actually get real terrorists instead of that oil for war b.s.

But Jack working with one is too much.

Bring back Soul Patch. I know he isn't really dead.

I'm really looking forward ... (Below threshold)

I'm really looking forward for tomorrow night. I'll join in on the comment fun then when I have high speed internet again.

Huh ... sounds like some of... (Below threshold)

Huh ... sounds like some of ya'll are forgetting or aren't aware of the spectacular plot twists that occur very frequently on 24 ... indeed, we have already seen 3 in the first two hours ... I'm relatively new to 24 (mid-season 5) and I already know not to take what there at face value.

Jeez! Relax! It's entertainment, it's not meant to be a commentary on Real Life™!

I found the Prez adviser wh... (Below threshold)

I found the Prez adviser who played a laywer on Ally McBeal to be a horrid distraction, I really detest that weasley character; and found the new arabic/persian CTU babe looked like Shannon Dougherty, another major irritant. God, I really thought it was the wack 90210 chick after her plastic surgery.

I agree about the bombing--I've been waiting for that in reality for a while. And a nuke is clearly implied, and I think another reality, sooner or later, unfortunately.

I like Buchanan alot; I'm fine with the new wife. Prez's sister is mildly irritating. Good terrorist is good. Bad terrorist is good.

I'm pleased it's not Chechan "separatists" or some such a la that horrid Sum of All Fears.

Overall, despite the early irritants, I say they've got us on track for a winner.

I don't have cable, so I ha... (Below threshold)

I don't have cable, so I have never seen it, but I am told that "Sleeper Cell" is way better than "24".

When I saw this post at the... (Below threshold)

When I saw this post at the top of your front page, I was afraid that the big premier had taken place tonight - I assumed that it may instead take place tomorrow (Monday) evening, and that this is just a slightly-early preview notice... However, the top trackbacked entry here said you were "live-blogging" the premier - I hope I didn't miss it this evening.

Shoot - I did!!

(It's a shame, especially after having live-blogged the premier last time... Well, kind of.)

Call me obsessed if you mus... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Call me obsessed if you must, but I agree with Kimberly above -- Soul Patch will rise again. He just can't be dead. They made us think Tony was toast once before with a sneaky promo, but then finally killed him off last season...or did they? I am still not convinced that Tony is gone.

This video is interesting, ... (Below threshold)

This video is interesting, re: Is Tony Really Dead

loved the 1st 2 epis. looki... (Below threshold)

loved the 1st 2 epis. looking like the best season since #3! Vampire Jack rocks. Assad rocks.

Palmer has an idiot for a s... (Below threshold)

Palmer has an idiot for a sister...let her hang.






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