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Hannity and the Homeless

I have yet to see Sean Hannity's Sunday show, Hannity's America, in its entirety, but I caught a bit of the end of it last night. The part I saw consisted of a cardboard cutout Hannity being placed in Harvard Square and passersby telling Cardboard Hannity what they thought of him. Being that Cardboard Hannity was in an overwhelmingly liberal location, he got much more animosity than love. My favorite comment was made by a woman who told Cardboard Hannity that he looked worse than a homeless person. She must have almost immediately come to her liberal senses, because she followed that comment by saying that there was nothing wrong with homeless people or that it was not meant as a comment against homeless people. She sealed it by saying homeless people "are awesome." There are times that I resent being stereotyped as a cold, uncaring, person who is not concerned about the poor and less fortunate because I am a conservative. I guess it could be worse though. At least I am not going around saying homeless people are awesome.

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I haven't gotten to see a f... (Below threshold)

I haven't gotten to see a full episode yet either, but I got the first 1/2 last night. It was even better. Hannity was out interviewing a bunch of people at an anti-war protest in NYC. A women began shouting that he (Hannity) was a liar. So Sean pushed his way through the crowd to get to her. Finally, he reached the woman and asked her to name a specific lie. Over and over she repeated "You are a liar. You lie to the country. You are a liar" before pushing the mic out of her face and stomping off. It was priceless...

She sealed it by ... (Below threshold)
She sealed it by saying homeless people "are awesome

Of course the homeless are awesome. They make awesome political tools whenever convenient.

Unless of course she really meant she is a liker of the aroma of different varieties of stinky cheeses. Then she would have a point there too.

I wish Sean Hannity actuall... (Below threshold)

I wish Sean Hannity actually was homeless.

What's actually enlightenin... (Below threshold)

What's actually enlightening (and somewhat humorous) is to see Liberals, who claim to be the more caring and compassionate side, showing such complete moronic hatred for someone because they have differing opinions.


I wish Sean Hannity actually was homeless.

I wish Sean Hanni... (Below threshold)
I wish Sean Hannity actually was homeless

What? He's not awesome enough already?

So what happens when the r... (Below threshold)

So what happens when the real Hannity get's a tough question?

Like a typical wingnut, he avoids the debate and wusses out (Video).

Uhhh "goathumper" looks to ... (Below threshold)

Uhhh "goathumper" looks to me like H. kicked ass. So your point is what?

And women with children are... (Below threshold)

And women with children are awe . . .no, ah, childless women are awes... ah, shit, then women are are....awesome! yeah, finally!

Why is everyone avoiding th... (Below threshold)

Why is everyone avoiding the fact that you have to be really stupid (not educated and elite) to actually vent on a cardboard cutout? They sure picked the right spot for the stunt. Hannity must be laughing his a** off on the way to the bank.

He's laughing alright, scra... (Below threshold)

He's laughing alright, scrappy, but I suspect it's as much at all the "Great Americans" who buy into his twisted schtick as it is at the evil left he rails against 24/7. He has gotten rich off of innuendo, half-truths and factual omissions, proof that PT Barnum knew what he was talking about.

"Uhhh "goathumper" looks... (Below threshold)

"Uhhh "goathumper" looks to me like H. kicked ass. So your point is what?"

Ah, 'kicking ass' (by his proxy bodyguard) is Hannity's acceptable response to a legitimate question. If you can't control the debate then there will be none, according to the wingnut gospel. That's the act of a unhinged coward.

That was my point, JBlow.

Jumpin' Joe, I am still cho... (Below threshold)

Jumpin' Joe, I am still choking on my laughter. You nailed that one.


Jumpin' Joe, I am ... (Below threshold)
Jumpin' Joe, I am still choking on my laughter. You nailed that one

Thank-you, I will be performing at the Holiday Inn East through Friday. And be sure to tip your waitress.

(wink, wink)

The liberals new politicall... (Below threshold)

The liberals new politically correct phrase:

"You look just like a homeless person. Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Uhhh sorry "goathumper" but... (Below threshold)

Uhhh sorry "goathumper" but I believe old H could take care of his self. (more then I could say about a certain "goat" lover).
That is my reply Mypetgoathumper.

Of course liberals would co... (Below threshold)

Of course liberals would consider losers as awesome, they nominated Al Gore and John Kerry, din't they.

(I love the smell of shaken moonbat in the morning)






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