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I Find Outrage and Ridicule Appropriate In Berger Case

In a post earlier today Jay Tea said he was disappointed that I linked to Power Line's post about Mark Steyn's Sandy Berger song parodies because to do so made light of Berger's "little misadventure" in the National Archives. I respect Jay's opinion and realize that sometimes humor can trivialize something that should be no laughing matter, so I understand his point.

Other times, however, I think that humor can be used to ridicule a deserving target. In this case, I thought Mark Steyn's humor fittingly ridiculed a man who brazenly stole classified documents that dealt with national security and terrorism. Since Berger not only got away with a slap on the wrist, but had even been interviewed as a national security expert on television after the theft, I thought it appropriate to help heap ridicule on the man so that, hopefully, he would not be appearing on Larry King or Hardball (is that show still on?) anytime soon to speak as a national security expert.

I am writing this post though, not to defend my sense of humor, but to make clear that finding humor in the situation in no way diminishes my outrage over the Berger theft and the slap on the wrist he received for it. For those not familiar with my pre-Wizbang days, please read some of my previous posts on the subject here, here, here, here, here, here and here, to find out why I was so outraged by the Berger theft.

Update: Ronald Cass asks what Berger took and why.


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Comments (4)

Yep...it's Berger, who on F... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Yep...it's Berger, who on Fox on Sunday said that the majority of Americans that oppose what we are doing in Iraq "lack the stomach" and are so stupid we are playing into bin Laden's plans...oh wait that was Cheney...
A simple question...
Who has the bigger impact in January 2007 on the citizens of the United States.
A. Berger
B. Cheney

Yep Berger is the burning question and one that will gain traction...(or be ignored by the MSM..)

Does anyone doubt "Jack" co... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Does anyone doubt "Jack" could not have gutted bin laden after 6 years? If Cheney..oops I mean Berger..believed bin laden was still such a threat...
would not he have used all the power of our nation to get him?...

...sorry for getting off-topic...
yeah Berger is a sleeze....

Bill Bennett's radio show (... (Below threshold)

Bill Bennett's radio show (bennettmornings.com website) is sponsoring a song parody contest to which Steyn contributed those parodies specifically to bring as much bright light as possible on the Sandy Burglar outrage. Seriously funny stuff.

"nogo asshole er-postal" ha... (Below threshold)

"nogo asshole er-postal" has anyone told you lately that you still suffer from BDS?






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