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Jack is Back -- Season 6 Premiere Continued

Last night we saw a new Jack Bauer, scarred by the two years he spent in a Chinese prison, traded back to the United States in order to be used as a negotiating chip with a terrorist leader. I really hate those plots where negotiation with terrorists is declared the only option. The good news, though, is that Jack showed them that there was not only another option, but a better one.

We also saw internal administration disagreement over civil liberties, Jack use a Mike Tyson-like vampire move to escape, and on a lighter note, Chloe's new hair style. Tonight's episode promises plenty more action beginning at 8 p.m. EST. Comments, and debate, are encouraged.

Update 7:45 p.m. EST: I forgot to remind those in later time zones to be aware that the comments section will contain spoilers as soon as the show begins in 15 minutes. You have been warned. Consider this your shot in the thigh. (For those not familiar with the "shot in the thigh" reference, Jack often shoots in the thigh those who either have not yet been convinced to tell everything they know, or who need to be stopped, but don't quite deserve killing. This is a running joke at Dave Barry's blog, as is the reference to the "First Cleavage", referring to the former First Lady, who has not yet appeared this season.)


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Comments (74)

Lorie, thank you for introd... (Below threshold)

Lorie, thank you for introducing me to Jack. I love how that no matter the situation, his courtesy is impeecable. He is truly a modern knight, fighting evil to protect the weak.

And I LOVE Morris and Chloe!!!!

Are you getting money to pi... (Below threshold)

Are you getting money to pimp this show? It's getting pretty gross - think about starting "Wizbang! 24." I'm sure you have lots of fanfic rearing to go.

jp2, shut up.... (Below threshold)

jp2, shut up.

"24" rules. People who don'... (Below threshold)

"24" rules. People who don't like it want the terrorists to win.

I cannot wait for Jack to g... (Below threshold)

I cannot wait for Jack to give a little payback to the Chinese security official that nabbed him at the end of day 5. He can't say he wasn't warned though. That look Jack gave him on the way into the hangar was chock full of I am going to kill you and enjoy it! You should think about running.

But why do the bureautwits insist on not believing Jack? Have they ever been right? I will forgive the NSA weenie for not falling in line, but what is Palmer's or Hayes' excuse? They know Jack Bauer. He is NEVER wrong.

Lorie is the one who got me... (Below threshold)

Lorie is the one who got me started on "24" also. I'd suggest anyone who isn't interested, just skip right on past this thread! And go start your own blog, instead of telling Lorie how to do hers!

On good lord jp2 -- can't y... (Below threshold)

On good lord jp2 -- can't you just flip the channel, or move to another post. Geez

Some people do nothing but complain to hear themselves speak no one else will listen!

woohoo! I'm ready to go! th... (Below threshold)

woohoo! I'm ready to go! this season is looking great! but if we never see another Palmer again, it would be too soon.

actually that's a bit unfai... (Below threshold)

actually that's a bit unfair of me. I did like Wayne last season, but its a bit of a stretch (even for 24) to imagine him as President. that said, its less of a stretch than the fairy tale character that David was (a (for the most part) tough and honorable Democrat). and Sherry was a great villainess. little sis, not so much.

I think it would be a bit t... (Below threshold)

I think it would be a bit tough for jp2 to start his own blog.

He probably uses his Mom's computer, an AOL connection, and dial-up.

Right jp2? :)

Sherry was a great villaine... (Below threshold)

Sherry was a great villainess. And you could relate to her even when you knew she was wrong. She had depth to her character.

But little sis? She is just an annoying pain in the arse who seems to be an SNL spoof of an ACLU lawyer. I volunteer her to add to the body count totals.

Thanks for introducing me t... (Below threshold)

Thanks for introducing me to this, Lorie. I'm on the Left Coast, so I won't get to see the second half of the premier until 8:00 Pacific, but I'm looking forward to it.

Sure it wasn't all that real. I mean would the government bribe the Chineese just to get a valued asset to hand over to another group?... Come on... Or that everybody all sat around after first hearing of the plan and saying "Yep! that's the ONLY way." Or that we're handing over the keys to all of our satelites... Nah. Or for that matter that the FBI keeps all of their TV's tuned to Fox News at all times? Ah, well. If the show was made by Cheetos, all the characters would be walking around with orange fingers, I guess...

Anyway, I really enjoyed the show. As a first timer, I would have enjoyed a bit more backstory, but figuring out who is who, is half the fun.

PS: I agree with Simply Kimberly. The Chinese security officer will be back, and I don't think it's going to go well for him...

Thanks again!

oh yesss...add her to the p... (Below threshold)

oh yesss...add her to the pile! along with spoofs of those spoofs of newsmen, Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews.

though she could turn out to be worthwhile yet, as a golden illustration of an ACLU terrorist sympathizer (and, I am pretty certain, co-conspirator). what is interesting is that her boyfriend seems genuinely not to be, though he's the head of the group.

I think the writers are try... (Below threshold)

I think the writers are trying to give Jack his humanity back. Over the last 5 seasons, we've seen Jack slowly lose his humanity, slowly twisting into the same madmen he hunts. The 2 years in Chinese prison gives the writers a way to bring Jack back to reality as he slowly rebuilds his life, and becomes the bad-ass we all know and love.

But as they said in Fight Club ... You have to lose everything before you can do anything. Jack will hit bottom losing the only thing he had left ... himself. Once he does, I foresee a rebirth that will shock even the most seasoned 24 fan.

Or ... maybe they'll just blow up more stuff, stage a cheesy emotional breakthrough, and have Jack go on as if nothing ever happened ... what do I know?

I like your first theory, F... (Below threshold)

I like your first theory, Felix, but the second could be equally feasible.

In spite of the first word out of Jack's mouth being "Audrey," I don't see her character listed in the profiles for this season, nor Kim's.

How many years have gone by from first episode to this one? Just curious, because there have been 4 presidents, I think?

pjaykc, I'd guess around 9 ... (Below threshold)

pjaykc, I'd guess around 9 years, unless Keeler was in his 2nd term when AF1 was shot down, which I don't think so, or unless Logan won reelection in his own right between seasons 4 and 5, which is possible, but not overly probable IMO, since that stretches the time frame to around 13 years.

season 1 occurred during the primaries, so around a year before Palmer became President. seasons 2 and 3 occurred during the next 4 years (Palmer's only term - see decision not to run for reelection at end of season 3). season 4, Keeler is President, but incapacitated, and Logan takes over. again, unless Logan wins a full term in between 4 and 5, we're still in the same 4-year term. and Wayne has just taken office, and its still only 2 years since Jack was taken prisoner by the ChiComms, so no possibility of another election between Logan and Palmer2.

what I'm curious about is what happened in that year and a half between Jack's disappearance and Wayne winning election. who was President then (did Logan have/did we ever see his VP)? did Logan somehow escape the rap and stay in office with Jack out of the way, or what?

Whaddaya know. The enemy c... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Whaddaya know. The enemy combatants were really terrorists after all. The neighbor boy is a terrorist, the enemy combatants are terrorists. Lots of terrorists this season.

me--that's what I was tryin... (Below threshold)

me--that's what I was trying to figure out--how Wayne got to be President. I just started watching last year, and I watched as many reruns as I could to try to catch up. Seemed like there was a different president each year! I'm going to have to rent them and watch from beginning to end.

I wonder if Will Stronghold... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I wonder if Will Stronghold will suddenly reveal his superstrength and ability to fly and save his mom from the bleeding terrorist kid? Okay, okay. I am getting carried away. I loved that movie Sky High though.

"There is no other option."... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

"There is no other option." Ugh. Palmer said it again. There is always another option when one of the options is negotiating with terrorists.

Curtis needs to shut up and... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Curtis needs to shut up and give Jack a break. The guy has been through hell and he doesn't know what to think right now.

Jack? Lorie although you an... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Jack? Lorie although you and Jay are trying to make the real significance of Today...a non-event..
I will not....for 12 Years Doctor Martin Luther King jr. was the articulate soul of our nation...
At the very least something could have been posted for the usual exchange of opinion....
I will say...perhaps it is too soon to say in the future there will be a "Lorie Day" or a "Jay Tea Day"
...but your obvious omisson of what today is..will make your future arguments that you don't base some of your opinions on race a little weaker...

by the way the opening of 24..with torture and Jack the vampire on prime time?...I don't want to hear any outrage over a Janet Jackson breast ever..I will watch tonight...I love the guy who wants to take away freedoms because of the emergency of the threat...
I do love Jack working with a terrorist who killed someone last night

Yep Lorie. It'd be great if... (Below threshold)

Yep Lorie. It'd be great if Will Stronghold could use his Superstrength and flying to save his mom. But he's just Scott in this one...

He's got a knife--maybe tha... (Below threshold)

He's got a knife--maybe that will help.

uh-oh--busted!... (Below threshold)


I wonder if the libtards ar... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the libtards are more ticked off that most of the terrorists so far are being portrayed as that, terrorists who are cowardly and who give no regard to the living.

As far as the "moderate" Assad the right seems to be complaining about, even Gadaffi renounced terrorism. It *can* happen.

Larry from Numb3rs didn't g... (Below threshold)

Larry from Numb3rs didn't go to the International Space Station, he's badly advising the President...

wow! neighbor guy killed t... (Below threshold)

wow! neighbor guy killed the terrorist dude!

Not to encourage further hi... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Not to encourage further hijacking of this thread, but I did link some MLK posts from other blogs which I received via email this evening, but waited until the commercial to post. I have been busy with the kids most of the day since they are out of school so I did not read any blogs until this evening.

Although "24" doesn't do mu... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Although "24" doesn't do much for me, I certainly will uphold your right to blog about it and discuss whatever details you choose.


Are conservative bloggers required to compose odes to MLK just because it is his birthday? I think MLK would be OK with "24" blogging, but would shudder to see what became of the movement he so ably and powerfully led.

the guard was a bad guy!</p... (Below threshold)

the guard was a bad guy!

Jeebus, another traitor.</p... (Below threshold)

Jeebus, another traitor.

This is why I love this sho... (Below threshold)

This is why I love this show. It's so unpredictable. The last scene was shocking!

Is anyone is weaving a tape... (Below threshold)

Is anyone is weaving a tapestry of obscenity at the television the way I am right now? I mean ... WTF ... This is why you DO NOT negotiate with terrorists.

-* fuming *-

Let's hope that Jack can do something to abate the flow of sh*t from the whitehouse.

I have seen the first 4 eps... (Below threshold)

I have seen the first 4 eps of this new season and you people are in for a treat.

My wife and myself sat glued to the TV for all 4 eps and when we got to the end of number 4 we both sat, mouth wide open with a WTF on our lips!

Another great season of 24 rolls on, cant wait for more.

ps: I said the same thing, that Chinese Security agent is going to get very dead before season end and I think Jack is going to enjoy it! Payback is a b1tch!

Is anyone else that is ... ... (Below threshold)

Is anyone else that is ... I'm so angry I can't type.

It's interesting the role t... (Below threshold)

It's interesting the role they have Taj Mahal Badalandabad playing.

Just what I suspected! The... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Just what I suspected! The guys were fighting over Chloe!

I hope Jack can save the ki... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I hope Jack can save the kid, Will Stronghold, but I fear he may not survive this one.

Milo and Morris - fighting ... (Below threshold)

Milo and Morris - fighting over - Chloe...

At least we haven't seen or heard from Audrey or Kim tonight

I think suburban dad is dea... (Below threshold)

I think suburban dad is dead meat.

The kid survives. Jack sho... (Below threshold)

The kid survives. Jack shows up in time to capture Ahmed before he can escape to White Castle. I think dad is toast though. Mom made the right call.

Own the DVD tomorrow??? Ho... (Below threshold)

Own the DVD tomorrow??? How is that possible? Can they ship it that fast, or is it a download?

I was close ... He didn't escape.

Good for the boyfriend of t... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Good for the boyfriend of the President's sister for explaining to her that some ACLU lawsuit is not what is important right now. Good for him. By the way, I hate to say it, but my guess is that he is not too long for this world.

I was afraid Curtis would h... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I was afraid Curtis would have to go down before Ricky Schroder could come on board. Now why could Jack have not just shot him in the thigh? I loved Curtis.

is Curtis going to die? Th... (Below threshold)

is Curtis going to die? That's right, he's a "guest star" isn't he?

couldn't he have just shot ... (Below threshold)

couldn't he have just shot him in the thigh?

He's not done, 20 hours of ... (Below threshold)

He's not done, 20 hours of this day and at least two more days by contract.

Kumar's bit the dust...

BOOOM!... (Below threshold)


guess Jack's back in the ga... (Below threshold)

guess Jack's back in the game now.

Holy Shit!... (Below threshold)

Holy Shit!

On the bright side though, ... (Below threshold)

On the bright side though, at least Jack still has his instincts in the right place. As much as I liked Curtis, he definitely deserved that.

Pretty damned good CGI on t... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Pretty damned good CGI on the detonation. But where is the overpressure? I'm guessing it's a low-ish KT range, and Jack is close enough to get a least a little breeze.

And I wonder where the other four "visitors" are going to be?

and there's 4 more! That's... (Below threshold)

and there's 4 more! That's what the rest of the season will be about.

Jack kept Curtis from commi... (Below threshold)

Jack kept Curtis from committing murder.

Keifer Sutherland's contrac... (Below threshold)

Keifer Sutherland's contract is as a producer, not as the lead. He has always said that Jack is not immune to being killed off.

I saw the nuke coming, but for a moment there I thought Jack was going to frag himself. Thank God he's still around.

On the plus side...the sniv... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

On the plus side...the snivelling Hollywood types just got a good chunk of their real estate revalued.

So much for gut feeling tha... (Below threshold)

So much for gut feeling that they were going to stop the bomb in time...

But 4 more bombs in the states? The only problem I see with that is the nuke tech dude said it was the last one made by the Russians. Unless they managed to make more of them.

According to the preview, we might see 4 more detonations by the end of the season. Wow.

wait--there was only the on... (Below threshold)

wait--there was only the one timing device--or whatever that "device" was. Who has the ones for the other 4 "visitors?"

pjsaykc, I got the impressi... (Below threshold)

pjsaykc, I got the impression that they only needed it for the one bomb, because it was a Russian bomb.

24 would be nothing without... (Below threshold)

24 would be nothing without Jack Bauer...

pjaykc -> The device was on... (Below threshold)

pjaykc -> The device was only to reprogram the bomb. It wasn't the detonator.

Remember that Fayad (spelling?) drove off in a brown van. We saw that same brown van in the preview of tomorrow's episode. This means that most likely, the device that went off was the last device to be reprogrammed.

If a nuke went off in LA tomorrow, I'd approve of internment in a heartbeat. I'm sure this will bring up the whole internment debate again, but I believe in it.

Why do people always elect ... (Below threshold)

Why do people always elect Palmers?

uh oh, the terrorists are i... (Below threshold)

uh oh, the terrorists are in trouble now. Jack's back in cause they nuked the Commie before he could kill him (with his eyes) himself.

and what's with wussy neighbor dad transforming to super neighbor dad to save his son't friend, and then beat a guy to death, only to untransform and scream like a little girl while they detonated the bomb, instead of trying to stop him? sheesh.

and maybe lil sis ain't completely evil after all, if she relayed the message to the FBI (though I wonder why Walid didn't just tell the guards?!?). then again, she probably knew it was too late. I still think she's on the terrorists' side, and her threat was even less idle than was thought...

oh yeah, and Milo is so the... (Below threshold)

oh yeah, and Milo is so the Mole (where are you Anderson Cooper?!). Milo and Mole are even almost anagrams. It's so freaking obvious.

I know this much: if a ble... (Below threshold)

I know this much: if a bleeding terrorist was pointing a gun at my son, I'd jam my fingers in his thoigh wound until he dropped the gun. I never would leave the house.

I'd also probably also be dead, but oh well.

AlsoL ALWAYS call the police...

Curtis.Damn... (Below threshold)



Okay, thanks--I guess I mis... (Below threshold)

Okay, thanks--I guess I missed that part about the Russian bomb--or at least, the significance. I think I'll go read the episode guide. Sometimes there is some background filler in there that explains things a little better.

Goddess...no need for viole... (Below threshold)

Goddess...no need for violence. All you would have to do is talk to the young terrorist & show how you are interested in where "he is coming from" and be reallllllyyy nice, and he would not be violent anymore.

Curtis will survive ... I h... (Below threshold)

Curtis will survive ... I hope! Deja vu ... Tony survived a gunshot to the neck in season 3(?) and was back and up and at'em in time to commit treason while saving his beloved.

This video drops a hint or two: http://tinyurl.com/yx9dsy

There's another there with Carlos Bernard .. very interesting!

I see kill meters here and there, counting all the hits Jack makes. Anyone have a cry meter? Mine is at 5 so far.

I was going to try to live blog these two episodes ... I was hot, I was ready ... I rushed home from yoga class just in time, got the lappie up and running ... on the power adapter, can't trust a battery you know. Found an open socket, set up a perimeter, had my tact team ready (2 lap cats, so ya know) logged in and ...

My web host was down.


Thanks to you and Rush I st... (Below threshold)

Thanks to you and Rush I started watching 24 on Sunday. I'm hooked!! I haven't watched a network TV show since LA Law. Thanks.

Wow what a way to start the... (Below threshold)

Wow what a way to start the year, LA is nuked! Still can't get over Jack's vampire routine to get away on Sunday night. I hope Curtis comes back also, course he might be pissed with Jack. I have a feeling that Palmer will regret giving Dr. Bashir a pardon, I mean Assyad a pardon. Also any bets that Little Sis's boyfriend gets killed or at least the heck beat out of him in detention by some angry guards.

Curtis is listed as "deceas... (Below threshold)

Curtis is listed as "deceased" on the offical 24 site. :(

And Diane, my students will tell you that my glare would be enough to get anyone to drop a gun...

(sorry about all the typos in my earlier post--trying to multi-task)

hmm ...i've watched ... (Below threshold)

hmm ...
i've watched all of the previous 24 seasons ...
i thinks its kinda good show ...
but lately the jack bauer's family invlovement ...
has made me dislike it a bit ...
my take on 24 is available on my blog at ...
check it out ...






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