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Star Tripping

I have never, never, ever in my entire online life issued an "OMFGLOLPIMPLMAO" before.

Now I have.

(No thanks whatsoever to Meryl Yourish for utterly destroying my last vestige of dignity.)


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Comments (9)

OMG!!! For a ST fan, that ... (Below threshold)

OMG!!! For a ST fan, that was amazing.

A brilliant piece of work b... (Below threshold)

A brilliant piece of work by someone with far too much time on his hands.

There's a similar clip set ... (Below threshold)

There's a similar clip set to NIN:Closer that really well done and also really NWS. I'm lazy right now to get the link but I'm sure it will come up with Star Trek Closer search on YouTube.

...that pretty much sums up... (Below threshold)

...that pretty much sums up the late 60's.

Truly a flashback with a so... (Below threshold)

Truly a flashback with a sobering statement for society. Its funny this White Rabbit surfaces about the time Jimmy Carter's "attack rabbit" resurfaced. Can a Bugs Bunny revival be far behind?

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
"When logic and proportion<... (Below threshold)

"When logic and proportion
have fallen sloppy dead..."

Grace is selling paintings in a Petaluma mall these days, I hear.

The Airplane/ Star Trek cli... (Below threshold)

The Airplane/ Star Trek clip's a classic! Hilarious! (****)(And that's coming from a Hater!) Speaking of "hate", there's the NIN clip. A real turkey. Yoko Ono Film School. And WHY would one replace the cheesy color of the original for a SPOOF???

Grace gets $50k every time ... (Below threshold)

Grace gets $50k every time you hear "White Rabbit" in a commercial, movie, or TV show.

That's why she can sit around and paint all day today.






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