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Jimmy Carter is a man of peace

Jimmy Carter, as we are often reminded, is a man of peace. A very devout Christian who has done exceptional work towards helping people, both as a public and private figure. His works with Habitat for Humanity and other causes are admirable, and it was under his oversight that the Camp David Accords, the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, were signed. And his Center has worked towards spreading democracy and overseeing free and fair elections around the world. In fact, his efforts have been so renowned that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

So, why is this celebrated man of peace so willing to endorse violence?

Recently, he said in an interview with Al Jazeera that he does not consider the Palestinian rocket attacks on Isarel to be "terrorism." I'm not sure what term one would use for the firing of unguided, explosive-laden rockets into largely civilian areas, but I'm relieved that this expert on peace is willing to take the bold stand and say it is something else.

And in his recent book on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, he took what has to be a bold and unprecedented position: that the Israelis must take not only the first steps, but many steps towards peace before the Palestinians should give up their terrorist attacks. In fact, his exact words from page 213 of "Peace, Not Apartheid:"

"It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace are accepted by Israel."

That's right. The terrorist attacks can and should continue until Israel accepts the Roadmap For Peace -- the plan pushed forward by the Bush Administration and other nations back in 2002. In that... well, never mind the details. They're not too relevant. It suffices to say that they follow the same pattern as every other "peace plan" put forward for the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict:

  1. Everyone gets together in some very scenic place with convenient room service and other amenities.
  2. Grandiose ideas and commitments from all sides.
  3. Israel makes concessions in accordance with the plans.
  4. The Palestinians start hemming and hawing on their commitments.
  5. The Israelis make a few more concessions according to the timeframe.
  6. The Palestinians announce that they cannot meet their obligations, but insist that Israel continue with its commitments.
  7. Israel stops its progress, insists that the Palestinians hold up at least one of their obligations before they continue.
  8. Terrorist attacks erupt in Israel, leaving countless civilians dead and wounded.
  9. Israel announces it is suspending its participation in the peace process until the terrorist attacks cease.
  10. The Palestinians announce that Israel is "threatening" the peace process, terrorist attacks continue.
  11. Israel retaliates against the terrorists, taking the sort of action that the Palestinian authorities ought to be doing.
  12. The Palestinians announce that Israel has irreparably destroyed the peace process.
  13. Return to step 1.

This now has the formal imprimatur of a former president of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, in black and white, in his own book.

I used to say that I thought Jimmy Carter was among our worst presidents, but best ex-presidents. Now it seems that he's dead set on making his post-presidential legacy match that of his single term in office.

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Carter's premise only works... (Below threshold)

Carter's premise only works if one accepts his premise that Jews are unter-menschen and the Pals are uber-menschen. Suppose the Israeli residents of the towns being subjected to rocket attacks decide to build their own rockets and fire back, would Carter consider them terrorist?
What exactly is Israel suppose to negotiate with the Palestinians about? The timetable and method of Israel's destruction?
Perhaps Carter's Jew phobia stems from his Navy days. In the nuclear submarine service in those days he would have served under Adm. Hyman Rickover, a Jew, and reputably one very tough S.O.B Admiral. Or is it all the Saudi cash he and and his center have racking in over the years. Or both?
Israel should finish the wall, cut all electrical service and other services to their enemies and let Jordan and Egypt deal with their former and future citizens.

Can't we find some little s... (Below threshold)

Can't we find some little shanty or lean-to in Gaza this jackass could live in? He surely does not resemble any Christian I know....

So, why is this celebrat... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

So, why is this celebrated man of peace so willing to endorse violence Actually, in the 'Al Jazeera 'interview he 'condemns violence from all sides'..He simply 'dosen't eqate Palestinan rocket attacks with terrorism'.(such as blowing oneself in a crowded bus)..It would be interesting to see what he does equate these rocket attacks with (other than the usual round of tit for tat violence presumably).

It's amazing that the only ... (Below threshold)

It's amazing that the only ex-presidents who flap their mouths are democrats. He was a joke and embarrassment then and he is twice that now.

I wish old age would catch up with him and relieve us of further embarrassment.

JayThe excerpted q... (Below threshold)


The excerpted quote from Carter's book says nothing of the kind that you are attempting to infer.

To me, it seems clear, in the limited context that you provide, that the Palestinians must cease acts of terrorism should the Israelis recognize or accept the direction of the Road Map for Peace and also accept international laws.

The Al-Jazeerah interview makes that even clearer.

As I started reading your piece, I wondered what you were about to reveal that showed Carter to be anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian. You haven't produced one shred of evidence your point. Rather, you took advantage of elipses in a minimal excerpt to insert your interpretation. A very limited quote from Carter's book, devoid of context from the chapter in which it appears simply permits you to make an inference that I seriously doubt, in its context, was anywhere near the point that Carter was trying to make.

Whatever assessment that you are trying to make from the interview totally escapes me. What I saw was Carter, very much aware of what audience to which he was attempting to speak, make clear that terrorism must cease if the Arabs or Palestinians ever want to gain the support of the rest of ythe world.

If you think things are so one-sided in the mid-East, check these video links here and here from the Israeli media.

A point of curiosity: have you read the entire book in order to obtain the quote that you excerpted above?

Carter's Jew phobia stem... (Below threshold)
observer 5:

Carter's Jew phobia stems from his Navy days. In the nuclear submarine service in those days he would have served under Adm. Hyman Rickover, a Jew, and reputably one very tough S.O.B Admiral.

Every nuclear trained submarine officer had to interview with Rickover, so there are a lot of stories - he would order ensigns into the closet, abuse them verbally. The one I remember was an ensign who was told by Rickover "Make me mad." The ensign took the commissioning-gift model of the USS Nautilus on Rickover's desk and smashed and stomped it on the floor.

The best part of John Lehman's book about his days as SECNAV was the scene of him trying to ease Rickover out the door - Rickover didn't want to go and started cussing out Reagan during what was supposed to be a nice farewell for the Admiral. Funny as hell.

I doubt Rickover's eccentricity led to widespread anti-Semitism, or on Carter's part, though. After all, Carter kept him on even though he was well beyond retirement age. As noted above, it was Reagan who forced him out.

On the general topic, I just wish the Israelis would declare their boundaries, build a wall, and deal with rockets with counter battery radar and "fire for effect." Is that so hard? It doesn't make sense for conflict to continue for the sake things like 200 religous fanatic illegal settlers in Hebron.

Those were good links eRepu... (Below threshold)

Those were good links eRepublikan, and it's funny how the non-fanitical Jews in Israel are more honest than their amen corner of Likudniks stateside who tramble lest AIPAC or the JDL give them The Eye. Haaretz and The Forward are on my Favorites list...AND once again JT, the very "devout" Christian thing is conceded to Carter with no compelling evidence. Does he go to church? So what. The swindler John D Rockefeller was a Baptist and like Jimmeh, taught Sunday school. Don't you know that Carter was a charter member of the Trilateral Commision? VERY UNCHRISTIAN,THAT! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trilateral_Commission

Then, Jimmah is like the Is... (Below threshold)

Then, Jimmah is like the Islam, a Religion of Peace(tm).

bryan,In 1976, Car... (Below threshold)


In 1976, Carter campaigned on being a Southern Baptist and basically made faith-based issues/attitude mainstream.

He may not, personally, be "devout" (he left the So. Baptists in 2000), but he certainly positioned his public persona as being a man of faith.


And, one could argue that his membership in the TriLat, right before the '76 campaign, was done, again, for PR purposes.

Jimmy Carter, attempting to... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter, attempting to do for the world, what he's done for America (in the 70's).

aRepukelican the operative ... (Below threshold)

aRepukelican the operative point is that the Palestinians have not ceased their terrorist attacks
over the last 15 years since the "road map" "talks".
Since Israel is the party that will ultimately trade a tangible, land, for a Palestinian intangible, "peace" it' up to them to make the first real and credible move since they are the ones with the most to gain.

observer 5 is right on the money. Israel should quit screwing around trying to appease the western left and simply give the Palestinians and ultimatum and a deadline. If the Palestinians don't come through, fire for effect as long as necessary.

bryanD most Israeli's are neither fanatical or suicidal. Since every proposal from the Palestinians is ultimately fatal for Israel even the lefties other than the die hard communist in Israel gave up on them as witnessed by the reaction of the Israeli people last summer, angry at their government for screwing up, not for fighting.

And remember they gave this... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And remember they gave this dweeb the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE there were plenty of others who deserve it then this peanut brained fool

aRep,I don't think... (Below threshold)


I don't think Carter is saying that terrorism shouldn't be stopped. And I don't think your wording, even within the context you provided, sounds any different than Carter's quote.

Carter's statement, which you say is pulled out of context:

"It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace are accepted by Israel."

And your more nuanced definition:

"To me, it seems clear, in the limited context that you provide, that the Palestinians must cease acts of terrorism should the Israelis recognize or accept the direction of the Road Map for Peace and also accept international laws."

I may not agree with Jay to the extent that I'll get as excited as he is, however, I think he's making a good point: Carter's a putz.

Now, if you want to talk about taking things out of context to make hay of a president's statement, I'll refer you to: "Mission Accomplished."

Funny as hell how the Palis... (Below threshold)

Funny as hell how the Palis whine and seethe about what Israel won't do for them, even as they continue to attack it. They continually demand:

* Free and clear access to Israeli jobs

* Free and clear access to Israeli ports

* Free and clear access to Israeli utility services (power, gas, drinking water)

Meanwhile it's also funny how Egypt keeps the door shut on the south of Gaza. Palis can't arbitrarily walk into Egypt and demand work, but no one seems to notice or care. Nor does Egypt provide utility services.

Would that the Israelis had a leader these days who had half the stones of Golda Meir, way back when. Palis get more aid $$$ per capita than any other group of people on the planet, yet they waste it all on weapons. So yes, Israel, finish the damn Wall, close the checkpoints to Palis (just like Palis do not allow any Israelis to work, travel, or live in the Palestinian Territories), and cut off the power. Let the Palis spend their UN money on something other than bullets and high explosive. And if a Qassam rocket gets fired into Israel, send them a Hellfire as a return gift.

Oh, and send Jimmah to show the Palis how to run their economy. Let the gas lines and malaise commence!

yo, Carter was GUIDED from ... (Below threshold)

yo, Carter was GUIDED from Unknown to Governor to President because both parties had been so stigmatized (Dems by pacifism and incompetence in the face of the US's 1st war defeat (LBJ), the Reps by corruption (Wgate and the MIA scandals)) that the unelected Establishment needed a Sure Thing. (Wallace was primed to be the spoiler and THAT was unacceptable in New York and London, seeing how that that southerner wasn't one to kow tow to money interests) This began at LEAST as early as 1973 and his sponsors Brzynski, Rockefeller and the rest were BIG LIABILITIES should they be exposed as the puppet masters of the Peanut Farmer from Plains. Once he was elected and issued his "Declaration of INTERDEPENDENCE" people woke up to it. Thereafter (in the 80's each Presidential candidate could expect to be asked: "Are you a member of the CFR or the TC?" Reagan included.

Correction: Scratch the Wal... (Below threshold)

Correction: Scratch the Wallace 1976 angle. They had already had him shot circa 1972.

The only solution is Transf... (Below threshold)

The only solution is Transfer. No Arabs west of the Jordan, and no Jews east of it.

There will never by a "Palestinian" state. They have no economy, and have interest in building one.

There are 22 Arab states. Find room. And let the Saudis pay for it.

And please, no whining about "refugees". There are no "refugees". Over 800,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries after 1948. Let's just call it tit for tat.

This ridiculous farce needs to end. Stop apeasing Arabs and their self-inflicted dysfunction and move on.

And no, I don't care if they don't like us.

"repukeface"- the Allen "Ey... (Below threshold)

"repukeface"- the Allen "Eyebrow" Combs of the Wizbang blog.

jhow66--"repukefac... (Below threshold)


"repukeface" - the somewhat smarter Lee of the Wizbangblog.

puke,Which happened ... (Below threshold)

Which happened first, Israel stopping progress on the agreed upon frame works or the Pali's? Which happened next, Israel walking away, or the Pali's returning to terrorism?
Carter's claim cleary puts the blame and the responsibility for a resolution on Israel.

Bryan, are you high? You make less sense with every passing day.

bryan,all that's f... (Below threshold)


all that's fine and good (what? did you eat an encylopedia today, or something?), but you kinda' helped me make my point that regardless of whether Carter is/was "devout" or not, personally, his image is as such.

Additionally, his image of a man of peace is the foundation for him to feel as though he can make, and get away with, such statements.

I think one of the points of this posting being that Carter's full of crap. Then again, in essence, this post is rather redundant; however, with matters like the Middle East, sometimes (most times) people need to be reminded from where that stench is coming. In this case, Carter's mouth.

Thanks to Jay for the lil' reminder.

The map of Palestine in the... (Below threshold)

The map of Palestine in the Palestinian legation at the UN shows "Palestine" with its borders running from Lebanon in the north down to Egypt and the Red Sea in the south, from Jordan and Syria on the east, and to the Mediterranean Sea on the west.

The word "Israel" does not appear anywhere.

You'll see this map all over Gaza as well as the West Bank, too.

This is the Palestinians' goal and Jimmy knows it.

Not only is Jimmy clearly t... (Below threshold)

Not only is Jimmy clearly the dumber brother, this man is one of the most hateful people ever involved in an elected federal position.

Yep...it's Jimmy's fault...... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Yep...it's Jimmy's fault...
It's Jimmy who ordered an invasion of another country that was proven to be a direct threat to our nation..

It was Jimmy who blew the reconstruction of Iraq..

It was Jimmy who was the "Decider" in the erosion of our individual freedoms...

Just wondering...at what point in time will you folks scrutinize our current President with the same energy you go after a President that left office in 1980?

of course...It is easy to beat up has beens like Carter and Tom Delay..both have proven to be fools who at one time,in our ignorance...we may have believed in...at least as Carter slips into Alz's he is not our President..just another old politician who thinks what he says is important...it isn't...

Gianni...I can't believe yo... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Gianni...I can't believe you made a post without a reference to abortion...I am assuming you are a man...i am also assuming you have had yourself snipped...after all...being snipped is a lot easier then the serious surgery women have to go through...
If all men had that simple snip after we had the children we wanted our wives would be spared...
I also endorse snipping those men who fail to provide child support....(I know this has nothig to do with the topic...but neither are your past posts..)

jhow66- the small dick post... (Below threshold)

jhow66- the small dick poster of wizbang blog. how's that penis pump treatment going?

Yeah postal, we know all of... (Below threshold)

Yeah postal, we know all of the million + babies the left helps murder every year are all from married couples.

You libs have 3 agendas, tax the rich, abortion, cut n run. Care to add more?

Oh yes, the rich need more,... (Below threshold)
civl behavior:

Oh yes, the rich need more, the world needs more unwanted children and more dead kids for oil.

Count me in Gianni.

(foolish americanos)

the world needs mo... (Below threshold)
the world needs more unwanted children and more dead kids for oil.

Hey, if you think the world is overpopulated, you can always leave; no one is stopping you.

Oh yes, the rich need mo... (Below threshold)
The Rich World:

Oh yes, the rich need more, the world needs more unwanted children and more dead kids for oil.

Yes, I do. Preferably in unmarked $20 notes. As for the kids...


nogo postal it's Carter who... (Below threshold)

nogo postal it's Carter who is at the core of this with his stabbing the Shah of Iran in the back. Thanks for the ayatollahs Jimmy. Thanks for the Sandinista's Jimmy. That putz is at the core of our current troubles.

It seems that Jimmy Carter ... (Below threshold)

It seems that Jimmy Carter was bought and paid for by the arabs in 1976 and even has a soft place in his heart for Nazi was criminals.



I have done a little more l... (Below threshold)

I have done a little more looking around and it seems that the original source of the information in the second post I linked to above is of suspect credibiltiy. So take that into consideration. Personally speaking, I don't find it to hard to believe, but in the interest of honesty the souce should be considered. Actually if I could edit the post and delete the link I would, just to be fair.

Well damn. It seems that th... (Below threshold)

Well damn. It seems that the source on Carter's attempt to intercede for a Nazi may have been accurate after all.


Carter's hatred of Jews was... (Below threshold)
Captain Joe:

Carter's hatred of Jews was reinforced under the command of Admiral Hyman Rickover, who was notorious for his strict discipline of his officers. Because of Rickover's own treatment at the Naval Academy, where he was shunned for four years, he took particular relish at treating non-Jewish Naval Academy graduate officers with the same spite he received as a midshipman.

I'm afraid that if I have t... (Below threshold)
Futsal Fred:

I'm afraid that if I have to hear one more reference to Jimmy Carter's role in the Begin/Sadat summit and subsequent treaty I'm going to swallow a Glock 9 and end the pain.

The deal was entirely brokered by the two sides before they ever arrived in Washington. To make a long story short, the only element missing was money. Egypt was cirlcing the drain economically. So they came to Washington, Carter signed on for billions and billions and billions of US Bribery Cash - er, I mean "aid money" and Sadat signed the deal.

It had nothing to do with Carter's great negotiating ability or his crusade for peace, and everything to do with his willingness to use US taxpayer funds to prop up Anwar Sadat.

The same approach, incidentally, that he used with North Korea: buy them off with US cash. The problem there was that Kim il Sung refuses to stay bought.

But THAT is the only "Peace Negotiating" Jimmy Carter has ever done: asking how much American money it will tae to get some bad guys to chill out.

Peace through money: the Carter Way.






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