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Iranian Fashion Show

Yes, Virginia, they do have ladies on the catwalk in Iran. You can see them yourself HERE.

I wonder if they strike a pose to the pulsing beat of the Black-eyed Peas: "My humps, my humps, my humps, My lovely lady lumps ..."

Or is it, "I'm too sexy for my burkha, too sexy for my burkha, so sexy it hurts-a ..."

Hat-tip to Michael Rubin of The Corner for pointing to this page.

Comments (17)

Ya know, at least them mode... (Below threshold)

Ya know, at least them models look like they exist on more than individual food molecules taken once a day.

Kind of hard to tell given ... (Below threshold)

Kind of hard to tell given what they're wearing, MunDane...but then, I guess that's the whole point.

At least they don't have to... (Below threshold)

At least they don't have to worry about their weight, plastic surgery, etc. I suppose someone checks under the hood to make sure they're females???

Everybody looks so HAPPY!</... (Below threshold)

Everybody looks so HAPPY!

Good point Mitchell. RuPaul... (Below threshold)

Good point Mitchell. RuPaul, are you watching.

Wow. You can see their face... (Below threshold)

Wow. You can see their faces and hands and like everything. Women so brazen must be sluts. Death to the infidels.

Oh, the veils...For Allah's... (Below threshold)

Oh, the veils...For Allah's sake, you forgot your VEILS! A fatwah on you and your families...and their families.

I suppose someone checks... (Below threshold)

I suppose someone checks under the hood to make sure they're females?

I certainly didn't need that image.

Covered meat is still meat.... (Below threshold)

Covered meat is still meat. DIVORCE DIVORCE DIVORCE! Then death.

This reminds me of that Wen... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of that Wendy's commercial back in the 80's showing a Soviet era fashion show.

YouTube has the video. It's hilarious.


Svimvear....Iz eve... (Below threshold)


Iz eveningvear...

I remember that show

And trust me, you can tell how healthy a person is from their face alone. Notice the hard cheekbones and eyeridges in the heroin-chic models? That is a sign of that 100 food molecules a day diet the runway models seemed to favor.

Yep...we show Victoria's Se... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Yep...we show Victoria's Secret fashion show on prime time....then wonder why (our) young girls desire to dress in a "sexy" manner...of course covering any female as if all males would attack them is wrong..
...but what about our culture that has big breasted women wearing less than the best selling Sports Illustrated "swimsuit" issue.....
I know (or at least have confidence) that unlike myself no male poster here has checked out Porn on the net....

It reminds me of the time I... (Below threshold)

It reminds me of the time I actually tried to watch paint dry.

Nogo, you mean there's porn... (Below threshold)

Nogo, you mean there's porn on the internet?!
I can't believe anyone would ever use this wonderful communication device (World Wide Web) to view PORN, just shocking.

They look like raw meat to ... (Below threshold)

They look like raw meat to me...hum!

With the exception of the o... (Below threshold)

With the exception of the outfits that looked like nuns' habits, I thought those were MORE attractive than most of the stupid stuff models wear in western countries. Where is it written that stylish clothing has to be excessively revealing.

Notice how most are so very... (Below threshold)

Notice how most are so very capable of hiding the explosive vest. I'm surprise that feature wasn't demostrated more in the show...






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