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Missing the point II

Things have been slow at work lately, so I've been taking a lot of online training classes. Today, as I finished one up, I was just too excited. I had to share with one of my colleagues.

"Hey, Jenny!"


I just got a 100 on my Sexual Harassment test! Do something provocative so I can ignore it!"

Next up, I need to find the worker's comp paperwork for the stapler she bounced off my head...

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Who says conservatives don'... (Below threshold)

Who says conservatives don't have a sense of humor?

Oh that's right, liberal extremists say that.


If that was a red stapler, ... (Below threshold)

If that was a red stapler, ya better have kept a hold onto it...

Lucky she didn't bounce a charge of sexual harassment off of you...

The real question is, would you have ignored it if she did something provocative? I don't believe any of the days and weeks of on-line training I've taken were worth anything other than the days and weeks in lectures and conferences I would have otherwise been required to attend... (though the wrist and thumb pain from rapid clicking in an attempt to get through the slide show as quickly as possible is painful in its own right).

Maybe she misunderstood "pr... (Below threshold)

Maybe she misunderstood "provocative"...though hurling a stapler could be considered such, probably not in the way you hoped ;)

You have to take an online ... (Below threshold)

You have to take an online course and pass a test on how to harrass people sexually? I guess I'm just a natural.

Was it a swingline? Swingli... (Below threshold)
Mr. Serious:

Was it a swingline? Swingline staplers are hot!






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