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On Capital Punishment

Bruce Kesler has written what I found to be a fascinating piece on capital punishment. Due to the descriptions of various forms of captial punishment, it is not a particularly easy thing to read, but it is informative and thought provoking.

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In one of those irony's I e... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

In one of those irony's I embrace...there was an anti-war rally in Denver on the same day as dissenters of Roe v Wade met...I spoke with a very articulate women who said..."until we end capital punishment, those of us who oppose abortion have not finished our work"...although I disagreed with her on Roe...I had no choice to honor her opinion.....

At what point in time will "Thou Shalt not kill" be embraced? Anyone posting here who abhors abortion yet embraces capital punihment is ...ah..a hypocrite...
not that there is anything wrong with that..i am one myself...but at least own up to the faCT OF HYPOCRACY...

nogo,The commandment... (Below threshold)

The commandment you attempt to quote is properly translated "You shall not commit murder"

I believe the phrase better... (Below threshold)

I believe the phrase better translates to "Thou shalt not murder", as made clear by the proscription of capital punishment by the same books.

I'm personally for capital punishment [i]because[/i] it's messy -- while the costs may be higher for a death penalty case, they have a very distinct method of making clear what we do to bad people. I think it gives a certain degree of closure you don't get other ways, as well.

That said, there are better methods than hanging or lethal injection. What happened to carbon monoxide?

"Anyone posting here who ab... (Below threshold)

"Anyone posting here who abhors abortion yet embraces capital punihment is ...ah..a hypocrite..."

Ok cool, I agree but, lets reverse that shall we...

Anyone who promotes abortion, yet is against capital punishment is also a hypocrite.

Nitrogen asphyxiation is th... (Below threshold)

Nitrogen asphyxiation is the way to go. No poisons. The condemned just falls asleep, and dies for lack of oxygen shortly thereafter. No elaborate gas chamber needed; a mask would do.

Abortion is the taking of a... (Below threshold)

Abortion is the taking of a life. A capital crime execution is a punishment, the punishment being the taking of punished persons life. To compare the two is to compare an accidental killing to a premeditated murder. There is no real comparison.

That a condemned prisoner at times may suffer pain while being executed is no reason to invalidate the death penalty. We do not offer our solders a guaranteed instant painless death in combat. Nor do we offer same to our enemies. Condemned inmates are no less an enemy of the people than an AQ terrorist. As long as the method of execution is not of a manner that intentionally causes prolonged pain there is reason to be so squeamish and sanctimonious.






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