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I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

Tom Elia has the story of woman who is really stretching the meaning of political expression.


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Comments (5)

Nothing says civilized deba... (Below threshold)

Nothing says civilized debate like a steaming pile of poo on your doorstep.

I would imagine that the pa... (Below threshold)

I would imagine that the package pretty much summed up the content of Musgrave's mailings. This is simply a case of "turd for tat."

"turd for free speech" - th... (Below threshold)

"turd for free speech" - there fixed.

The most deplorable part of... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

The most deplorable part of this story is that the person who did this was a college professor. Probably a good friend of Ward Churchill.

Typical lefty "tolerance". Yup, they really embrace diversity of opinion.

It's the kind of shit you e... (Below threshold)

It's the kind of shit you expect from a Democrat.






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