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I Might Have to Watch 7th Heaven Now

I know Mary Katharine Ham well enough to trust she would not make something up to trick me into watching 7th Heaven, but if I did not know her I would swear that is what she had done. I have probably seen the show a handful of times, but not in several years, and I did not realize it was still on television. After reading Mary Katharine's transcript of part of an episode on Darfur though, I think I might just have to watch it. Be sure to check out the conversation between two characters on the show over the politics of Darfur and the U.N. I really hope she isn't pulling my leg on this one. It is hard to believe that dialogue was written for an American television show, but slowly I think some things are changing.

Television sitcoms and dramas have often had a liberal slant, but lately I am noticing more and more characters, storylines and dialogue that is, if not conservative, at least politically incorrect. I write about how "24" fits into that category of shows, as well as (bear with me on this one) American Idol, in my Townhall column today. Readers have emailed me comments about other shows that often present a conservative, or pro-America, perspective, such as The Unit on CBS. That is a good example. I could also have pointed to the Disney Channel show "That's So Raven" that features a loveable main character who would never dream of giving up her aerosol hairspray, in spite of the warnings from her ditzy treehugger best friend. There are other examples, but I focused on "24" and Idol because of the huge numbers they drew this week with their season premieres.

One reader emailed an observation I did not think to make about American Idol, that it shows some of the fallout from the big self esteem movement that went overboard. She made the point that some of those with no talent whatsoever have been convinced that they are just as talented as anyone else, to the point that they audition for the most popular show on television, and when their over-inflated self esteem meets reality it is not a pretty sight. Liberalism is still in plentiful supply on television, but it seems that at least in a few instances viewers are being given popular characters that espouse politically incorrect, and even conservative, views.

Update: For those who did not follow the link to the Townhall column, I agree completely with Paul's post below about the nasty comments from the AI judges this season and said so in that column.

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Wow! I never expected such... (Below threshold)

Wow! I never expected such insight from 7th Heaven. It is so bad I just can't watch it anymore.

But that was a great episode based on those transcripts. I guess I might tune in every now and again. The dialog about the U.S. being the police of the world with no credit or respect was dead on.

And I completely agree with your assessment of American Idol. Simon does tell the truth and expects quality over feel good moments for the less than talented. That is very much an American ideal.

The cop is on the take!!</p... (Below threshold)

The cop is on the take!!

The Unit does not exactly p... (Below threshold)

The Unit does not exactly present a conservative view, but it does present a pro-America view (are there a lot of anti-America shows out there?). It is clearly pro-military and an interesting look at special forces, specifically Delta Force, and produced by a former member of the unit.

The show does not present an anti-conservative view either. In an episode last October, there were two storylines, one in which one of the unit wives debates a peace activist, presenting a well thought-out argument for US military dominance in the world, and another where the other unit wives seek to track down the recipient of a love letter written by a soldier just before he was killed in WWII and never delivered. It turns out the love letter was not to his wife, but another soldier (gasp!). Anyway, my point is they don't seem to have one ideological agenda on the show. Normally I don't watch anything on the networks (except the Bears), but the Unit was created by David Mamet so I tuned in. It's not bad.

"Readers have emailed me co... (Below threshold)

"Readers have emailed me comments about other shows that often present a conservative, or pro-America, perspective..."

I can only imagine how angry you get watching the terrible liberal bias of "Joey." But I'm glad someone is out there sitting and watching TV and sitting and typing though - for America.

Never watched 7th heaven or... (Below threshold)

Never watched 7th heaven or American Idol, never will.

PC crap was brought into the storyline on the Sopranos. Vito was dealt with in a real world manner. Apparently the MOB is not an equal opportunity employer.

It does go to show the CLASH on TV and in the real world, of liberal views with harsh realities.

Knightsbrigade, RIGHT! and ... (Below threshold)

Knightsbrigade, RIGHT! and Where's Tony's code of Omerta when he's BLABBING to a psychiatrist??? Fucking Hollywood is run by gossipy fags who couldn't imagine it any other way!

I saw Sunday's 7th Heaven. ... (Below threshold)

I saw Sunday's 7th Heaven. I found surprising the directions they went on the causes behind the situation in Darfur.

The text mentioned in there WAS in the text.
What's more Kevin (Lucy's husband) brought in later on that Darfur is Muslims killing Muslims.

But I still didn't like the episode. The only "solution" that it ever came up with to the problem is giving money. And it really seemed to be preachy. Even with having everyone arguing about what is happening there.. I just didn't like it.

Fucking Hollywood ... (Below threshold)
Fucking Hollywood is run by gossipy fags who couldn't imagine it any other way!

Posted by: bryanD at January 19, 2007 08:27 PM

Wow, talk about insensitive...






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