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Iraq Reporting

Dean Barnett blogs about some bad reporting from ABC.

The lead story was that six whole days after the President announced his plans for a surge, things remain miserable in Baghdad. There were two reasons why ABC led with this dog-bites man story, even though yesterday's other big events included Barack Obama entering the presidential race: One was a horrific bombing at a Baghdad university, and the other was a just-released United Nations report that said things were awful in Baghdad.

Half of ABC's segment on Iraq was dedicated to summarizing the U.N.'s report. A word of explanation regarding the report is in order: The U.N. releases one of these things every two months. The U.N., as probably everyone not drawing a paycheck from the mainstream media is aware, has not exactly cultivated a reputation for fair and balanced reporting on matters pertaining to the Middle East in general and the Iraq war in particular. In short, ABC's editorial decision to rely on a U.N. report as unquestionably authoritative was highly suspect.

He goes on to point out additional problems with the report.

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Honestly, not sure this mat... (Below threshold)

Honestly, not sure this matters to me. I've long ago viewed NBC, ABC and CBS as nothing more than the PR arm of the Democratic party. When they admit to having a 12-1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans you can safely assume they will just parrot what they are told to say.

What makes this report even... (Below threshold)

What makes this report even more suspicious, the UN has a very little foot print in Iraq ever since the bombing a couple years ago.

So, then, what's the real s... (Below threshold)

So, then, what's the real story? Does anyone know? Is it markedly better than reported?

The author dismisses as irrelevant the UN report simply because it came from the UN but offers no alternative reality. It also reads like a high school essay, paraphrasing passages and then basing his next point on those loose quotes. He even starts a sentence with "I'm assuming, perhaps erroneously".

This is the problem with the right wing blogosphere's role as self appointed watchdog of the media: Without credible alternative coverage and competent research, the constant drone of media criticism becomes white noise and the blogs will becomre irrelevant except to the fringe head nodders.

"rob"What?... (Below threshold)


Yet another case of those w... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Yet another case of those who want the U.S. and democracy to fail in Iraq focusing on, stressing, and exaggerating the negative.

Not at all surprising though. Neither was Rob's feable attempt at a debunking.

Faith+1 is right on. I expe... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Faith+1 is right on. I expect the MSM and the liberal left in general to be nothing more than a propaganda arm for the democrats and even the enemies of America. I don't expect truth and honesty from these liberal folks.

Rob, "head nodders"! Funny!... (Below threshold)

Rob, "head nodders"! Funny! But Barnett and the bloggers are just pretending to be chagrined at the Mickey Mouse network; do you REALLY think HE thinks the world needs another Obama fluff piece as he says in his blog? Actually, the retreat of the Bushies domestically and very much publicly, in hearings and in the courthouse, is too painful to face. I expect they'll stay "occupied" with more "high-minded" think-pieces for weeks to come. And local-yokel stuff. And assorted Peggy Hill-isms from the girls. And 24 (burp!)

OK..LorieSo you wa... (Below threshold)


So you want to dredge up outrageous reporting????

Take a look at this smearing shit from your "fair and balanced" Fox shit news.

You'll have one helluva a time trying to "outfox" this one w/ any comparable slimey piece of crap from anywhere in the MSM....ever in the 60 years of so-called "liberal" network news.

For an even better account ... (Below threshold)

For an even better account of what Fox shit news pulled this morning, go to this link which covers the Fox smear moew thoroughly.

Jay,Great Article,... (Below threshold)


Great Article, that unfortunately the likes of Herman can't abide...Exposing Charlie (that old WWII war-horse) Rangel as the left-wing nut job that he is.

Quick question - I was informed by some friends last night that all high-school senior - US MALES upon reaching 18 yrs. old are sent a Selective Service notification requiring that they enroll in the Selective Service (even though there is NO DRAFT). Is that correct? And if so, why in this age of PC uni-sex opportunity aren't FEMALE 18 yr. olds required to enroll?






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