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Jack Bauer's Time Management course

All great counter-terrorism careers end sooner or later. Maybe you disappear into a Chinese prison, or go up in a mushroom cloud. Or maybe - if you're darned lucky - you make your time and get the gold watch. But, what now?

Who better to teach proper time management than the guy who always finds himself saying, "I don't have time for that!" . . .

WARNING: While the following is technically "suitable for work," it contains tactics and methods your boss may not WANT to know about.

[edited to correct spelling in title]

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(24:00:00 vs 01:18:21) <a h... (Below threshold)
I especially liked the tape... (Below threshold)

I especially liked the tape-measure.

I am Student doing CA and a... (Below threshold)

I am Student doing CA and also working with one of good company. I want to adjust my time for my studies and my Job but i am not abled to do so Can u just send me in detail how can i adjust my time to balance both Honestly






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