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Food For Political Junkies

The guys at Wizbang Politics have posts on several upcoming Senate races, including the latest on a potential "Stuart Smalley" run, as well as posts on Obama and MoveOn.org.

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Hahah..Lorie. "Stuart Small... (Below threshold)

Hahah..Lorie. "Stuart Smalley" sounds like that mouse.

"Hahah" indeed. Man, your h... (Below threshold)

"Hahah" indeed. Man, your humor is killing me. Don't you think people are tired of the name calling and trivialization of important issues? I think you're misunderestimating what Americans want from their political discourse. If Franken runs, I think he'd stand a better than even chance against Coleman, who never would have beaten Paul Wellstone.

On a related note, the Republican seats up for re-election in 08 outnumber the Dems by more than 2:1, setting up an even greater shift of power in the Senate. It should be fun watching those in this category position themselves over the next 2 years.

groucho, I wanted to dump t... (Below threshold)

groucho, I wanted to dump the name-calling, but Chimpy McBushitler overrode me. And when KKKarl Rove, Dick "Haliburton" Cheney, Condoleeza "White" Rice, and the rest of the Rethuglican/Repukelican leaders all chimed in, I had no choice but to comply.


Can't you just see "Smalley... (Below threshold)

Can't you just see "Smalley" and "The Tuna Lady" standing side by side? LMAO

Jay, Bwahahahahahahah. Hil... (Below threshold)

Jay, Bwahahahahahahah. Hilarious.

Groucho, some "power" you got there in that senate, eh? That's why you all panicked over Tim Johnson's stroke, right? Cuz your power is so air tight. lol. Please.






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