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More on Hillary Throwing Her Hat in the Ring

As Jim Addison and Lorie Byrd report, she's actually going to run for President of the United States. And get this: she's wrapping herself in the image of Margaret Thatcher. As an admirer of Lady Thatcher, that's really offensive. Not only was the Iron Lady really tough when it came to national defense, but she was also an economic conservative who was a true believer in low taxes and deregulation. Before former PM Thatcher led the British parliament, the UK was steeped in a form socialism that was even greater it is today. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, will make sure we are steeped in socialism before she's done with us. Remember the nightmare called HillaryCare?

Captain Ed is also unimpressed:

In what has to be one of the most anticlimatic campaign announcements since Ronald Reagan in 1979, Hillary Clinton officially announced her candidacy for the 2008 Presidential nomination.

Pejman Yousefzadeh at RedState noted the same thing and attributes it to having to rush to keep up with Barack Obama's announcement.

Allahpundit hits hard on Hillary's announcement:

On a Saturday morning? Sure, one of her advisors told Hotline -- this way, she's in the spotlight for the State of the Union on Tuesday. But then why not announce on Monday, when people are paying attention?

Amateur mistakes. I blame Bill.

She's surprisingly non-robotic, although I guess if you can train animals to perform on sitcoms, you can train Hillary to feign warmth for 30 seconds. The passages on health care and dialogue will have you choking on bile.


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Comments (11)

Rupert Murdoch has endorsed... (Below threshold)

Rupert Murdoch has endorsed Hillary. Strike one. The RNC types are puffing her up. Strike two. What will Strike Three be? Al Gore entering the fray? A DIGNIFIED anti-war-type choking her with her own jock strap? Dunno, but if strike three never comes and Hill's the One, the dems will loo-oo-oose! (Unless the Pubs do another Bob Dole job on us! And I wouldn't put it past them.)

The Iron Lady?LMFA... (Below threshold)

The Iron Lady?


I'm sure Hillary's reconsid... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Hillary's reconsidering running now that she failed to impress the right wing punditry with her announcement.

Oh, if we only had a Margar... (Below threshold)

Oh, if we only had a Margaret Thatcher I would vote for her in a minute. Alas, all we have is Hillary, Nancy, Barbara, Diane and others who's leadership ability is less than that of your local PTA.

Hillary could easily win. ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Hillary could easily win. Her husband won with less than 50% of the vote both times. All it takes is the Republicans to be stupid enough to split their vote again.

On the brighter side. The Dems will lose 200 seats in Congress in 2010 (just like 1994).

Can't you just see someone ... (Below threshold)

Can't you just see someone running the country that didn't know her old man was humping someone in the next room?

What we dont need is anothe... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

What we dont need is another clinton in the whitehouse bill was bad enough we dont need to go from JAFFAR to THE EVIL QUEEN

Hillary! will be the first ... (Below threshold)

Hillary! will be the first Presidential candidate to raise 500 million dollars for the campaign warchest.

The Republican warchest, that is.

And she's worse than Brownb... (Below threshold)

And she's worse than Brownback exactly how? Please, please stop the blech and let's talk real stuff.
This is an election that deserves more than blech.
So apply some brain power and give us a real reason to not vote for her. blech. sheesh

I'm voting for her JUST bec... (Below threshold)

I'm voting for her JUST because she's a woman. So are the other 186 woman in our law firm. She's got a great chance at winning and making hstory. First Nancy Pelosi and now Hilary. Can't wait!!!

And she's worse than Bro... (Below threshold)

And she's worse than Brownback exactly how?

She can draw more than .0000045% of the vote?

Please, please stop the blech and let's talk real stuff.

OK. How can somebody claim to be for ethics when she managed to commit fraud in the cattle futures market?

Just asking. Since you want to discuss issues and all...

So apply some brain power and give us a real reason to not vote for her.

Well, no core values. Absolutely no ethics. That's a solid start.






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