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The Left's Prepared Response to President Bush's State of the Union Address

Even though the president hasn't even given his SOTU address yet, the leftist group Emergency Coalition for America's Priorities, a coalition of several leftist organizations such as the AFL-CIO, MoveOn.org, Planned Parenthood, and others, already has its response ready to go. Liz Mair at GOP Progress was given a copy of ECAP's press release that outlines its response to President Bush's not yet given SOTU address. Nothing new here: the left is set to bash the economy.

ECAP RESPONSE TO THE STATE OF THE UNIION "First Things First, Mr. President"

City, State - In his State of the Union, President Bush demonstrated just how out of touch he is with mainstream America. By declaring the state of our economy as strong, he must have been thinking only of his friends making over $200,000 who have been benefiting from his tax cuts and forgetting how in the process he exploded the deficit and left many Americans behind.

While touting our economy, Bush failed to mention that since he took office, the median household income has dropped leaving the middle class worse off and that under his watch the number of Americans are living in poverty has grown to 37 million. Instead of focusing on the overall economy, Bush established irresponsible tax cuts primarily benefiting millionaires.

No matter what President Bush has to say, the left is already prepared to bash him. Read the rest of press release at GOP Progress.

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As for the pre-digested cou... (Below threshold)

As for the pre-digested counterspin by Whomever: That's politics! As for the economy: With an ever-shrinking manufacturing base, it's quite hollow. Yeah, we still produce the world's best toilet paper and the second-best cigarettes after Bulgaria, but the New Paradigm (service-based economy) is a levelling plot that must inexorable bring this nation low. ANY president that REFUSES to address this issue isn't worth a bucket of cold piss.

OMG brianD I wholeheartedly... (Below threshold)

OMG brianD I wholeheartedly agree with you!

Except I suggest we bring b... (Below threshold)

Except I suggest we bring back cheap power with dirty coal, lower the minimum wage, rescind all anti-pollution laws, and bring back the factory stacks! Or do you agree on that too?

And putting Pollution contr... (Below threshold)

And putting Pollution controls and Taxes on US based business is suppose to stem the hemorrhaging of US industry to outside the country how?

I started the Bush years of... (Below threshold)

I started the Bush years off with a negative net worth, and modest salary.

I now have a positive net worth, and a much larger salary.

Sorry, I ain't buyin' the Dimocrap line that you can't do for yourself in a low inflation, strong growth, low interest rate economy. Don't they remember their boy, Dimmy Carter?

What the president has to s... (Below threshold)

What the president has to say is useless. He is a BS artist just like Clinton. He has ruined the reputation of the United States and has allowed American soldiers to be killed. There is nothing he can say now to change that.

epador: "Except I sugges... (Below threshold)

epador: "Except I suggest we bring back cheap power with dirty coal, lower the minimum wage, rescind all anti-pollution laws, and bring back the factory stacks! Or do you agree on that too?

I am constantly amazed by the fact that the only direction the mind of a conservative can move is backwards. The only solutions possible are those that involve moving back to something that "was".

What the country needs now is progressive thinking, instead of the constant, regressive Republican retreat towards yesterday's answers.

Tomorrow Bush serves up more of yesterday's answers. That's why the "left" know how to respond today.... "backward's thinking" is quite easy to predict.

Are all you leftists comple... (Below threshold)

Are all you leftists complete morons, or do you just play them on the internet?

Jim Addison, I wouldn't acc... (Below threshold)

Jim Addison, I wouldn't accuse anyone else of playing on the internet if I were you! Your "columns" are place-holders consigned to the Darktown of "Wizbang Politics", but don't be offended (and you have my condolences!): that's a "C" in the land of Nobody Blogs. Now, your comment! Couldn't you squeeze out TWO sentences? Or are you typed out? Then why bother? You regret it already, don't you? I mean, just READ what you wrote!

By declaring the state ... (Below threshold)

By declaring the state of our economy as strong, he must have been thinking only of his friends making over $200,000.... Yadda, Yadda... complete with your favorite progressive tripe here___.

When done with that read the first para of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Usual Weekly Earnings Report for the Fourth Quarter of 2006

Median weekly arnings of the nation's 106.9 million full-time wage and salary workers were $682 in the fourth quarter of 2006, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. This was 3.5 percent higher than a year earlier, compared with a gain of 1.9 percent in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) over the same period.
So Joe Six Pack isn't getting ahead...

Yea riiiight, everyone is across the board.

Yes, in early 2004 the left... (Below threshold)

Yes, in early 2004 the left was complaining that the economy was doing badly even though there was a marked uptick in capex because it was the jobless rate that mattered - it was a 'jobless' recovery. Of course, that neglected the fact that hiring typically lagged in the recovery cycle. Well, here we are 3 years later with employment at historically low rates with a larger employment base. Of course, when the facts disprove the 'Truth' that the left is pushing, they'll simply ignore the facts.

With an ever-shrin... (Below threshold)
With an ever-shrinking manufacturing base, it's quite hollow.

I blame that on the union thugs...you can also blame them for the lower educational standards this country is suffering through.

The Socialist Dems hate it ... (Below threshold)

The Socialist Dems hate it that the economy is doing so well. In the world they are trying to impose on us the economy is to remain poor so they can benevolently provide us with housing, medical care, food and a job of their choosing. Then we are supposed to thank them by electing them time and again.

Mike, they never listened t... (Below threshold)

Mike, they never listened to the household survey, either, which demonstrated job gains during the supposed "jobless" recovery.

I doubt they know the difference. You don't find liberal dimocraps leading successful businesses, unless their dopes who like to appear holier-than-thou and favor giving away other's money, because they have plenty of their own.

They've yet to demonstrate any other credible policy to "improve" an already vibrant economy. These boobs look to Europe as the shining light, oblivious to the fact that our growth and employment rates are at the top of the charts for industrial societies.

F'n idiots.

"What the country needs now... (Below threshold)

"What the country needs now is progressive thinking"...
just admit it Lee...you want socialism.

"Progressive thinking"...such hypocrisy.

Well, if the state of the u... (Below threshold)

Well, if the state of the union is as bad as the Democrats say it is, the President is such a great fraud, the economy is shot etc.

What is the progressive plan to bring all this around? Waiting out the current president to leave is regressive. Punitive tax schemes on everybody and everything is regressive. Resisting the president for the sake of resisting is regressive. Putting you pals in leadership positions, looking the other way on corruption is regressive. Going back to energy policies of the 70's and 80's is regressive. Replaying Vietnam and answering the current problem in Iraq with decades old solutions is regressive.

How about some new ideas? Something fresh that 21st century people can get behind? How about ideas that befit the new generation we are raising right now? Lets here some truly new ideas, not old rehashed rhetoric.

mitchell at 11:09 pm,... (Below threshold)

mitchell at 11:09 pm,

It's all about you.
Have you had an abortion since 1973?
If not, it doesn't seem that legalizing abortions leads people to have them.
So what are all these anti-abortion whiners crying about?

"pucker puss" (lee lee) (re... (Below threshold)

"pucker puss" (lee lee) (resident turd polisher) just hit his "ditto" key again.

"pol' cr'"-that's got to be the dumbest post of all time. sheeeez

jhow66,Keep doubli... (Below threshold)


Keep doubling down on the Republican Party.

They really care about you, as far as you know.

Keep doubling down... (Below threshold)
Keep doubling down on the Republican Party.

They really care about you, as far as you know.
Posted by: Robert at January 21, 2007 02:38 PM

Oh and what, the democrats care *more* than republicans? Laying it on a little thick there sally...maybe a lot of us don't need to be "cared" for to begin with.

And the Dems really care ab... (Below threshold)

And the Dems really care about the poor, that's why they try to ensure there's more of them with no opportunity to escape it!

robert at 1:47Huh?... (Below threshold)

robert at 1:47

Huh? WTF??

robert at 2:38

Another WTF? Care? WTF--you bleedin' moron.

Go drool somewhere else, we're compos mentes over here.

Mitchell, I've read your po... (Below threshold)

Mitchell, I've read your posts.

More like compost heap.

Kim et all...just wondering... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Kim et all...just wondering, do you consider the "left" to be those of us that disagree with Bush on Iraq ...or those of us who believe or nation is headed in the wrong direction? I don't believe you have to be "left" to hold these positions. If so over 60% of Americans are now left.
Oh sure...maybe there will be something new how's that man on Mars thing going?
You do not have to be "left" to be cynical about what our President will say and specific plans on how he will accomplish what he wants...
Brownback is against the escalation..oops "surge" is he now a member of the "left"?...

Reasonable Americans have come to realize our President is "all ranch, no cattle" We certainly don't have to be left to be reasonable.

Nogo, I don't use the word ... (Below threshold)

Nogo, I don't use the word lightly, but I HATE the smarmy pompous attitude that oozes out of people like you.

Reasonable Americans have come to realize our President is "all ranch, no cattle" We certainly don't have to be left to be reasonable.

It may shock you, but a lot of Americans still support the man and what we're trying to do in Iraq. He has had to deal with more crap in his first couple years than most Presidents do during their entire term and after 9/11, I applauded the fact he wasn't going to sit and WAIT for this country to be attacked by anyone. I especially applauded the fact he wanted to confront radical Islam on their own turf and not here.

Yes, Iraq isn't "perfect", but for crissakes, for all the tumult and terror Saddam caused for his own people and the region, "reasonable" lefties (who now want us to go in Darfur for some reason) would be celebrating the man and his regime were deposed.

But no, you don't. Go figure.






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