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The Colts Take the Lead with One Minute left in the Game - Update: The Colts are going to Superbowl 41!

It's now 38-34 Colts, and it's the first time they've led the game all night.

Update: The Patriots have the ball with twenty four seconds left. Each team has one time out left.

Update II: INTERCEPTED! The Colts are going to the Superbowl.

I didn't think the Colts could do it. The Pats controlled the entire first half, but the Colts emerged after halftime a different team. They came back from 18 points down to win the game.

So it's the Colts versus the Bears in the Superbowl.

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Colts win - Manning/Dungy d... (Below threshold)

Colts win - Manning/Dungy deserves it!

The BEARS!!!... (Below threshold)

The BEARS!!!

It was SO nice seeing the t... (Below threshold)

It was SO nice seeing the tables turned for once in that game. Way to hang in there Colts!

Great game, and I'm not eve... (Below threshold)

Great game, and I'm not even a big football fan!

Did you see how much the coach and owner, etc. all thanked God? I bet that really ticked off the libs watching. (tee hee)

i got teary when he hugged ... (Below threshold)

i got teary when he hugged his dad Archie after the game.

so awesome!

I was rooting for the colts... (Below threshold)

I was rooting for the colts there. midwest vs northeast is an easy decision. I was also rooting for Da Bears.

Go Bears go!

Good grief Barney, you stin... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Good grief Barney, you stink at sports too!!!!


I was a Colts season ticket... (Below threshold)

I was a Colts season ticket holder for many years, & went to Ole Miss (Archie's college) a few years after he graduated---so am elated the Indy Colts (& Peyton)are finally making it to a superbowl!! Go Blue!

Coach Dungy seems to be one of the nicest, most genuine people on the entire planet. He walks what he talks!! He IS a man of great faith, but rarely mentions it when speaking to the public, as he did after tonight's game. His team & the Indy fans have so much respect for him. He makes us all want to be a better person. (He handled himself with such grace & hope after his son's suicide last Christmas.) Maybe good guys do win sometimes.

I gotta root for Manning an... (Below threshold)

I gotta root for Manning and Dungy. Manning because of the "he's great, but..." albatross hanging on his neck, and Dungy because he's such a nice guy.

Nothing against da Bears...

Well Kim, it looks like you... (Below threshold)

Well Kim, it looks like you just sealed the fate for the Colts. You're 0-2 this year (OSU and the Detroit Tigers).

What a game, I didn't think the Colts could ever come back. I'm glad to see Manning get that albatross off from around his neck. That being said, he is going to have a tough time with that Bears D. Should be a good game.

Congratulations to the Colt... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to the Colts! I am a lifelong Bears fan, but if the Bears can't have the Championship, at least it will be Dungy and Manning! Two classy gentlemen. This is going to be a great Super Bowl.

Good for the Colts. One qu... (Below threshold)

Good for the Colts. One question though. Why wait 'til the 2nd half to go into the no huddle? That offense is so difficult for a defense to stop, why not go with it all the time? Of course, that's why they pay coaches the big bucks.

Wow, the Colts opened up as... (Below threshold)

Wow, the Colts opened up as 8 point favorites. That seems awfully high.

I don't care who wins, both teams have deserving people that I want to see win. But I have to go with the old adage that defense wins championships. I think the Bears win this outright.

Warning: Prepare yourselves... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Warning: Prepare yourselves for not only 2 weeks of hypothesizing and predictions about the game, but of endless glowing reports of how "This is the first time two African American coaches have faced off in a Super Bowl..." ad nauseum.

Not that it's not a great and wonderful thing and shows how far we've come as a nation in regards to race (Dungy is a class act and so is Lovie Smith), but it'll get reported...to...death.

Anybody wanna take odds on the number of stories that'll appear about Dungy and Smith? I'll start at 125.....LOL

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