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Urban Outfitters: Pro-Terrorism = "Anti-War"

Among the chain retail stores to be found in most large American cities, surely Urban Outfitters is among the most noxious. Sure, the folks at Urban Outfitters may not be as egregiously disconnected from any moral sense as the geniuses at Abercrombie & Fitch, who enjoy hawking thongs to 12-year-olds. Still, the hipper-than-thou pseudo-punk marketing ploys of Urban Outfitters are certainly irksome.

We mean, come on: These are the people who sell cheaply made retro shirts for $25 just because they say "Atari" on them. It's fashion for people too stupid to go to a thrift store instead. Salvation Army styles at department store prices? Sign us up.

But never mind the overpriced sartorial eyesores that Urban Outfitters pushes on the teenage set. There's now a better reason to detest this horrid company.

As The Jerusalem Post reports, the delightful folks at Urban Outfitters found themselves the target of enraged citizens for selling one particular item: An "anti-war woven scarf." And what, you may be asking, is an "anti-war woven scarf"?

A kaffiyeh, naturally. You know: The Arab headdress associated with the Palestinians' dream to wipe Israel off the face of the earth by means of terrorist violence. In fact, one of the three "anti-war woven scarf" designs looked awfully close to the kaffiyeh Yasir "She's My Baby" Arafat wore as a symbol of anti-Israel terrorism. How charming.

Well, it turns out that some people found the selling of this particular item--at a $20 price tag, no less--a mite troublesome. Although not all kaffiyehs call to mind Arab support for anti-Israel and anti-American violence, Urban Outfitters specifically marketed designs associated with the Palestinian intifadas. And then they have the chutzpah to label them "anti-war woven scarfs"?

Thanks to the public outcry (some of it resulting from an LGF "post"), Dick Heyne, CEO of Urban Outfitters, decided to pull the plug on their kaffiyehs and removed the photograph of a slacker in an "anti-war woven scarf" from their catalog.

In its place, the Urban Outfitters "website" informed customers that it would no longer sell their "scarves." And, it tells us: "We apologize if we offended anyone, this was by no means our intention."

Uh, you didn't mean to offend anyone by selling the very symbol of genocidal Palestinian terrorism? Are we to believe Urban Outfitters is really that stupid?

(Note: The crack young staff normally "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they're currently trying to get their hands on some Urban Outfitters swastika hats, which are cleverly labeled "anti-war caps.")

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Change the name to Turban O... (Below threshold)

Change the name to Turban Outfitters and they can sell to the appropriate people.

Typical Righties.The... (Below threshold)

Typical Righties.
They hate business, want to put a limit on corporate profits, and are really communists in wolf's clothing.

No wonder the MSM, which is owned by corporations, is so Liberal. The KNOW that the Right-wing is a bunch of Communists who would limit their profits at the drop of a hat.

Unless, of course, you don't think the MSM is Liberal at all.

"robert" has been hereby el... (Below threshold)

"robert" has been hereby elected to the "club" (those with shit for brains).

Ha ha!Blew up your... (Below threshold)

Ha ha!

Blew up your "Liberal Media" bullshit in 30 seconds. After all that hard work the Right did lying about the media for 30 years.

Let me know when you want me to expose other right-wing lies.
I got a couple of minutes free time.

Jhow bwahahahahahahaha...</... (Below threshold)

Jhow bwahahahahahahaha...

Robert, we know you must be being sarcastic. Only an idiot would say the MSM is not liberal, even after one liberal former MSM'er after another has ADMITTED they are.

Yep, the antique MSM, the A... (Below threshold)

Yep, the antique MSM, the ASSociated (with terrorists) Press, and Roto Reuters enemy propaganda units caught in so many outright lies against the American military are a real bunch of right wing conservatives. Robert is one sick puppy.

A few years ago H.COLTER CO... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

A few years ago H.COLTER COMPANY a garmet maker were sewing antihunting tags in their clothes the made and were selling a sich retail stores as J.C. PENNYS the tags read ABSOLUTLY NO HUNTING OF WILD AND FREE ANIMALS WHILE WEARING THIS GARMET hower some compained and the removed the tags. Maybe a boycott of URBAN OUTFITTERS will work

Robert,Lets see...... (Below threshold)


Lets see...

Governmentally subsidized: (NPR)
Family-controlled*: NY Times/Boston Globe, among many others
Subsidized news divisions: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC
Percentage of journalists who voted Democrat in Presidential elections: ~90%
Percentage of general public:

I see a whole lot of market insulation, not exposure

Only newspaper to gain circulation in the last 12 months: NY Post
Perennial Ratings Leader among cable channels: FoxNews
Highest Rated Talk Radio show: Rush Limbaugh

Hmmm. Could the free market be trying to tell the MSM something?

* Robert, learnabout classes of stock before you reply...






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