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24 and Prison Break Tonight

Two of my favorite shows on television are now on the same night. Prison Break returns to join "24" on Monday nights on Fox. If you have not watched Prison Break before, you might want to see about renting the first season on DVD. I can't imagine catching up on that one without seeing the earlier episodes. It is a great show, but you have to suspend disbelief in a big way to enjoy it. Wentworth Miller's character, with the coolest tattoo on earth, is really compelling and the plot twists are every bit as exciting and unexpected as those on "24."

Consider this your "24" open discussion thread. Last Monday night was sad because Jack had to shoot Curtis. (I don't know why he couldn't just shoot him in the thigh.) It wasn't unexpected though. I figured something had to happen to Curtis before Ricky Schroder could come on board, but it was sad just the same. As if shooting Curtis wasn't sad enough, a nuclear bomb detonated before CTU could locate it, so I am sure we will hear some pretty nasty body counts tonight. If the intel gained from the detention facility is correct, there are four more bombs out there to find. And there is no time! Poor Jack is battered, physically and emotionally, but there is no doubt that he will step up when his country needs him. Anyone have any guesses about where those other bombs might be located? They can't be too far away or much of the 24 hours will be eaten by travel time. I look forward to reading your comments tonight.

Jay Tea adds: Of course, the REALLY cool kids will be watching "How I Met Your Mother" and "Heroes" tonight.

Jack who?


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Comments (67)

The more I ponder it, the m... (Below threshold)

The more I ponder it, the more I am dissatisfied with new President (wasn't he discredited with his philandering and covering up murder?--he's not a rock solid actor like the other Palmer character), the gerbil character who plays FBI director, and the killing of Curtis. Godsakes, Curtis has been rock solid and is the special ops. guy for all of CTU, but he has an emotional break down and kills some guy cooperating to save the country.

I think the writers need to slow down and apply a bit more of a rigorous analysis to their plot development.

Doesn't mean I ain't watchin' tonight, just means I want it to be . . .Rock Solid, dammit.

Lorie-(I don't ... (Below threshold)


(I don't know why he couldn't just shoot him in the thigh.)

Because it's HollyWOOOOD-that and they din't want to pay him.

What? No mention of the sea... (Below threshold)

What? No mention of the season premier for Heroes on NBC (on at the same time as 24)?

Its a really good night for network programming.

Lorie, I think Jack had to ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I think Jack had to aim for the head because of the way Curtis was holding the hostage in front of him.

I still can't get over the fact that Jack isn't even suffering from jet lag after the flight from China!

(goodness, how I love this show!)

Lorie,Jack shoots ... (Below threshold)


Jack shoots the Rock Solid Curtis in the thigh, & Curtis returns fire to Jack's head. Nobody shoots to wound, not since John Wayne died. The ACLU's freeing terrorists has taught us all a lesson.


Um, ever hear of DVRs? & How I Met Yr Mother is for sissies. Get a piece & a man-purse & do your country a favor--oh, & become a cheerleader whose ass can't ever be kicked!!!

Heroes opposite 2... (Below threshold)

Heroes opposite 24 is just killing me. I think I need one of those new-fangled TiVo doohickeys.

I don't know why he coul... (Below threshold)

I don't know why he couldn't just shoot him in the thigh

Interrupt the central nervous system or he shoots the 'converted' terrorist - whom Jack is trying to save.

Jack's a excellent shot for being in a Chinese labor camp for so long.

Hey Jay - I'll be watching Heros with my daughter and 24 on HD DVR afterwards.

Lorie-Actually<... (Below threshold)


Actually the writers had to kill off Curtis to make room in the budget for your favorite character to come back-

Audrey. heh.

Episode 12.

I'm stuck out-of-town tonig... (Below threshold)

I'm stuck out-of-town tonight at a sales conference ... I'll have to catch up with you guys Thursday when I'm back home.

I'm still at work, so the V... (Below threshold)

I'm still at work, so the VCR (old skool!) is recording How I Met Your Mother. But at eight (CST), I'll be taping Heroes and watching 24 as it airs.

Like my dad says, "You watch Jack LIVE. You don't tape Jack--Jack tapes YOU." I'm still not sure what that means.

shooting inside the shoulde... (Below threshold)

shooting inside the shoulder inhibits the brachial nerve running down the arm that controls the trigger finger. hit that and no impulse to pull the trigger. Jack hit that nerve saving the terrorist, but believably hit an artery too. Curtis bleeds out.

Speaking of entertainment, ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of entertainment, I was just reading on Drudge about the beastility movie premiering at Sundance, and some Broadway show featuring masterbation to music.

Ain't liberalism grand?

Thank God for TiVo! I can w... (Below threshold)

Thank God for TiVo! I can watch Heroes and 24! Heroes is usually repeated on Fridays at 7 Eastern on the SciFi channel by the way.

Rory,That's not fu... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:


That's not funny. :-) If you are right then at least we get an 11 episode break.

Audrey actually redeemed herself somewhat last season at the very end. The lovey dovey stuff still annoys me though. Heck, it is only 24 hours. Can't they knock it off for that long?

Lorie-OK so it's n... (Below threshold)


OK so it's not an anti-Audrey thang it's an anti-mush thing...

Gad I missed a lot of last season but I thought your comment about Jack's first word being "Audrey" was funny.

Well since I am on the Pacific time zone I have to go before someone blows the plot line!

I went through an anti-Audr... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I went through an anti-Audrey stage, but she did a few things at the end of last season that made her somewhat more tolerable.

Wow, helicopter hanging off the side of the roof is a first.

The Palmer chick is really ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

The Palmer chick is really clueless, isn't she?

Oh. My. F-in. God!... (Below threshold)

Oh. My. F-in. God!

What the...the "shadow" guy... (Below threshold)

What the...the "shadow" guy (or the dude who had his head splattered in Robocop from last season is Jack's brother??

Jack has a father and a bro... (Below threshold)

Jack has a father and a brother?

He is Jack's broth... (Below threshold)

He is Jack's brother?

Ms. Palmer's probably missi... (Below threshold)

Ms. Palmer's probably missing a Code Pink rally or something.

and his brother is the one ... (Below threshold)

and his brother is the one responsible for turning him over to the Chinese?

Get the F*** outta here! O... (Below threshold)

Get the F*** outta here! Ok, that was rather unexpected!

Bro was behind all the evil... (Below threshold)

Bro was behind all the evil doins of last season ... oh my f'in god!

This is gonna get ... interesting!

That was a total shock!... (Below threshold)

That was a total shock!

I don't think Jack trusts h... (Below threshold)

I don't think Jack trusts his brother.

People can dismiss the time... (Below threshold)

People can dismiss the timeline quirkiness, but it just keeps you going with all the twists and turns...DAMN

Jack is going to have to ki... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Jack is going to have to kill his rotten evil brother.

Jack knows his brother is e... (Below threshold)

Jack knows his brother is evil.

Politics of fear???? What'... (Below threshold)

Politics of fear???? What's to be afraid of?

Eew. That gorgeous woman c... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Eew. That gorgeous woman chose the mean ER doctor over Jack Bauer? Jack saves the world in 24 hours -- totally believable compared to any woman choosing that guy over Jack Bauer. Maybe Jack dumped her, though. But still...

Politics of fear? It's a n... (Below threshold)

Politics of fear? It's a nuclear weapon!!

I think that Carmen Electra... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I think that Carmen Electra Taco Bell commercial is funny.

woody, don't knock "How I m... (Below threshold)

woody, don't knock "How I met Your Mother"! True, the show sucks, but ....Alyson Hannigan!!

I loved hearing the Preside... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I loved hearing the President's sister told off.

I was right. Jack knows his... (Below threshold)

I was right. Jack knows his brother is evil.

hmmmm--another subplot--wha... (Below threshold)

hmmmm--another subplot--what if this kid is really Jack's son?

I wonder if Josh is really ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I wonder if Josh is really Jack's son!

I want to know the history ... (Below threshold)

I want to know the history of Jack and his sister-in-law.

Wow, pjaykc. We are defini... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Wow, pjaykc. We are definitely on the same wavelength. Hopefully the kid is not as ditzy as Jack's daughter.

Lorie, good catch on Josh p... (Below threshold)

Lorie, good catch on Josh possibly being Jack's son. I was wondering why Jack looked at Josh the way he did.

looks like we're all on the... (Below threshold)

looks like we're all on the same wavelength on this one!

Yes! Jack is going to show... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Yes! Jack is going to show the brother what he learned in China.

I'm reading Dave Barry's "2... (Below threshold)

I'm reading Dave Barry's "24" blog, also, and he had the same question about Josh.

Excellent, Jack. Rip Gray a... (Below threshold)

Excellent, Jack. Rip Gray a new one!

Boy, that presidential spee... (Below threshold)

Boy, that presidential speech sure would give me reassurance! (not!)

This president is simply no... (Below threshold)

This president is simply not believable to me. He's too young. He's not pissed off enough!

God I hate the pre... (Below threshold)

God I hate the president's sisters.

sister, sorry.... (Below threshold)

sister, sorry.

Jeebus, crazy loon James Cr... (Below threshold)

Jeebus, crazy loon James Cromwell is Jack's dad...

I was just getting ready to... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I was just getting ready to go see if Dave Barry said anything about Josh. Thanks.

Jack is going to make his brother cry like a little girl.

Was that the farmer from Babe playing Jack's dad?

I sure hope Bush's speech tomorrow night is better than that one President Palmer gave.

Argghh! It had to end ther... (Below threshold)

Argghh! It had to end there!? Ugh. I can't wait for another week.

Could it just be a coincide... (Below threshold)

Could it just be a coincidence in casting the actors, or is Josh a ringer for Kim?

Agreed, I hate Pres' sister... (Below threshold)

Agreed, I hate Pres' sister, and the new Pres.

Only one Palmer was worth a damn. The other two aren't believable (or just not very good actors for the particular parts they play).

I do like the plot turns this episode. Back to feeling like I need to see what happens next week, badly.

The rest of the President P... (Below threshold)

The rest of the President Palmer's speech to the nation...

"My fellow Americans, America was hit by a nuclear weapon. But, as you know, this now a fact. The question remains, what do we as country, as a people, do about it. So let's talk. Let's chat. Let's start a dialogue about your ideas and mine!''

Jack's sister in law is the... (Below threshold)

Jack's sister in law is the wife in the wheelchair on Heroes. Her husband is running for congress and she's in a wheelchair from a car accident where her husband flew away but she got crushed...

Some, but not too many <a h... (Below threshold)

Some, but not too many 24isms this week.

For example, how did CTU know the engineer died in the explosion, especially in light of their not knowing if Fayed was killed or not? In fact, how did CTU even know the engineer was there, as CTU showed up in response to Skyhighkid giving them the address where his dad went and not because they knew the engineer, Fayed or the bombs were there?

And why did Fayed take off with the other four 'visitors'? He didn't know a raid was in the works, as he would have taken the engineer and the all-important device with him. And if he was running an errand, why take the other four with him? Why not leave them with the engineer for preprogramming?

Speaking of Heroes, did you... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Heroes, did you know that the guy who plays the politician (Adrian Pasdar) is the real life husband of that idiot Dixie Chick Natalie Maines? How did that moron score such a hot guy? Mind boggling.

Okay sorry to interrupt. Can you tell I don't watch 24? lol.

P.S. James Cromwell is a li... (Below threshold)

P.S. James Cromwell is a liberal lefty loon in real life. Ugh.

Fun facts. Fun facts.

Best line of the night by J... (Below threshold)

Best line of the night by Jack's brother..."Jack, you never just walk into a room and get along, do you?". Does that sum up Jack's life or what?

I think it is obvious that ... (Below threshold)

I think it is obvious that jacks "nephew" is actually his son. The first discussion was about jack banging his sister in law, and then in comes a kid who is CLEARLY more than 9 years old (last time jack talked to his father) and who has the same haircut keifer had in "lost boys."

However, that conflicts with the previously pristine marriage jack had prior to nina's interferrence that occured in the first season, and the fact that jack had been married long enough to have a daughter kim's age.

But yeah, it's clearly jacks kid in my bean.

Also, If jack has to kill his father? I SO WISH IT WAS ACTUALLY HIS FATHER! I can totaly buy Donald as a traitor.

Who is the chick that plays... (Below threshold)

Who is the chick that plays the sister in law? I recognize her, but I don't remember her looking so hot.

The guy who plays the chief of staff had my favorite line "Admiral! the president is talking." ABoUT time there was a SMALL bit of reality involved, though it's a small one. Also he was the guy from "dragon slayer" one of my favorite bad fantasy movies. (also the sister in law looks like the girl who acted like a boy in that movie now that I think of it)

And the guy who plays the brother is prolly better known as the jerky surgeon who did surgery on his own dog in the OR during the TV series "ER."

Theres a lot of familiar faces, like I can't remember where I recognize the sister of the president from. I think she was Doughboys girlfriend in "boys in the hood" also I think she was the crazy neighbor from "Boomerang" but I can't pinpoint it.

I remember Jack's brother a... (Below threshold)
Jake Shaw:

I remember Jack's brother as "The Creeper" on Hill Street Blues......about the time he also was a deputy gobbled up in the remake of the "Blob". Why is this information stuck in the rom in my head, but I forgot to get my wife flowers like I promised earlier today?

The one thing I noticed was... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The one thing I noticed was the fact that cell phones, cars, etc still worked after the nuke. The electromagnetic pulse would have had an effect on electrial objects for at least a few miles from the blast even if the nuke is a small one. I freely admit I dont know what the radius of the EMP would be from a 1KT nuke though.

A good episode, that seemed... (Below threshold)

A good episode, that seemed to only last 30mins.
So Jack's Dad is also the creator of Warp Drive from Star Trek: First Contact. Jaw dropping when we found that last year's mysterious baddie is Jack's brother. Heck, not only did he turn Jack into the Chinese last year, but he was apparently behind the plot to frame Jack for Palmer's assassination. Figure Jack's dad will be a good guy and help Jack save the day, why: because it appeared Jack's brother had the Dad's house under surveillance. No reason for it, if they were on the same side; also him disappearing with no phone, etc. seems like he didn't want to be found.
Curious, after a nuke blast the highways were flooded with people trying to get out yet Jack, Jack's brother, the slimey tech for hire middle man, and the terrorists didn't seem to have a problem getting around town in cars.

Jack's sister in law is pla... (Below threshold)

Jack's sister in law is played by Rena Sofer, she was on Loving as Rocky and General Hospital as Lois, married to Ned Ashton for years and a few other things. Here is her IMDb page. She's been on Just Shoot Me, Ed, Melrose Place, and more.






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