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Melinda Doolittle is the Idol to Watch

While you all where pondering the State of the Union, I'm focusing on something more mindless.

That being American Idol.

Thankfully, they dropped some of the freak show from this season's opener and returned to their normal level of contestant humiliation and derision. -- A welcome sight indeed.

But thru the assorted weirdos, Melinda Doolittle has already proven she's the one to beat. It's early in the show but unless someone steps up to the plate, I've got my pick for the season. (her confidence will be just fine)

FYI If you're new here, I picked Carrie Underwood and Katherine Mcphee out the crowd from their auditions so in theory, I can spot talent. We'll see.

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I agree Paul. I noted in a... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I agree Paul. I noted in an earlier post that I had found my favorite in "Sundance" Head, and I still love him and think he will make the finals, but I also fell in love with Melinda and think she will find plenty of confidence and could easily go all the way.

I picked Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler and McPhee as favorites in the early auditions and they all did pretty well.

My favorite comment of the night was Simon's comment comparing Head to Taylor Hicks. I think that will actually work against Head to some extent though. There have not been two similar idols in a row, and while I hate to compare Head to Hicks, they are similar in that they are both men and sing the blues.

I went to grade school with... (Below threshold)

I went to grade school with Melinda and I can tell you she has no confidence problem. She's an awesome person and as I'm sure you'll see in future episodes, a very amazing and versatile voice. Heck, she sang a Whitney Houston song so well as a 4th or 5th grader that would make jaw drop. Can't wait to see her compete!

What was the deal with the ... (Below threshold)

What was the deal with the girl that never blinked once. I think she must have had two glass eyes, because she kept her eyes open the whole time. Maybe she should talk to Pelosi/

I know Melinda I ment her i... (Below threshold)

I know Melinda I ment her in 05 on the Blessing tour.. She was awesome.. She is very talented I have no doubt that see will go very far on idol..
Way to go Melinda

Melinda is my very good fri... (Below threshold)

Melinda is my very good friend and one I've recently sung with on the road. She is NO WALLFLOWER. In fact, she's one of the most outgoing, confident people I know. Wait til America gets to see the real side of her...watch out! She's unbelievable. :)

Her friends back in Tulsa w... (Below threshold)

Her friends back in Tulsa would certainly agree, Debi! She was that way in school, as well. We're so excited to watch!

I loved her audition. Her s... (Below threshold)

I loved her audition. Her singing is beautiful and her humility is refreshing. Yes, I think she'll do well. Hope she makes the finals...

I am so excited for Melinda... (Below threshold)

I am so excited for Melinda. I went to church with her growing up. I remember listening to her sing for our youth group. She definately has the confidence to succeed in this competition. Her singing voice is incredible. American Idon is dekinately in for a treat!

I also know melinda we did ... (Below threshold)

I also know melinda we did a show together in august-september. she is so amazing. people will fall in love with her. she has what it takes. i will say that she is however shy as you saw. but she is such a sweetheart, she made me feel so good about me when i hated myself. ahhh all i can say is that i am telling all of my friends to vote for her. and you all should do the same!

I went to high school with ... (Below threshold)

I went to high school with Melinda and she is an incredible person and a fabulous singer. She will do great and I know she will be the winner as long as people remember to vote. I'm already gearing all my phones for speed dial! Her confidence need not be in question. In high school she would always get nervous before she would sing and she would be shy if you asked her to sing, but once she went on to perform she quickly got over it. She might be like Elliott was at first, but I think she will overcome her shyness alot faster than he did, plus she won't let it show like he did. You should hear her sing Amazing Grace and the National Anthem, it gives me chills just thinking about it! Simon better be nice to her or I'm gonna be one very upset Tulsan!

I was proud...I think M. di... (Below threshold)

I was proud...I think M. did very well...I was pulling for her..I don't know her, but we both have the same last name...from Georgia

Hello from Finland!<p... (Below threshold)

Hello from Finland!

I just saw Melinda singing For Once In My Life and she is the best singer I have seen in American Idol! Right on Melinda! Me and my wife are the instant fans!


I don't know Melinda... but... (Below threshold)

I don't know Melinda... but WOW !!! What a voice !! What control !!

Good singers hit high notes just fine. Great singers start thier buildup towards the high notes form the lows.

Melinda's low notes blew my mind! Her lows, if you listen carefully, actually THROB -- Like a thousand bulls rearing at the gates, she reins them in in complete control, building up such anticipation for that eventual climactic high.

Comparably, last year's cast had more contestants with talent. But this year, I would dare say that they've found the best VOCALIST ever with Melinda.


She is really amazing. I ju... (Below threshold)

She is really amazing. I just love that voice, the range, control, interpretation and presentation. The only thing I would ask of her is to lower her shoulders and hold her head up high. Right now her shoulders are up in her ears and that is a bad habit to break.

Unfortunately from the time she makes it to the top 12 it will become less about talent and more about popularity...who has the most friends and banks of phones. I do hope they set up an auditorium full of phones for those votes. It is time a true, polished professional won Idol.

I don't know Melissa, but I... (Below threshold)

I don't know Melissa, but I do know she has the talent to win! I have listened to her sing "For once in my life" at least 50 times and would buy a cd of hers in a minute. Melissa, you go girl I will be voting for you as many of my friends!! Good luck and God bless you!

The first time my wife and ... (Below threshold)

The first time my wife and I heard Melinda in her audition, we were completely blown away! My wife, who has a keen ability to discern vocal talent quickly said "Wow, she will go a long way" and I said "Do you think she will be in the top 5?" She responded "I think she will definitely be in the top 2 at least."

Whats nice about her is she seems to be very sincere, humble and down to earth. I am not concerned about her "lack of confidence" as seems to be the type who would step it up once she is on stage.

I sincerely hope that she would get the support of the viewers this season. Her talent and voice are truly wonderful things to behold.

I have watched Melinda grow... (Below threshold)

I have watched Melinda grow from a timid and non confident contestant to a would be idol. Baby, if you read this then believe in yourself and in what you do, walk that stage and make me pround because I've already made huge stakes in your potentials, proove me right that contrary to belief you are just more than a back-up singer. I'll be praying for you.

Please, Please vote for MEL... (Below threshold)

Please, Please vote for MELINDA DOOLITTLE, I eally really want her to win this time, she really deserves to win.

Melinda is definitely in my... (Below threshold)

Melinda is definitely in my top 2. Knew she'd make it far from the first audition. Must also say that I called Carrie Underwood AND Taylor Hicks in previous years.

Melinda, you are the best p... (Below threshold)
ur biggest fan:

Melinda, you are the best person in American Idol! You will be the winner! PLEASE

Oh My Gosh! This girl is ab... (Below threshold)

Oh My Gosh! This girl is absolutely AWESOME! She is definitely the one to watch. I haven't heard anyone as good as her this early in the competition in ANY season. You go girl, you are unbelievable!

I considered Melinda a fron... (Below threshold)

I considered Melinda a front-runner from the start, but I really thought Latesha was out ahead, but after hearing both of them sing this evening, Melinda is the new front-runner.

I hope she continues her brilliant performences. I am not a TV/Reality show type person. This is the first time I have watched American Idol. I am hooked after seeing Melinda. I'll be buying her CD's in the future. :)

- Michael

p.s. I think I like her personality as much as her singing. I also find her very cute.

If this competition were pu... (Below threshold)

If this competition were purely about talent Melinda would win in a landslide -- she has among the best voices I've ever heard in any musical genre. Astounding, in fact. (None of the other contestants could ever even dream about pulling off "My Funny Valentine" so brilliantly). And her personality is infectious -- she's very easy to like. But alas, to win American Idol one must appeal to the sensibilities of millions of teenagers whose criteria and musical tastes are, well, a bit questionable (to put it kindly).

But win or lose her immense talent is now well known, and she'll likely get a recording contract.

Melinda Doolittle is the ne... (Below threshold)

Melinda Doolittle is the new Dionne Warwick!!! Your records will be playing 30 years from now.

Smile, Melinda!!!

I hope Melinda goes all the... (Below threshold)

I hope Melinda goes all the way. She is great!

Doolittle is the best... sh... (Below threshold)

Doolittle is the best... she is tops on my wow factor...

My sister Nancy and I think... (Below threshold)

My sister Nancy and I think that Melinda is the one to beat out of all the singers. Her experience and expertise put her way above the rest. What sparkle and shine! You go girl. We wil vote for her.

Melinda Doolittle is by far... (Below threshold)

Melinda Doolittle is by far a cut above all the rest of the contestants, boys and girls!!! She's got everything going for her. Needless to say her voice is awesome, and she is cute as a button. And as Simon says she's not one of those "precocious little monsters with big egos and little talent." Melinda is a "breath of fresh air." I luv, luv, luv her and if she doesn't win Idol me and the rest of the country watching will be very disappointed . You go girl!

I've been following Am Id s... (Below threshold)

I've been following Am Id since it's inception and i've never heard a voice like Melinda Doolittle..The girl can sing and she's cute too!

This Girl is by Far the bes... (Below threshold)

This Girl is by Far the best singer in the whole American Idol season - truely amazing

From her very first auditio... (Below threshold)

From her very first audition, I loved Melinda Doolittle! I thought that her humble attitude and powerful voice were simply infectious! Last night's performance absolutely solidified it for me - she's my favourite idol this season and I am rooting for her to win! She is simply a joy to watch...reminds me a little of an African American version of Bette Midler! She's amazing!

First there was Ella, then ... (Below threshold)

First there was Ella, then kd Lang, and now there's Melinda. She is truly in the league of those great singers that come around once every 25 years or so. Absolutely flawless and extraordinarily rich.

Melinda's singing of Funny ... (Below threshold)

Melinda's singing of Funny Valentine almost brought me to tears. What a beautiful singer and person she is. I have really never watched Idol until this season....Melinda's singing has made me a fan. I will vote for her and hope that she goes all the way. I am a fan!

I was a major Idol critic i... (Below threshold)

I was a major Idol critic in the early years - how could you have your pick of singers across the US and end up with such mediocrity? After hearing Melinda's My Funny Valentine - WOW - I'm a believer! That is one of my favorite songs, I probably have at least 10 recordings of it by different artists, but they are all blown away by Melinda's rendition. A great vocal arrangement takes unexpected turns yet once the turn is taken it should seem obviously right - not random and aimless. When she went down on the "weak" in "is your mouth a little weak", I thought "uh oh, where is she going, but once she did it - perfection! I have replayed it countless times and I would pay $30 for a CD with just a full version that song. Other singers in the competion have had great moments, but none can touch the consistent greatness in range, presence, phrasing, arrangement and indeed - charm. And it is SO great to see her dominate the competition w/o succumbing to the Christina/Beyonce/Celine/etc pop princess idiom.

As an aside, I think it is funny how so many people think that you can't do well with a ballad on Idol yet two of the best performances I've seen on the show (and even Simon agreed) were this one and Katharine McPhee's version of Over the Rainbow

GaryS already said what I w... (Below threshold)
Joe Fulmer:

GaryS already said what I wanted to say. Her melodic phrasing, in fact the entire structure of her vocal line, was astounding. I got shivers at least five times through out that performance.

I truly hope she hasn't peaked, as I would love her to win this contest.

I enjoyed reading everyone'... (Below threshold)

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments, especially Gary S's. I missed last Tuesday's AI and was only able to catch the results show on Thurs. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to see a video of Melinda's performance of "Funny Valentine"? I saw a 3 second recap of it on Thurs and just based on that, I HAVE to see it in its entirety! I've witnessed some of the worst AND the best on this season's top 20. My personal top 3 are all women. (Melinda being one of them, of course!) But I have to agree that, so far, Melinda's consistency and artistry make her the one to beat.

Get Melinda's CD out alread... (Below threshold)

Get Melinda's CD out already! I've listened to her My Funny Valentine over and over and it is just so rich and moving. Goosebumps galore. I'm curious, is she from Tennessee or Oklahoma originally?

To be fair, I don't think American Idol produces mediocrity. On the contrary, it exposes brilliant but masked talent. For me, glimpsing the contestants' backstory, hearing their interviews and seeing their audition judgements is extremely eye-opening of the human condition. Melinda's expression awaiting her Final 24 judgement is just such a powerful display. She sensed rejection and thru her I felt it coming myself (of course, AI only wanted to yank her chain for entertainment purposes). She oozes authenticity. That said, Melinda is such a tremendous channel of human emotion. My two cents.

It is a great shame that po... (Below threshold)
Mike In England:

It is a great shame that potential winners of these 'competitions' are usurped by teenage hysteria and hormones.

As a nation not able to vote and believe me the viewing figures here are significant, I implore all sensible Americans to vote a true American Idol. I cannot help thinking that when the last 12 have been picked and they get to work with the likes of Tony Bennett and Diana Ross, to name but two, that Melinda will raise the bar further still. Her diction in both her live performances has been amazing. If she is a little shy currently, god help the competition which based on the comment of teenage voting might just be Stephanie.

Interesting enough I was re... (Below threshold)

Interesting enough I was recently hired to sing in a refreshing new arrangement of the song "Mais Que Nada" when I realized that one of the girls singing back vocals was none or less Miss Melinda Doolittle. What can I tell you?? The girl was right on copying the portuguese pronunciation, and I was amazed there with her ability to do in "any" range and style whatever she wants with her voice.
Personally I want her to win. She is the full package.The cut above. I liked the show before, but now there is clearly another level of professionalism, talent and charisma.
By the way Melody, I've recorded Melinda's performances.
Good Luck Melinda. Enjoy this moment!!!!

Yes truly a gem.... i was b... (Below threshold)

Yes truly a gem.... i was browsing along and finally found a Melinda Fansite! Yes!

I will vote for her all the way! This gal deserves it!

AMERICA....GEORGE BUSH IS N... (Below threshold)
Mike In England:


Like Mike, I'm English, but... (Below threshold)
Edward Sandalls:

Like Mike, I'm English, but, probably unlike most contributors, I was just getting into music when Elvis was just starting to come to the front. So I've seen many stars only really twinkle once or twice, I've heard many voices go out of tune, and I know that I've witnessed the flowering of an exceptional musical talent. However long she lasts in Idol is already irrelevant in terms of her future career, but I would just like to see Melinda Doolittle do the lot.

Melinda has my vote. I thin... (Below threshold)

Melinda has my vote. I think we'll see her adapt to the different types of songs better than the other contestants and she really can deliver the goods. In past years, I've been able to pick contestants that have done well. One surprise was that Latoya London didn't beat Fantasia. I also thought that Clay Aiken would beat Ruben Studdard. But I did pick Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks from the start. I hope I'm right. Melinda would make a great American Idol.

Now...I keep watching both ... (Below threshold)

Now...I keep watching both Melinda and Lakisha over and over..what a performance...specialy Melinda....

Not: To rest of the American Idol singers.
Only way you'll proof you are a capabale vocalist is to sing a song with some meat and bones on it..Example....tunes covered by Billy Holiday..Ella...Diana Ross...Mowtown...just look at the ones ahaed ...they all are singing vintage goldies with contemproray twists...even guys...sing Sam Coock...Frank Sinatra...Marvin Gay...

NO...wimmpy pop tunes ... that nobody has heard but bunch of teenagers...you'll double your votes if you cover old tunes with modern rythms...Helloooo...proof is already there...

My Funny Valentine

Midnight Trane to Georgia

Somewhere over the rainbow

Mustang Sally...on and on..

And to the white girls (I'm white)....don't try to sing like the African Americans...specialy this year no..chance...find your own nich..Country...Rock...whatever

Specialy later whehn Dian Ross and Tony Bennet get there...you will not win by singing Celin Dian...no yelling...sing and stay intune and keep up with the beat..!!

I'm 53-year old ( pro. musician)and I'm watching and voting for American Idol.

My wife and I watched Idol ... (Below threshold)

My wife and I watched Idol for the first time last season and pretty much became addicted. I really think Melinda has a very good chance to go all the way. I don't really think that the teen age vote is nessasarily what dictates the outcome as much as many would like to believe. I don't think Taylor and Katherine were really what you would call "teen heart throbs"(sorry,if this is news to them)I think they had a very mature following.We really thought Chris would take the prize. I think Melinda is an exceptional mix of grace and talent. Kudo's!

WOW...... She has... (Below threshold)
Old School Fan:


She has amazing stage presence. She knows how to get everyone-the crowd- the band- and the back ground singers into the mix. She took over the stage - like a mini Patti Labelle! SOMBODY - SIGN HER NOW! I love her sweet - non assuming spirit.
But she has now shown her-Mae West side....

You Go Girl....

W-O-M-A-N !

Brilliant performance tonig... (Below threshold)
joe frost:

Brilliant performance tonight. (3/7)
Her version last week of My Funny Valentine was nothing short of sublime. Nico and Elvis Costello, not to mention Sinatra, I thought had done the best the song had to offer. Until Melinda. One for the ages.
Why are the American Idol guys even there? Yawn! It is the Melinda and Lakisha show!

This is the first time I se... (Below threshold)

This is the first time I see American Idol. I still have recorded in my Tivo Melinda's audition. We saw the video over and over and over, and we couldnt believe how easy was for her sing "For once in my Life", it was just natural. Then everyweek we wait until wed to see the girls and our favorite Melinda to perform.

The boys this year are accesories, I dont see any as an IDOL..... but the girls are amazing. Lakisha is good, very good. These are my front runners for the finals ..... LAKISHA, MELINDA & SABRINA.

No boys this season.


I just love Melinda. She w... (Below threshold)

I just love Melinda. She was me and my husband's favorite from the start. I've been pretty good in calling the top 5 since I started watching the year Fantasia won. I certainly think that Bo would have easily beat Katherine had he not been ill on the final week. Everyone was ranting and raving over Lakisha. I like her and she is talented, but I've always said it's going to be difficult to top her "And I Am Telling You" peformance. Where could she go from there? Melinda on the other hand was my secret weapon. Her humble, sweet, non-threatening personality, combined, of course, with her amazing voice, should take her all the way to the throne, provided we all vote for her and not assume others will vote. She is the one to beat. Go Melinda!!!

Melinda is the bomb! She i... (Below threshold)
Pam T:

Melinda is the bomb! She is in a league of her own. Her voice is rich, her range is fathomless and she has the sweet spirit of an angel.

Melinda, start making those CD's. I'll be the first in line.

i am a 50 yr. old white man... (Below threshold)

i am a 50 yr. old white man, this girl is the best singer i have ever heard, she brings goose bumps and tears to me, which is hard to do. you are great and if american idol doesn't show you someone else will, you will definately get a recording contract and blow away evrey other idol and most every professional singer now out.

I didn't get to see America... (Below threshold)

I didn't get to see American Idol last night. Just found Melinda's version of WOMAN on you tube. WOW !! I don't know what she's using for bait but she's got me hooked. Like Randy said, she could cut a record right now. Nobody else on the show is in her league.

Couldn't agree more with th... (Below threshold)

Couldn't agree more with the comments above. The best hands down. Melinda blew me away with My Funny Valentine and I HATE ballads. Truly amazing! And what she did with WOMAN was equally stunning. Let's make sure this woman wins -- she certainly deserves to! I am living in CHINA and will be calling to vote for her!

Melinda is a close friend o... (Below threshold)

Melinda is a close friend of mine, we were roommates for a year in college. She is originally from Oklahoma, to answer someone's question. She moved to Tennessee for college (Belmont University). She is one of the most fabulous people that I know! Her humbleness is NOT an act, as I've heard some critics say- have we really grown that cynical that it's so hard to believe that a truly talented person could be humble? PLEASE vote for her, because she truly deserves this!! Also, check out her my space page!!

Truly, the accurate compari... (Below threshold)
John Hart:

Truly, the accurate comparison with Melinda lies somewhere in the realms of Gladys Knight, Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Sarah Vaughn. Bravo... throughout her long and prolific career to come!

Melinda is the best out the... (Below threshold)

Melinda is the best out there, and i have made a fan club for her, and i invite everyone to join.

I think she got so much talent, and is very refreshing to see on Idol, and i just want to support her in anyway i can.

Please check out her fan club, and join, and help me get her to be the "New American Idol"


I also agree with the last ... (Below threshold)

I also agree with the last poster before me that she could be a new Gladys Knight. She is a true singer, and we need more of these out there. I think she exceptional.

Total inspiration to other's in the singing world who are a natural.

Melinda Doolittle is IT. F... (Below threshold)

Melinda Doolittle is IT. From the moment I heard her sing "For once in my life", by Stevie Wonder, I was 100 percent convinced that she is the next american idol.

Heck, even if she does not win, she will have a record contract. I'm sure Clive Davis is drooling at the prospects of producing an album for her.

BTW, her rendition of "My funny valentine" was good enough to put on an album. Melinda reminds me of Aretha, she is totally original and unique. Melinda will be the next Arethia Franklin..., she already is...

Well, since my first commen... (Below threshold)
Edward Sandalls:

Well, since my first comment:
1 - Nice to see some contributors almost within a decade of me. Melinda will stand as an all-time, all-ages great.
2 - Worrying to see some contributors putting Lakeesha in the same category as Melinda. Lakeesha would win AI this year without Melinda but she is too raw, too much a work-in-progress to stand alongside Melinda. Melinda keeps tone and pitch right across an amazing range, where Lakeesha does flatten out at the bottom end, and start to squeal at the top.
Don't get me wrong, one day I could well buy Lakeesha's first album. But I know already that I WILL pre-order Melinda's

I haven't bought music in y... (Below threshold)

I haven't bought music in years, but when Melinda Doolittle makes her CD's I WILL be buying them. I believe that there are two or three others in the Idol competition that deserve to win, were it not for Ms. Doolittle's talents. When she sang, "Woman," tears flowed and I got goose bumps. I couldn't get enough of watching such an amazingly talented, powerful singer.

Hi all.....I just read most... (Below threshold)

Hi all.....I just read most of the comments on here...shame to compare voices...each Idol is unique....as for ability to sing, just watch the last 3 shows of Idol.....voters kept the worst, booted off the best.....as for the girls, one mistake so far....Doolittle has IT......Lakesha has it.....so does one or two others...however, melinda with her natural God given vocal ability along with vocal coaching and song choices is the best singer.....BUT, it is unfortunate that Idol is a popularity contest and not a singing contest.....believe me, Doolittle will more than succeed with or without voting....exposure is everything and she has that now.....

Simply the best!!! <... (Below threshold)

Simply the best!!!

I can't wait to see what she sings this week!!

She sounds like the singers of old. She's not whiny and she doesn't sound like a sex kitten and she is not screaming!

She is simply the best!!!!

After tonight's American Id... (Below threshold)

After tonight's American Idol show it seems there 11 contestants vying for 2nd place. Melinda is that good.

Doolittle grabs the big pri... (Below threshold)
Leah Ann:

Doolittle grabs the big prize or this viewer is no more! Yes, I too am ready for the CD release - today! Go Melinda Go.

Hey all. I'm glad I found t... (Below threshold)

Hey all. I'm glad I found this thread because to me, Melinda is already THE WINNER! And she is such an awesome singer and personality. I got the goose bumps from the very beginning during the auditions and she has kept improving and amazing me. It is totally useless to say that I love her. :)

Melinda - made me cry heari... (Below threshold)

Melinda - made me cry hearing her wonderful vocals...now 3 times. I love and appreciate music coming from a professional musical family.

Who cares if she wins Amer. Idol? I don't - because if someone doesn't sign her on to a better contract than AI - I WILL!!

MELINDA ...IS IN THE LEAD..... (Below threshold)



Oh my god. She keeps getti... (Below threshold)

Oh my god. She keeps getting better. The above has already been said, will someone please just cut a record with her so I can buy it?

Keep it up Melinda - you've already won.

Melinda, I have viewed your... (Below threshold)
Christopher Gonzales:

Melinda, I have viewed your performance of "Home" at least 20 times in the last two days. Without fail, each time I watch your performance a lump forms in my throat and my eyes get all watery. Reading what everyone else has to say in this forum has the same effect. You truly are a gifted young woman and I believe in you. If for some strange reason you don't get a recording contract I'd like to sponsor any effort you make in recording an album. Just let me know where to send the check. Come visit us in Austin, TX..."Live Music Capital of the World". Many believe in God, now many believe in angels.

Melinda is Amazing. I loved... (Below threshold)

Melinda is Amazing. I loved her from the first line I heard her sing early on. I will vote only for her.

Melinda is the next America... (Below threshold)

Melinda is the next American Idol!

You go "g'rl"!

Melinda sends chills up my ... (Below threshold)

Melinda sends chills up my spine watching her perform; truly an amazing talent! It is a two woman battle. Go Melinda!

I just love Melinda. She is... (Below threshold)

I just love Melinda. She is a outstanding person and a beautiful singer!!!

She has grown into an amazing woman. Everytime she sings I cry. I believe she will win. If not she will definitely go far.

FYI: She was born in St. Louis, MO. Our family has known her since she was a little girl. She and her mother were a great part of our family.

Hey all! I've watched Melin... (Below threshold)

Hey all! I've watched Melinda's "Home" for about the thirtieth time and I'm crying for happiness and love. BTW... If anyone of you guys and girls live in Seattle area... I will be returning to Seattle for business in May. Would be great to have a meeting with all the people who love Melinda. Maybe a stupid idea but I'm all for collective experiences. :) And sorry for my spelling... I'm Finnish so I'm not a native English speaker.

i would love to hear Melind... (Below threshold)

i would love to hear Melinda just dazzle the world with this monumental song. imagine this powerhouse voice singing the Pink Floyd classic, "Great Gig in the Sky".
there only a handful of voices in the world that could do this tune justice and she's right in front of us

Hi I'm 40 mixed race guy fr... (Below threshold)
Luke Travis:

Hi I'm 40 mixed race guy from England who thanks god for Melinda Doolittle, If not for AI we may never have been graced by her 'outa dis worl' voice, Hallelelujah. The power of the spirit has a voice, Melinda's. Breathtaking, Emotionally pouring, Crying, shivering, spiritually uplifting, Energetic.

Make the CD already :)

Some of her performances should be collectors items for centuries.

Love u Dooooolllliiiiiiilllllleeee

I have watched Idol for sev... (Below threshold)
Tender Melody:

I have watched Idol for several seasons and for the first time I have been inspired to vote. All for Melinda Doolittle. I have saved all her performances and watch/listen to them and each time I am as thrilled as the first. I email people who laugh at me for watching Idol with the line .... the reason I watch Idol and everyone I send it to is impressed, how can they not be? I am ready to buy a CD the instant she puts one out and I want to hear full versions of My Funny Valentine and I'm a Woman. I can't wait to see what she does this week. There is something special happening here people!

One of the finest singers I... (Below threshold)

One of the finest singers I've heard in 30 years. Brilliant performer, precise phrasing, pure tone, perfect pitch. She is in the ranks of Cassandra Wilson, Billy Holiday, and Astrud Gilberto. God, what a magnificent singer.

I am so happy to see someon... (Below threshold)

I am so happy to see someone like Melinda on AI. She is so amazing and is better and better every week. The only reason I'm watching is because of her. This is what the music industry needs! I love her smile, the way she projects herself onstage! She will win. And if by some strange happening she doesn't, no matter record companies are already waiting to sign her! GO MEL-D

Well you've been spot on co... (Below threshold)

Well you've been spot on correct about Melinda so far. Her vocals are awesome. She really has professional stage presence. Even if she by some chance doesn't win American Idol 6, she's got a recording contract waiting.

Finally, Idol was a little better last night with a few of the guys sounding better. The competition is far from over. I just hope they all keep improving, and give us something fun to watch.

Picking the winner of Ameri... (Below threshold)

Picking the winner of American Idol is a "no brainer." Melinda Doolittle is the winner. Picking second, third, or fourth would be a real challenge.

melinda on audition day was... (Below threshold)

melinda on audition day was my pick for #1 without question.....i also picked ruben on audition day and fantasia on audition day and taylor on audition day(i was up in the air about him against paris until paris got booted) so my record in spotting talent is better than yours i may be the best talent scout in the world....my brother claims he chose carrie and taylor and kelly on audition day so dont be to proud of yourself.....lol all very true information.....now my brother says blakes a lock and i say melinda is a lock....i also believe melinda is by far the best singerAI has seen.

melinda on audition day was... (Below threshold)

melinda on audition day was my pick for #1 without question.....i also picked ruben on audition day and fantasia on audition day and taylor on audition day(i was up in the air about him against paris until paris got booted) so my record in spotting talent is better than yours i may be the best talent scout in the world....my brother claims he chose carrie and taylor and kelly on audition day so dont be to proud of yourself.....lol all very true information.....now my brother says blakes a lock and i say melinda is a lock....i also believe melinda is by far the best singerAI has seen.

melinda on audition day was... (Below threshold)

melinda on audition day was my pick for #1 without question.....i also picked ruben on audition day and fantasia on audition day and taylor on audition day(i was up in the air about him against paris until paris got booted) so my record in spotting talent is better than yours i may be the best talent scout in the world....my brother claims he chose carrie and taylor and kelly on audition day so dont be to proud of yourself.....lol all very true information.....now my brother says blakes a lock and i say melinda is a lock....i also believe melinda is by far the best singerAI has seen.

Melinda is by far the best ... (Below threshold)

Melinda is by far the best vocalist to ever come out of American Idol. Why she hasn't been discovered before is beyond explanation... My fear is that the talent she has would be a waste in the "Pop" world..... She is much better than that!!!!!! She is in the same class as Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Etta James and deserves the respect these women have earned..... I would hope that Randy would introduce her to a producer who will have the vision to put her infront of a big orchestra singing some Billie and Sarah etc......

Melinda use to babysit us s... (Below threshold)
Caleb & Zoe:

Melinda use to babysit us sometimes. She was so kind and patient - and she still is like that. We use to love to hear her sing in our Church choir. Now we are very excited to see her sing on American Idol. SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never watched Americ... (Below threshold)

I have never watched American Idol--now because of Melinda Doolittle, I can't miss it! I have listened to My Funny Valentine so many times I can't believe it. She brings such emotional depth and range to her singing, it makes me shiver and brings tears to my eyes. She is a true talent with the discipline to use it. I so look forward to her recordings to come, no matter what happens on AI.

Melinda has learned well fr... (Below threshold)

Melinda has learned well from all her time served behind the headliner. She is a delight and a marvel to behold. Her take on "My Funny Valentine" was the most amazing thing I have ever seen on American Idol. I was worried for her when she chose "As Long as He Needs Me" for her song in the "British Invasion" episode, but I needn't have worried; even Simon admitted that she took what could have been a boring song and made it wonderful. She has my vote for the top prize and I know that even if she doesn't get it, a tremendous career awaits. Here's to you, Melinda, am I too old to be one of your "groupies?"

Hi from New Zealand, I thin... (Below threshold)

Hi from New Zealand, I think that Melinda must be the best singer I have seen on idol of any country she can make you cry, smile and give you goose bumps all at once. Simon was right when he said she sounds like a young Gladys Night she starts to sing and nothing else matters. I hope she wins, if it is based on pure talent then I know she will. She has a huge following down under, I only wish we were able to vote. Whats with that sanjaya guy and why is he in it????? I thought it was a telent contest??? GO MELINDA

Melinda did it again tonigh... (Below threshold)

Melinda did it again tonight. She should release "Heaven knows" Can't wait to hear what she'll sing next week.

Melinda can really blow the... (Below threshold)

Melinda can really blow the crowd with her voice. But I think she shouldn't be allowed to join a singing competition...her singing is too darn flawless.

you say you can pick talent... (Below threshold)

you say you can pick talent but have no idea how awful you are .....lessseee you picked only one on audition day and then you picked a loser and thats ur record? lmao ....first off half of american idol fans picked underwood on audition day. I picked Ruben on audition day and Taylor on audition day and Fantasia on audition day and was adamant about them with friends and family from then on, it actually surprises me that people disagree with me but whatever I keep proving my point season after season I also picked the last 3 of the apprentices and the last winner of the country idol show (which I dont watch) from the moment I saw the guy cant even remember his name---awesome however(is what I remember) anyways if you want to know whos going to win it will be doolittle without much difficulty not that thats much of a surprise now but with my uncanny ability it's made this season boring for me since audition day.......what I do enjoy besides listening to doolittle sing is the sanjaya controversy (I gotta admit, I LOVE IT) he obviously wont win but might take down a Lakisha and oh how sweet that would be! even if he takes down chris it would be kinda cool I am sure he will get through Phil and Haley which will still be fun....so if anyone wants my opinions let me know oh by the way how awesome would it be to see an all star idol season where the final 2 of every season competed.......and just in case you were wondering, melinda would win. bye

learn how to pick winners ... (Below threshold)

learn how to pick winners you suck at it if you want my help just ask.

why be so afraid of a negat... (Below threshold)

why be so afraid of a negative comment you were the one who admitted your measley success story just email me so we can talk the thing that pisses me off is youre gonna take credit for 2 winners which will be 1/2 of mine so why not take out that pitiful comment on how you can spot talent....u obviously cant and if you think im being mean believe me im not its simply a fact

in theory, you can't spot t... (Below threshold)

in theory, you can't spot talent, and what if bo edged out carrie? how funny would that be ? would you still have this website if you were batting 0 on picks at audition day...you may have been the only person in the usa that picked noe right....lol that would be funny, just make sure you keep ur day job, cuz u being a talent scout is like the william hungs' thinking they could actually make it to hollywood (what a great comparison) lol

Jim, you deserve my most si... (Below threshold)
Edward Sandalls:

Jim, you deserve my most sincere congratulations. I have spent so much time studying psychopathic behavior, struggling mainly with the way psychopaths communicate in writing. Your copy of that communication is extraordinary. I really mean that. I would like to know how you learned that, if you do not mind. I would also like to include your first text of April 6 in a paper I am to present shortly on psychopathic communication.

My name is Dinah. I was lu... (Below threshold)

My name is Dinah. I was lucky enough to work with Melinda in Nashville. Being an R&B writer all my life, after moving to Nashville, I found it frustrating to find great R&B singers. The angels were smiling on me when I finally met Melinda. As sweet as she is talented it was a real treat for me to meet her and have her sing for me.

I'd love you to hear the song she's singing, called Unmade Love

If you go to:

http://www.myspace.com/agirllikememusic and click on Unmade Love - you'll hear her glorious voice. I wanted to submit this song for the AI contest, but unfortunately the publishing is gone.

Perhaps you can put a link to the song on your website????

She reminds me of a young S... (Below threshold)
Aristides P. Caringal:

She reminds me of a young Sarah Vaughan! What can I say, even the Philippines is rooting for her, and rightfully so! She is the absolute best in American Idol and will be its best winner! Go, Melinda!

I really cannot fully expla... (Below threshold)

I really cannot fully explain my love for Melinda.
I am not a stark struck kind of person.I have been in the presence of world famous people who hardly made me blink, but that Ms. Doolittle is like no other.I want all the best for her.Her warmth as a person will not be easily matched in the entertainment business.Get everything good that's coming to you Melinda. Oh! and I think she is the cutest.

American Idol sucks. It rea... (Below threshold)

American Idol sucks. It really does and I'm done watching it. HOW THE HELL COULD MELINDA DOOLITTLE BE VOTED OFF???? Her voice is flawless!! She was NEVER in the bottom 3, NEVER in the bottom 2, and there was NEVER a time any of the judges said a negative thing about her.....NOT EVEN ONE TIME!!!! So, what the hell????? Sorry, but as pretty as Jordin is, that's it...she's just pretty. She sings okay sometimes, but NOT all the time!!! She has been off key PLENTY OF TIMES!!!! For example, and this is ONLY ONE example...Jordin sucked at "living on a prayer" when it was bon jovi night. The ENTIRE song was a MESS!!! As for Blake...yes, he's AWESOME with the beat boxing.....truly a genius with that...BUT..he CANNOT sing!!! American Idol has to change the voting system and make it like the way "dancing with the stars" is.....america votes 50% and their judges vote 50%. This way it's more fair and more realistic. There are too many teeny bopper idiot kids and teenagers who vote for the "cute kid" or the "hot girl." Meanwhile, they have NO CLUE about true vocal ability. Simon was shocked as hell when Melinda was voted off. They all were!!! Even Melinda herself was shocked!!!!!! It's pure bull!! I hate this show now. Melinda will go on and sell more records than any idol out there....GUARANTEED. SHE'S FLAWLESS LIKE WHITNEY HOUSTON YEARS AGO!! MELINDA, YOU ARE PERFECTION AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!! EVERYONE OBVIOUSLY FIGURED YOU WERE SAFE THIS WEEK. THAT'S OKAY THOUGH. GOD HAS OTHER BIG BIG BIG BIG PLANS FOR YOU! HE PROBABLY DIDN'T WANT YOU GLUED TO AN AMERICAN IDOL CONTRACT. YOU CAN DO WAAAAAAYYYY BETTER THAN THAT!!! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR ALBUM COMES OUT!! YOUR VOICE BRINGS GOOSE BUMPS TO MY BODY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Well as much as I think Mel... (Below threshold)

Well as much as I think Melinda was the absolute Best singer on the show.... I saw this week coming as now it is a popularity contest.....

In a way I am glad Melinda was kicked off this week..... She has a name now and will be picked up by a record company and will not be subject to the Fake Pop world that the winner will have to be.....

If by some leap of faith Melinda actually visits this site or she has friends who do.... Please tell her to stay away from the Pop Diva world and stick to style that made the world appreciate her.

She may not sell out Arenas..... But she will sell out Concert Halls... Which is far more respectable........

I think one of the problems... (Below threshold)

I think one of the problems is this voting system everywhere in the world, in Finland too. Teenagers are the most eager group to use their cell phones. And Melinda is too clever, musical and talented to them.

But in time I think it is maybe good that Melinda didn' t win American Idol, because she is too BIG FOR IT. Melinda will come one of the leading songstresses in the world. Not just another AI winner...

Melinda Doolittle the talen... (Below threshold)

Melinda Doolittle the talented vocalist with a heart of gold. The album's first single, "It's Your Love," was released to radio stations nationwide in September. Keep you update with her album . come join us at www.melindasbackups.com






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