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The next battleground in the War On Terror

The War on Terror (or, if you prefer, The War with Militant Islam) is a huge conflict, fought out on myriad battlefields and with a broad diversity of weapons. The open armed conflict is but a part of it, but it's not the whole fight. There are other places, other battles, other warriors where the outcome can sway the final struggle. And while terrorism has not really touched America since 9/11, make no mistake in thinking we are safe.

One of the main thrusts of the Islamists in America is to win their fights not on the battlefields, but in other areas. The court of public opinion, the legal system, the halls of government itself. And there the weapons they are using are, much like in Iraq, not of their own devising, but bought, stolen, or freely given to them by their enemies.

Right now, I am seeing an open assault on our Constitutional liberties by the Islamists, using the tools we ourselves crafted, and it's starting with the First Amendment.

No good tyranny can survive without the silencing of dissent. It was knowing that fact that made our Founding Fathers enshrine the freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights, and put it in the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Right now, that right of free speech is being assailed in our courtrooms, in two battles that could shape the very way our society functions.

In Boston, the Islamic Society of Boston is trying to build a mosque. A big one. A very big one. And some people don't like their plan, or just plain have some questions about it. So, how is the Islamic Society handling their detractors? Through our legal system.

And in Washington, DC, a former director with the Council on American-Islamic Relations is concerned about the sway of certain "Jewish lobbies" have on our government. In response, she has filed a formal complaint with the Department Of Justice seeking some form of redress.

The language and tactics of these lawsuits are familiar, and well they should be. They use the precise language and terminology and arguments that so many on the Left have used in their own assaults on the First Amendment: "hate language," "hostile environment," "conducive to the denial of rights," and so on. One could take an average "speech code" from most any college campus, cut it up into phrases, and rearrange it to spell out the Muslims' complaints -- and that is no coincidence. It is those very successes that these Muslims are using as precedents to justify their own oppressive lawsuits.

The whole theory behind the "speech code" movement was to remove -- or minimize -- pain in our society. To prevent people from being injured -- deliberately or accidentally -- by the words of others. It's a fine, noble sentiment, but unfortunately is utterly unreasonable.

Pain serves a purpose. It is a warning system. It's the body's way of telling the mind that it's doing something wrong. When something hurts, we OUGHT to know why it hurts, and whether we ought to change what we are doing.

Sometimes pain is a good thing. When working out, pain can tell us that we are, indeed, using the muscles that we have ignored for too long. Or it can tell us that we are doing something wrong, and we should stop or modify our actions. In either case, though, being protected from the pain is doing us a grave disservice.

"Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something."

Today, we see the consequences of trying to protect people from emotional pain. That shield is being turned into a sword, and it's pointing directly at our most important freedoms.

Thank you SO much, you "champions of diversity" and "fighters of hate-speech" and other lions of Political Correctness. You've turned the mote in your eye into a beam that all of us are being beaten over the head with.

And for letting you get away with it, maybe we deserve it.


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ah..I disagree, Free speech... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

ah..I disagree, Free speech? Court Room? I think the next battleground will be the "Libby Trial" This morning Libby lawyer threw Carl "Be very afraid" Rove under the bus..
Sure this is supposed to be only about if Libby knowingly lied...that is after all the charge...
But it will give all of us the most realistic look behind the curtain of this Wizard of OZ administration....
It will be proven that Libby knowingly lied under oath to the Grand Jury...Just as our President and Vice-President have knowingly lied to the American People...the feeble attempt to distract from the real issue...Iraq.. no longer works for the majority of the American people...
There is a lefty blog..with an agenda Firedoglake that is live blogging the trial..if you can see past their snide remarks you will see that This Court Room is where it is going down.. Perhaps, after some diligent research from a spectrum of sites this might be a topic here... Lying to the American people like Clinton, Bush, Cheney without outrage is the height of political correctness..(ok we were outraged by Clinton)
....ah I am sure someone will post the involvement of Israel's most important lobby to the spying case...
....I find it ironic that some posters here who truly believe "Jews control Hollywood" will jump to defend your statements..

Yawn. What a boring articl... (Below threshold)

Yawn. What a boring article.

But what can we expect from a website that knows that their hero George Bush is a loser.

Nogo, let's see how many ye... (Below threshold)

Nogo, let's see how many years has Bush been around and you can't even spell Karl Rove's name right? It's Karl. With a "K".

Pay attention.

Jo said:Pay att... (Below threshold)

Jo said:

Pay attention.

Please remember one indisputable fact about our friends on the left (especially the ones who frequently post here): People who suffer from BDS live in a Reality-free zone. Paying attention is always optional.

nogo's right! Courtroom? LI... (Below threshold)

nogo's right! Courtroom? LIBBY TRIAL! What a backdrop for the Wizgang to take we dissenters to school. Are the West Wingers a bunch of Machiavellian whores or aren't they. How connected is AIPAC (and Ledeen) to the selling of the war through faked docs? (And where there's AIPAC, there's Mossad) Are the neocons (Cheney, especially) foreign agents? (and why does an Israeli concern run the capitol switchboard, anyway? does that explain the overwhelming Aye vote re:Iraq? Blackmail?) No, most of these questions won't be answered ( i just like to bring them up!), but there'll be enough documented sleaze to hopefully run these traitors out of town. Chance of Preemptive Pardon: 75% though.

?Nogo, let's see how many y... (Below threshold)

?Nogo, let's see how many years has Bush been around and you can't even spell Karl Rove's name right? It's Karl. With a "K"."

Yeah, like Karl Marx...only different.

Wow, the lefties are really... (Below threshold)

Wow, the lefties are really up on this trial, must be another OJ debacle, no, OJ was guilty of a crime. This is a trial where no crime was comitted. I won't be able to sleep for weeks. Just remember one thing that is always true. What goes around comes around. I can hear the screaming and whining now.

When the trail is over I ha... (Below threshold)

When the trail is over I have a roadgrader to rent for those on the left to remove the egg from thier face. Cheap.

If 'verbal diarrhea' had an... (Below threshold)

If 'verbal diarrhea' had an image, it would look like the first comment to this post.






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