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A Reason to Vote for Hillary

Pat Hynes is a good friend and I have learned over the past few years that he has a great sense of humor. It is no wonder. He comes by it honest. If you want a really good laugh, read the email one of his relatives sent him upon learning he would be covering a Hillary Clinton fundraiser. His second question for Hillary, regarding whether or not, if elected, she would bring back to the White House some of the stuff she took in the final days, made me think. I guess it is always possible to find some reason to vote for anyone.


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Comments (35)

Much like Cherie Blair, who... (Below threshold)

Much like Cherie Blair, who recently asserted her right to freebies as a "basic human right", I suspect Hillary Clinton will have an excuse a la"my husband's transgressions against our marriage were such that I am not responsibile for my actions in his last days as President". Baby

When all is said and done, 'Baby Boomer' feminism means never having to say you're sorry!

Hillary probably sits aroun... (Below threshold)

Hillary probably sits around thinking of all the things she can steal this time around. She and Billy would probably start sneaking things out 2 years in advance, instead of the 1 year ahead attempt, when they got caught.

One thing the Clintons stole that they can never return is the dignity that use to be associated with that sacred Oval Office.

Another Bush lie. After th... (Below threshold)

Another Bush lie. After the Bush administration spent over $200K investigating the vandalism and missing property claim, they found less than$14K damages. The GAO stated the amount was less than when Bush the elder left office (4-years compared to 8), and some of the costs were inflated (actual losses closer to $9K).

The Clintons are awaiting your apology.

There's a rumor going aroun... (Below threshold)

There's a rumor going around,it's sweeping the nation.
People are talking about it in coffee shops and in bars and restaurants.
Around the water coolers and in the break rooms, Americans are all talking about the same thing..
What is this thing they are talking about you ask?

Hillary. has. a . plan.
She has a plan for making everything better.
She has a plan for winning the war.
She has a plan for health care.
She has a plan for ending the war on poverty.
She has a plan how to spend all your new tax dollars.
She has a Plan for ending drug addiction.
She has a plan for ending crime.
She has a plan for bringing the world together under one big happy beach umbrella.
Here's a little hint to that plan...she want's you to vote for her for President.
She'll tell us the rest during the weekly "Chats" from the oval office once she's in.
You just gotta trust her.
Hillary '08

I don't know about you,but I can't wait to hear her plan. Man.
It's gonna be soooo bitchin'!
Forget Bush Man. He's so yesterday. Hillary is soo tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. She's sooo like the next ten years Man. Hillary '08 and '12 too man.
Hey..did anyone see my bong??

RIGHT ON jo!!!!B'g... (Below threshold)

RIGHT ON jo!!!!

B'google--the Alan Combs of Wizbang.

Waiting for old p'p' to chime in-------

Don;t hold your breath, Bar... (Below threshold)

Don;t hold your breath, Barney. Once the wingnuts have made up their little minds, that's the end of the story. You will not convince them otherwise, even if they were giving a hand signed copy from the GAO themselves. No, they believe what Sean Hannity and Rush Limpballs say about the Clintons. The average Fox news viewer still thinks there are WMDS in Iraq, and that Saddam was behind 9/11.

And you wizzies claim the left has BDS? All I have to do is mention the word Clinton, and the mouth foam starts around here, or any right wingnut blog and then you all lose any rational thoughts.

Hey, tell that one again about how Hilary had Vince Foster killed. No wait, tell me again about the white trash queens who claimed they were raped by Bill Clinton. No, I wanna hear the drug running stories again.

I see the tolerant, compass... (Below threshold)

I see the tolerant, compassionate liberal trolls are out in full force. Imagine if a Republican called someone a "welfare queen" -- why that's veiled racism, completely beyond the pale. Yet touch Saint Bill and feminism goes out the window.

You're full of shit. We know it, and you know it as well, even though you'll never admit it.

Don't see Hill finishing th... (Below threshold)

Don't see Hill finishing the race, let alone winning! She's a handy bugaboo for fundraising purposes: hers AND the GOP's. She has delusions of grandeur but once the going gets too tough, she'll console herself with being senator-for-life from NY, and exercising her kingmaking skills for the remainder of the campaign.

Did they ever get Willy's "... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Did they ever get Willy's "stains" out of the carpet in the Oval Office? Perhaps Jaku or Barney would like to help pay for that.

You better get ready for Pr... (Below threshold)

You better get ready for President Hillary. Even RedState thinks the Pubs can't win on '08:

They all suck. Let's just admit it. Every one of the thus far announced Republican candidates for President sucks. From the lecherous adulterer to the egomaniacal nut job to the flip-flopping opportunist with the perfect hair to the guy who hates brown people to the guy we've never heard of to the guy who has a better chance of getting hit by a meteor while being consumed by a blue whale being struck by lightening.

You guys are so obsessed wi... (Below threshold)

You guys are so obsessed with Clinton's sex life, and I wonder, is it because you are jealous? Do you not get any sex, or if you do it must not be worth noting. Did you all have to 'wait' until you were married to get some? Now that your wives are fat and homely, I can't say I blame you for being bitter about not having fun when you were young. Terrible thing really, to miss out on one's youth.

Clinton really is everything the average wingnut isn't and will never be;
smart, admired, rich, successful and still smooth with the ladies.

We forever will be and a... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

We forever will be and are paying the price for having the most dirty rotten Corrupt Couple in American History into positions of Power.

"Did they ever get Willy's "stains" out of the carpet in the Oval Office? "Perhaps Jaku or Barney would like to help pay for that."

I doubt it, they are like dogs who believe they have the right to say and do whatever they feel like. BJ was just marking his territory. If the Beast happened by and wasn't paying attention she might get some on her as well.

Clintons: You will know the... (Below threshold)

Clintons: You will know them by the trail of dead bodies....

"Clinton really is everyt... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"Clinton really is everything the average wingnut isn't and will never be;"

Amen to that.

A rapist

A compulsive LIAR

A draft dodger

A sexual predator

A criminal Fraud

A disgrace to Country

A hypocrite ,a felon and god to the incompetant dirtbag democrats.

Jaku, you are not smart enough to keep your dumbass trap shut. A better question would be to ask you ....Why the obsession to polish turds , defend criminals , Defend criminal Democrats ,defend criminal democrats who have been caught lying to the whole world, Praise the passing of a democrat child molestor/pedofile , Embrace Traitors , Drunken intern killers , Racist KKK members and any low down POS.

That is the question you losers haven't the balls to answer. Maybe it's because it is "COMMON KNOWLEDGE" and there are no talking points or chapter in the Democrats criminal handbook to admit to what is obviously clear for all to see , backed by facts.

Jaku, why are you so obsessed with having to run to the defense of the indefensible and inexcusable behavior?

Some 45 year old virgin wro... (Below threshold)

Some 45 year old virgin wrote

A rapist

Was he ever charged or convicted of this crime or any sex crime ever? No.

A compulsive LIAR

Show me one politician who tells the truth compulsively.

A draft dodger
Maybe he could have gotten his daddy to pull some strings to save his ass, but his dad was dead.

A sexual predator

Just because he got more women in one year than you'll ever get in your whole life Rob, doesn't make him a predator. Women like him, much to your dismay, and yet you sit at home clipping your toenails on weekends. Man you really are jealous aren't you? Single much, Rob?

A criminal Fraud

Yadda yadda yadda

A disgrace to Country

During his bogus impeachment, his approval rating soared and he is still widely admired around the world as well as this country. But I'm sure you'll blame 9-11 on him somehow.

A hypocrite ,a felon and god to the incompetant dirtbag democrats.

Not god to me, you sure seem to know more about him than I do. What's that say, now? He is your god, you can't live without him.

Jack U Hes Your ob... (Below threshold)

Jack U

Hes Your obsession troll!

Boy Willy sure has You hornswaggled..

Barney, I'm not talking abo... (Below threshold)

Barney, I'm not talking about the vandalism on the plane and at the White House, but thanks for reminding me of that!

I'm talking about the proven FACT that the Clintons were caught taking things out of the White House a year earlier than they left, things like doorknobs and other priceless artifacts. They were asked to return them. They should have been arrested.

PLEASE Barney, get informed. I know it's hard to stay current on the Clinton crimes, but please try so you won't embarrass yourself.

And Jaku, no, we're not obs... (Below threshold)

And Jaku, no, we're not obsessed with Clinton's sex life.

CLINTON was obsessed with his sex life.

Nice try though.

Oh and Barney, one other thing. The only apology needed is one from the Clintons to the American people for 8 years of sleaze. Oh yes, and a big one to Billy Dale too.

Stealing doorknobs?? ha h... (Below threshold)

Stealing doorknobs?? ha ha ha ha ha.. what petty theives..I wonder if Burglar did the dirty work?

"Not god to me, you sure se... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"Not god to me, you sure seem to know more about him than I do."

What's that say?

You are stupid , a liar , a fraud , an idiot and should not be allowed to vote.

I don't know how old Jak u ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I don't know how old Jak u and some of the other commenters are, but I am an ancient 40 years old and I remember the days when being groped by your boss was not considered your private sex life. In fact, feminists used to be against sexual harassment -- back in the ancient days, back when the dinosaurs roamed, before Clinton was elected in '92. You know, back when Bob Packwood was getting drunk and chasing women around his office. They were really against it then -- in the prehistoric times.

Feminists/Democrats used to be against sexual harassment and they used to be against attacking women that made claims of rape and sexual harassment. Back in the days of old, way back in 1991, anyone who made up stories about a young woman being an unstable lying stalker, was looked upon unfavorably. Anyone sending private investigator thugs to threaten women making claims of sexual harassment were looked upon unfavorably too. Strange times, they were.

I said this at the time and will say it again here now. Clinton lucked out big time when he got busted as a slimy groper because as soon as he was labeled by his apologists as a horndog with a penchant for big haired trailer park girls, that became his defense for everything.

Loral missile technology, FBI files in the White House, funny money envelopes from the Chinese communists, subpoenaed documents mysteriously appearing in the private residence quarters of the White House years after being requested, Buddist monk money, Hotel Lincoln Bedroom, lax security measures for White House staff, firing the WH travel office to hire your cousin, (sorry but I am getting tired of typing) -- it all could be brushed away by accusing anyone who dared to bring one of those matters up of being obsessed with Clinton's sex life. And the reason he got a pass on most of it is because he enjoyed a good economy which he left in recession when he left office. Don't even get me started on that one.

See, giving up his law license was all just a big nothing. He wasn't indicted or convicted of anything, after all. He cut a deal, so that means he never did anything wrong. Yeah, guys, I really look forward to having to relive the soap opera Clinton massage parlor Presidency through Hillary's run. Because you all know I am just so obsessed with Clinton's sex life. Sorry to disappoint you, but I do pity Clinton somewhat because of what passed for his "sex life." At least I would pity him if all the women had welcomed his fumbling advances. It really is a sad story and the fact that Clinton apologists see that as their best defense of Clinton just about says it all.

Lorie, since none of your f... (Below threshold)

Lorie, since none of your frothing minions can answer, or don't want to, I'll ask you.

Was Clinton EVER charged or convicted of ANY sex related crime? Was there any credible evidence ever brought into the light that gave one single shred of crediblity to any of the claims made against him? Why did all these supposed 'victims' all back down, change their story, lie, distort, etc?

Please, someone defend Katheleen Willey or Juanita Broderick. That would be fun

Barney and Jakoff are so br... (Below threshold)

Barney and Jakoff are so brainwashed they think they can pick up a Clinton Turd by the clean end.

I'm talking about the prove... (Below threshold)

I'm talking about the proven FACT that the Clintons were caught taking things out of the White House a year earlier than they left,.." by Jo

What proven facts are you talking about? The word of Linda Tripp?

Jaku, yeah, ole Billy boy w... (Below threshold)

Jaku, yeah, ole Billy boy was so loved and respected that Al Gore didn't want to be seen with him on the campaign trail. LOL.

Nice try again. But you lose.

Barney, some of us remember... (Below threshold)

Barney, some of us remember the Clinton years, even if you try to forget them.

Everyone knows about the Clintons taking things out of the White House. There's been lots of jokes about it. Such as if Hillary wins again, better nail down the White House silverware.

Again, I know it's hard to keep up with all the Clinton crimes, but some of us remember them very well.

Yep..is is important to bel... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Yep..is is important to belittle any woman who believes she should be President...hell..if women were capable of anything..we men would have allowed them to vote before 1920...
Those of us who are married or have moms or daughters know that if women had any clue...Republicans would have had the first candidate..After all Repulicans are smarter..
I challenge any man here to tell his mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter..."Your gender will not allow you to be President...men will simply laugh at you"

And whats Your point then N... (Below threshold)

And whats Your point then Nogo? That since We dont believe Hillary would be good for the country that means we would be against any other female candidate?

How utterly ridiculously unthoughtful of You!

I could walk down the street and randomnly pick a woman more qualified and with higher standards for the well being of this country then a power hungry feminist like sir Hillary.

Let me remease:Bob F... (Below threshold)

Let me remease:
Bob Foster --hmmmmm
Stock deal--$1000 to $100,000 in ONE day!
Roddum--did not even now old wild willy was humping an intern in the next room until someone told her -yeah right
Marc Rich pardon--his old lady hung around with willy with lots of money.
White Water--hmmmm
Need I say more about the record of two of the biggest con artist in the land.

I'm talking about the pr... (Below threshold)

I'm talking about the proven FACT that the Clintons were caught taking things out of the White House
Everyone knows about the Clintons taking things out of the White House. There's been lots of jokes about it.

Oh, everyone jokes about it? Then it must be true! Never mind the media reports that it's false, the federal government's GSA report that it's false, and even Bush's own statement that the reports were false. If it's a joke, it must be a proven FACT!

The right ridicules people who get their facts from the "MSM". What do you think about people who get their facts from jokes?

I'll pile on:<a hr... (Below threshold)
I hear she has a whole bag ... (Below threshold)

I hear she has a whole bag full of 'W' keyboard keys.

Jaku - you are a truly deme... (Below threshold)

Jaku - you are a truly demented clown with a sub-normal IQ and inability to see reality when it's slapping you upside the head!

And giving this one woman's opinion: Hillary Rodham Clinton has accomplished absolutely nothing worthwhile during her 6 years in the Senate and she is supremely unqualified to be Commander in Chief based on her OFT STATED contempt for the military and her rampant regard for such leftwing icons as Saul Alinsky. It may well be time for a woman to be president of the United States. It just isn't now, nor will it ever be, time for THAT WOMAN to be president.

Well, Gayle, that explains ... (Below threshold)

Well, Gayle, that explains everything: when hounded by the Press in 1997, Slick denied having sex with "THAT WOMAN!".

Turns out he was telling the truth.

No one asked him if he was specifically referring to Hillary when he referred to "THAT WOMAN", but Occam's razor prevails - it best fits the facts at hand.

Er, dress.

Er, cigar.

BTW, before my DOB (that is, "Defenders of Bill") friends who post here come rushing once more to his rescue, I am not saying that WJC '42 should have been impeached because he couldn't keep his tallywhacker in his pants. In and of itself, I could care less.

What I do he should have been impeached for includes: a) his repeated willful ignorance of the Islamist threat, which included putting the safety of the American people at risk via the Gorelick Wall, ignoring the act of war committed by Iran against the US in 1996 vis a vis the Khobar Towers bombing (and actively stonewalling Louis Freeh's investigation of that attack, once evidence began to clearly point to the Iranian government as the culprit); and b) his willful commission of perjury while testifying under oath in the grand jury investigation of Paula Jones' rape allegations against him.

The DOBs who post here think those of us who supported Clinton's impeachment did so because he had sex. Idiots. I wouldn't fault ANYONE married to Hillary for being tempted. According to Gary Aldrich, Clinton used to sneak out of the White House practically every night alone to visit a nearby hotel. Commission or perjury, though, was completely over the top, and should have been prosecuted.

This used to be a Decent Bl... (Below threshold)

This used to be a Decent Blog before all of the Kos Krazy liberal idiots infested the comments. How do you tolerate such vermin?






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