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Coverage of the SOTU

Mary Katharine has some good practical writing and editing advice for the AP's Jennifer Loven, as she takes apart Loven's heavily biased article on the President's speech.

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Good grief. I don't know wh... (Below threshold)

Good grief. I don't know which was worse. The whining AP story or the whining, paranoid screeching from Mary Katherine. (Not judging, just observing).

Methinks you spHugh too muc... (Below threshold)

Methinks you spHugh too much!

"Paranoid screeching" not judgmental? Maybe just diagnostic of one's judgment and mental state.

Don't know where MKH dug up... (Below threshold)

Don't know where MKH dug up the Loven story, but it was not on the WaPo front page of coverage. Loven's piece was one of many articles covering all factors of the SOTU that appears in today's WaPO..

That Loven focuses on the abscence of any New Orleans mention in the SOTU is not surprising. The city was a major US city that has been left in utter ruins, now going on a year and a half after Katrina. That a major city, a national treasure, has been left in the mire of the hurricane as if forgotten is appalling. What kind of leadership is the president offering when an American city is left in the ashcan of history?

As to Loven's rapid posting of her story, my understanding is that the media had advance copies of the SOTU under embargo until Bush's delivery. It would not have been difficult to prepare an article as the SOTU was delivered.

Loven's article was one of several in the WaPo covering various facets of the SOTU & New Orleans was prominently featured in James Webb's response.

After Webb's reply, Bush's failure to even address the issue of a lost American city was even more glaring.

So Mary Katharine's point s... (Below threshold)

So Mary Katharine's point seems to be that Katrina is old news, and no longer worthy of the President's attention. Tell that to the people of New Orleans.

Typical Republican response to being criticized for screwing up. "That was yesterday. Why dwell on the past?" Great philosophy of accountability.






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