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Gas Prices

My husband called me from the road today to say that he bought gas for $1.97 on I-40 in central NC. We saw it for $1.99 in an area about 20 miles from our house, but are still paying about $2.13 where we live. What are you paying?

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$1.88 in Louisville KY... (Below threshold)

$1.88 in Louisville KY

On travel in St. Louis this... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

On travel in St. Louis this week, I've seen $1.86.

$1.82 in Spartanburg SC... (Below threshold)

$1.82 in Spartanburg SC

Something a little over $2.... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Something a little over $2.50 at most stations here in semi-rural Northern California.

Regular is still $2.85 here... (Below threshold)

Regular is still $2.85 here in the SF Bay Area.

It's $2.39 in Bethesda, MD<... (Below threshold)

It's $2.39 in Bethesda, MD

$2.02 in the northern Dalla... (Below threshold)

$2.02 in the northern Dallas suburbs but dropping about $0.05 per week.

So far it seems like living... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

So far it seems like living close to lots of moonbats makes the price of gas much higher. I wonder why.

Still in the $2.50 - $2.60 ... (Below threshold)

Still in the $2.50 - $2.60 range in Chicago.

$2.04 in Woodstock, Illinoi... (Below threshold)
Ed Schuster:

$2.04 in Woodstock, Illinois

Mantis, come up to Lake Cou... (Below threshold)

Mantis, come up to Lake County (under 2-bucks).

Between $8 to $12 here in t... (Below threshold)

Between $8 to $12 here in the UK. My tiny little MG car costs me just under $100 to fill and I do that every 2 to 3 weeks and I don't use my car to get to work.

Between $2.45-2.50 here in ... (Below threshold)

Between $2.45-2.50 here in Vancouver, WA

I think there's some sort o... (Below threshold)

I think there's some sort of website that tracks gas prices locally. I know wral tv has one online.

We live near NCSU (mmmmoooooo! U), and they have cheap gas there--probably to attract the undergrads so they'll make and impulse purchase.

$2.67 in Ventura County, CA... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

$2.67 in Ventura County, CA (between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara)

$1.99 here in Houston.... (Below threshold)

$1.99 here in Houston.

1.979 at the Wal Mart City ... (Below threshold)

1.979 at the Wal Mart City Market in southwest Fort Worth. The nearby Sam's Club is likely anywhere from one to three cents cheaper.

1.95 in Milwaukee, Wisconsi... (Below threshold)

1.95 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Was $1.95 in the Milwaukee ... (Below threshold)

Was $1.95 in the Milwaukee area, but today I saw it jump to around $2.19. Stupid ethanol.

$2.04-$2.10 in the Nashvill... (Below threshold)

$2.04-$2.10 in the Nashville area.

Was as low $1.72 in the Okl... (Below threshold)

Was as low $1.72 in the Oklahoma city area yesterday.

1.87 in Tulsa, OK. (I wonde... (Below threshold)

1.87 in Tulsa, OK. (I wonder what the price is where scrapiron lives?)

R$2.60 (it's about $1.13)<b... (Below threshold)
Ricardo Gusmão:

R$2.60 (it's about $1.13)
But for us here is the same that paying $2.60 :P

As low as $1.85 here in Col... (Below threshold)

As low as $1.85 here in Columbus, Ohio.

It was 1.79 in Des Moines a... (Below threshold)

It was 1.79 in Des Moines and Ottumwa, IA last weekend. 1.95 this morning in NJ.

I paid 2.28 today for 89 gr... (Below threshold)

I paid 2.28 today for 89 grade in Charlotte NC

I saw 2.05 in West Chicago,... (Below threshold)

I saw 2.05 in West Chicago, Il on the way home today. And 2.39 a few miles up the road in Streamwood. The Citgo stations seem to be trying to keep prices up around here.

In SWMO, its around $1.93-$... (Below threshold)

In SWMO, its around $1.93-$1.97. We just had a period where we lost our electricity for 10 days and when pumps came back online it went down from $2.03 to the levels listed above.

$1.82 most places here in L... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

$1.82 most places here in Lafayette IN.

$1.97 to $2.07 in Fort Wort... (Below threshold)

$1.97 to $2.07 in Fort Worth, TX.

So far it seems like liv... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

So far it seems like living close to lots of moonbats makes the price of gas much higher. I wonder why.
Old Coot

It's call RFG.

$1.97 in Harvey, Louisiana.... (Below threshold)

$1.97 in Harvey, Louisiana.

It's a conspiracy man.

Twin Cities, MN - $1.84... (Below threshold)

Twin Cities, MN - $1.84

I wonder why George Bush is lowering the price of gas so much? :)

go here...<a href="http://w... (Below threshold)
$1.89 or so south of Ann Ar... (Below threshold)

$1.89 or so south of Ann Arbor.

Just filled up my ehtanol-r... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Just filled up my ehtanol-rejecting Three-Hundred-Sixty cubic inch Global Warmer for $1.90 / gallon...

Full Service...

...In New Jersey.

The People's Republic of New Jersey doth have its benefits, I guess. Full service is state law. Gotta drive to New York or Pennsylvania to get smelly hands.

$2.54, Seattle, WA... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

$2.54, Seattle, WA

Hey Mitchell,Ease up... (Below threshold)

Hey Mitchell,
Ease up on NC State. I am an NCSU grad. :-)

The gas price site I use is gasbuddy.com, but when I checked today for prices in my town there were none listed. I was shocked because back when gas was higher there were always tons of stations listed in my area. The site relies on reader reporting, though, and my guess is that now that prices have been stable for a while, some of those who had been reporting regularly just got out of the habit. Some areas still had pretty extensive listings though.

DoninFla:Thanks fo... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Thanks for the link!

And whaddya know, the states with higher gas prices are predominantly in the blue states. Probably has nothin' to do with gas taxes..simply not possible.

/sarcasm tag off

$1.74.9 in Southwest Va. Th... (Below threshold)

$1.74.9 in Southwest Va. Thanks to the lower prices and the Dakota 4x4 I had to stop and get a Big Mac, shake and fries. Gotta waste the money somewhere. Tomorrow i'll fill up the Ford FX4 and stop for a pizza.
They can't save out lives, we'll destroy ourselves one way or another.

Don't get used to the extra money, waste it. Several Dhimmi governors have already or are in the process of submitting bills to raise the gas tax by 20 cents per gallon or more.

I live in a suburb of Houst... (Below threshold)
Jay C.:

I live in a suburb of Houston, and the gas is $2.15 by my house. However, in downtown Houston, it's $1.97.

Where are all the people who were saying Bush was flipping his magic switch to lower gas prices just before the mid-term elections?

It was $1.87 yesterday in ... (Below threshold)

It was $1.87 yesterday in central Mn.. Although its mysteriously back up to $1.99 today?

Just went up to $2.08 in St... (Below threshold)

Just went up to $2.08 in St. Louis

Fairfiled, CT - between $2.... (Below threshold)

Fairfiled, CT - between $2.30 and $2.60.

Actually, I'm probably only paying about $1.70 for the actual gas.

We need some serious cold ... (Below threshold)

We need some serious cold weather to bump prices back up.

2.30 for regular in Phoenix... (Below threshold)

2.30 for regular in Phoenix

Here in Denver I paid $1.86... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Here in Denver I paid $1.86 ...but I am so lucky..I join our past Presidents in kissing the the ass of the the Saudi Family...if we can ever get oil from Iraq...all the blood (of course not ours or someone we know)...we must never forget...our brave Americans who place their lives on on on the line...so we may pretend we have a clue...what they face or do....

Suck up to the lie...but by and bye...you will never experience the cry...of the response to the door...if we can't understand forevermore...

hey it is not me (or certainly you today
in Iraq)....
get on that fuckin' track
and ..unless you are willimg
to face death every day
Screw what you say
when was the last fuckin' time you
paid respect to a troop dead...
What was that you said?
You are too busy typing hate speech..
don't expect me to reach..
a finger or a hand...
Combat...I( don't understand)

Bring'em Home..unless
You replace them....

You can still get regular??... (Below threshold)

You can still get regular??

$1.97 in Kansas City a couple of days ago (last time I filled up).

Do you folks really underst... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Do you folks really understand you are discussing how much you are paying at the pump...while our brave Americans are on a 2nd or third tour in Iraq so the mega Oil companies can make us feel grateful...
I am so glad my gas is cheaper...

nogo... thank you for shari... (Below threshold)

nogo... thank you for sharing.

$2.25 to $2.45 in Huntington Beach CA

I am so glad my gas is chea... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

I am so glad my gas is cheaper...and i don't have a relative facing death in Iraq...yep..as long as our gas is cheaper.,..nobody we really know is maimed or killed in Iraq..so go ahead and post how freakin cheap your gas is...and with that smile on your face...give a thought to our brave men and women who are in Iraq..

$2.48 in Rochester, NY.... (Below threshold)

$2.48 in Rochester, NY.

Mantis, come up to Lake ... (Below threshold)

Mantis, come up to Lake County (under 2-bucks).

Heh, thanks but I don't even buy gas for my car anymore. Converted it to electric last year.

$2.49 at the junction of Hw... (Below threshold)

$2.49 at the junction of Hwy 2 and Hwy 97 in Washington.

Nogo postalI do no... (Below threshold)

Nogo postal

I do not smile paying 2 bucks a gallon..

But this really has nothing to do with Iraq anyways?

Mantis: You converted </... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Mantis: You converted your car to electric???

Hey everyone, move t... (Below threshold)

Hey everyone, move to Europe where its 2+ bucks a liter. Then you can stop complaining when you ride the trains which run often and on time.

Sure did. Wasn't all that ... (Below threshold)

Sure did. Wasn't all that difficult, either. And no, I'm not a mechanic.

Filled up at $1.75/gallon ... (Below threshold)

Filled up at $1.75/gallon in Eagan, MN today.(Mpls/St.Paul burb)

$2.67 for premium in Eugene... (Below threshold)

$2.67 for premium in Eugene, OR.

Yeah, we've got gas taxes out the wazoo.

On the other hand, I paid $35.00 for vehicle registration fees for my 2002 Toyota minivan, and I won't have to pay again for two years.

Nogo postal is wacked in mo... (Below threshold)

Nogo postal is wacked in more way than one. it's $2.079 here in Denver.

$2.999 self-serve regular, ... (Below threshold)
kepa poalima:

$2.999 self-serve regular, kauai, hawaii

$1.43 a gallon in the Reno ... (Below threshold)

$1.43 a gallon in the Reno area.

Milk is over $2.50 a gallon... (Below threshold)

Milk is over $2.50 a gallon. THINK OF ALL THE COWS!!! THE COWS!!!!!!!

Sure did. Wasn't all that d... (Below threshold)

Sure did. Wasn't all that difficult, either. And no, I'm not a mechanic.
Posted by: mantis at January 24, 2007 09:58 PM

Mantis, how about expanding on that a little bit with some specifics. I am not challenging you here - I would truly like to hear more. It sounds interesting.

I used 8 12-volt lead acid ... (Below threshold)

I used 8 12-volt lead acid batteries, a re-timed forklift motor (plus a charging module and motor controller, and a few other items) and put them in my 98 VW Jetta. Got rid of the engine, fuel & exhaust systems, radiator, carb, etc.

I could have spent more money on either a better electric motor or lithium-ion batteries, but I was doing this experiment on the cheap.

I've got about a 35-40 mile range, good acceleration up to 60 mph, and a nice quiet ride fueled largely by all the nuclear plants we have supplying our electricity here in Illinois. Of course we still have an internal-combustion car (my girlfriend's) for longer distances, but this is my commuter car.

I live in Columbus, Ohio an... (Below threshold)

I live in Columbus, Ohio and I filled my tank on Monday for $1.85/gallon! The 7/11 Stores around here are actually posted at $1.90 per gallon but if you pay cash for your gas, you get a nickel a gallon discount!

You BET I was a happy camper!

2.53 in northern LA county,... (Below threshold)

2.53 in northern LA county, california

I paid $1.979 last night in... (Below threshold)

I paid $1.979 last night in Austin, Texas, but you can usually get it for a nickel cheaper across the county line (which has a lower tax).

We're paying in Wilsonville... (Below threshold)

We're paying in Wilsonville OR, about $2.22 at the local Costco. But we have full service gas stations in Oregon, by law. We can't pump our own gas. So, it brings the price up a bit above the national averages.

Gas prices by zip code.... (Below threshold)
I'm sure what your husband ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure what your husband really said was,
"Hi honey, I'm in central NC. If you got your ass down here too, it would be heaven." It just sounded like, "I got gas for a dollar ninety seven" because of bad cell reception.

In Bakersfield, CA. as of y... (Below threshold)

In Bakersfield, CA. as of yesterday $3.07






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