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"'If this is how you support us..." (or Blinky's Secret Message)

The following was sent to me by someone who asked to be identified as "an offended and angry
MilBlogger, offended that the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives sat silent on a call to victory in Iraq yet stood in ovation at the call to support the troops, who says, "If this is how you support us, please, just *&^%ing stop."

Wire Services...

The Office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will release a press statement later today affirming that she supports the troops in such a bipartisan manner that what she was actually doing was communicating with Senator John McCain in his native Morse code. "Speaker Pelosi loves veterans after all, and has a special less-cold place in her heart for POW's. And what better way to forge that special bond than by honoring Admiral Jeremiah Denton during a Presidential Address," sources quote from the text. In fact, it will be revealed, she remained seated during the call for victory only to maintain eye contact with him and continue to convey her unwavering support, both for him and for all American servicemen everywhere in service to this nation. "United We Stand."


I know that Jay Tea posted a piece this week about making fun of people's names, and how unfair it was since the names were chosen by parents and were no fault of the unfortunate individuals strapped with the names. I wonder if that extends to the nickname Blinky?

Update: El Rider has an explanation of the Jeremiah Denton reference for those not familiar with the story.


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Comments (28)

The link is a terrible demo... (Below threshold)

The link is a terrible demonstration of the twisted existence BoyGeorge's War has imposed on the military, when the war is ruled by the doctrine of political correctness. Take "The Strategic(sic) Corporal": a tarted-up primer on nation building with the onus (criminal liability?) placed at the squad level! Supporting this thesis is the ghost-written essay by Commissar Krulak on MOOTW (look it up yourself!). THEN a full-blown "Realizing the Potential(sic!) of Military Lawyers at the Strategic Level". This is a PRO-military blog??...The rest is more whining and complaining from parents and brown-nosers with too much time on their hands. Now everybody knows soldiers bitch, but on behalf of FOX News? Gimme a break! They're playing to the cheap seats. And there's the ubiquitous pix of HQ and Supply slobs. See? A chickenhawk would feel obliged to swallow this MILBLOG whole. They think grunts are robots. This link makes it appear so. 100% BULLSHIT!

Lorie, I'll give "Blinky" a... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I'll give "Blinky" a pass. My piece was solely about making fun of people's GIVEN names. Mocking someone's chosen nickname, or giving them a derisive one, is something else entirely.


This link makes it appe... (Below threshold)

This link makes it appear so. 100% BULLSHIT!
:: by bryanD on January 24, 2007 4:21 AM

As does your lack of concern (or notice) for a despicable act of the "Leader" of the Democrat Party to say nothing of your lack of condemnation for such a childish excuse given by her staff.


Back on Pelosi...yes she sh... (Below threshold)

Back on Pelosi...yes she showed all her true colors, and was VERY aware that the camera was on her....so reminiscent of Slick and the tears....she was very delayed on her first stand up, apparantely taking cues from her partisan side, THEN realized the camera was of course recording it all and the next time bounced FIRST out of her seat as if she sat on a whoopie cushion...who knows maybe that is what kept her eyes open like the stickee animals on car windows.

Nancy has had her face tigh... (Below threshold)

Nancy has had her face tightened so much that when she blinks she gets sexual gratification. We all know what she was doing: Masturbating.

Some folks do berated,<br /... (Below threshold)

Some folks do berated,
Others Beryaned,
Some Leed a few
Others just Puke and spHugh;
On aStinkin' Lark
Their comments miss a mark.

The House Leader has shown her colors yet again. Is she better cut to be
Darth Lady or the Empress?

Real substantive stuff ther... (Below threshold)

Real substantive stuff there Wizzers! You people are pathetic.

Groucho:Even more ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


Even more pathetic are the people who constantly hang around here, stating how pathetic this blog is.

Afterall, who is more pathetic: Someone who would stand up and continuously talk jibberish, or someone who would sit around all day, listening to that person talking jibberish while commenting on how pathetic that person is?

I try to refrain as much as... (Below threshold)

I try to refrain as much as possible from name-calling. Sometimes I can't help it. As for why I hang around here, I often wonder the same thing, although it's certainly not a "sit around all day" thing.

The most valuable lesson I ... (Below threshold)

The most valuable lesson I ever learned in a writing class was three simple words:

"Show, don't tell."

groucho, feel free to SHOW what good blogging should be like. Start your own blog, then link to it through your comments. Or, if you're too lazy to start your own blog (such as I am), sign up for the Bomb Squad and let us handle all the drudge work for you.

Or feel free to continue being a whiny git. You've certainly demonstrated your mastery of THAT art form.


Afterall, who is more pathe... (Below threshold)

Afterall, who is more pathetic: Someone who would stand up and continuously talk jibberish, or someone who would sit around all day, listening to that person talking jibberish while commenting on how pathetic that person is?
Posted by: Proud Kaffir at January 24, 2007 08:48 AM

No, what's the MOST pathetic thing are the people who sit around all day on this blog, and believe all the right-wing bullshit that's spewed here! Now that's pathetic. LOL.

And now I see "maggysturn" ... (Below threshold)

And now I see "maggysturn" (apparently that's the name he/she/it is choosing to stick with for the time being) wants to establish that they're just as good at being a whiny git as groucho is.

No need for fighting, kiddies; you're both special and both the best.


So she blinks - wow - But y... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

So she blinks - wow - But your OK with a retarded
person leading this country.
I will take blinking over retardation any day .
Thanks for your silly post , it is what I expect from the republicants

Jay,Come on, I jus... (Below threshold)


Come on, I just found comments on Pelosi, well, pathetic, particularly the masturbation reference. I come here for a little political give and take, not childish, tabloid-esque shallowness. At least the thread hasn't developed into mud slinging profanity. Yet. (cue jhow for another of his anal-focused parcels of wit)

I'm not really sure what constitutes good blogging; exchanging ideas mostly, I guess, with hopefully a minimum of snarkiness and personal attacks. Sometimes ya gotta call 'em like ya see 'em. One person's point of view is another person's whine.

And I'm most definitely too lazy (and busy) to start my own blog. Maybe in my golden years...

"Show, don't tell."<p... (Below threshold)
Dan S:

"Show, don't tell."

Posted by: Jay Tea at January 24, 2007 09:22 AM

I always chuckled at the irony of this statement in writing classes. I guess we're all supposed to make movies, not write.

Or maybe I'm too literal. And too much a lover of first-person narratives.

Why should Pelosi stand for... (Below threshold)

Why should Pelosi stand for a call for victory from a leader who has turned the GWOT into an international debacle?

For nearly 4 years, Bush has shown that he hasn't the foggiest notion about how to attain victory in Iraq as he and his regime have mismanaged this war and its impact on the Middle East in a way that would make the Three Stooges look like global political mastermends.

To stand up for that line would be the equivalent of standing up for throwing more of our troops into the jawas of Bush's ill-conceived meat-grinder of a war.

Failure to stand for a ":Victory Call" that has become mere jingoism is not a failure to "support our troops." Not standing is a refutation of further supporting the wanton wasting of more American lives in a desperate attempt to save Bush's face.

She blinks like a bleeking ... (Below threshold)

She blinks like a bleeking hummingbird beats its wings!

Maybe Shes a robot stuck in hyperdrive?

Bryan, you Westoboro baptis... (Below threshold)

Bryan, you Westoboro baptist wannabe... you're projecting your own feeling onto others again.
I don't know if you cannot comprehend LtG Krulak or you just choose to misrepresent him. The point of Strategic Corporal is that Marines are not, and cannot be, mindless grunts. They must be trained and prepared to take the initiative and in absence of higher command, make choices to fulfill the mission at hand. Empowerment.

"...The common thread uniting all training activities is an emphasis on the growth of integrity, courage, initiative, decisiveness, mental agility, and personal accountabilty. These qualities and attributes are fundamental and must be aggressively cultivated within all Marines from the first day of their enlistment to the last."

SCSIwuzzy, Put down the Xbo... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy, Put down the Xbox controller and listen: "preparing and training to take the initiative in the absence of higher command": they're called GENERAL ORDERS. 1-11. You memorize them (in the marines, anyway) from Day 1 in boot camp. Imagine "default" on your video game menu. Ex. General Order #1: "To take charge of this post and all government property in view"; Then there are Special Orders specific to accomplishing a certain objective. You need to sharpen up. Or enlist. Or buy a Guidebook for Marines so you can fake it more creditably.

SCSIwuz! Oh CRAP! "EMPOWERM... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuz! Oh CRAP! "EMPOWERMENT" hah! I missed that one, fag! HAHA! You EMBIGGEN us all! Carry on!

Sorry Westboro, but you're ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Westboro, but you're the one missing the point. Read and comprehend the excerpt from LtG Krulak I provided.

BTW, homophobic much? Or a... (Below threshold)

BTW, homophobic much? Or are you just trying to use Wizbang to cruise for a date?

RE aRepukelican<em... (Below threshold)

RE aRepukelican

Why should Pelosi stand for a call for victory from a leader who has turned the GWOT into an international debacle?

Ah... because it WAS a CALL for VICTORY, not an endorsement of the policy.

Not to mention she was apparently the only one who remained seated. And on that note, where's your condemnation for your fellow travelers who failed to respond in kind and stayed planted in their seats?

Shouldn't you be tossing a few brickbats their way?

To stand up for that line would be the equivalent of standing up for throwing more of our troops into the jawas [sic] of Bush's ill-conceived meat-grinder of a war.

See above

We all await for your vociferous condemnation of those that did stand, including the Democrats.

Oops! "who failed to respon... (Below threshold)

Oops! "who failed to respond in kind and stayed planted in their seats?"

Should read, who failed to respond in kind and responded by standing.

CSI WUZ: The excerpted sent... (Below threshold)

CSI WUZ: The excerpted sentence is nothing new in itself. It the result of training and esprit de corps. But the implication that strategy rises and falls on the backs of NCOs is plainly passing the buck by politicized officers onto the common soldier, much as the poor results of the war are being passed off on the citizens of this nation. This fish rots from the head. Strategy is above a corporals paygrade. And a fire team leader or squad leader has zero concern but for the IMMEDIATE objective that 3 to 12 men can accomplish or support, i.e. TACTICS! The bullshit is for sillyvilians to swallow. The whole blog is propandistic, communistic and detrimental to the cohesion of the fighting unit. (Who wants to go to the brig for politically correctness' sake)

Again, you miss the point, ... (Below threshold)

Again, you miss the point, Westboro. Communistic?
The whole notion is that a building is only as strong as its foundation. As the theater gets smaller, the effective roles of NCOs and junior officers get bigger. The entire piece discusses small conflicts, the 3 block war, and how individual performance of each squad/platoon and their leadership are more pivotal than in 'traditional' engagements.
This is going back to the shores of Tripoli as opposed to D-Day and Iwo Jima.

Traditional engagements? Ev... (Below threshold)

Traditional engagements? Even D-day was fought one pillbox at a time. Squad tactics haven't changed. You're reading cue-cards.

From the one that subscribe... (Below threshold)

From the one that subscribes to Jack Chick and Wikipedia as final arbiters of truth, your point is what? Honestly, you've been all over the board here since you came out from under the bridge.
This has nothing to do with tactics (which have changed, btw, since WW2), but everything to do with the change in engagements.






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