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2008 Presidential Race (New Jersey)

A new Quinnipiac Poll reveals some rather fascinating numbers on the Presidential race in a state that was a battleground in 2004 and will probably be again in 2008.

In New Jersey, which is considering moving its primary up to the beginning of the season, Rudy Giuliani is off to a strong start. He leads the GOP field with 39%. John McCain follows with 21%, Newt Gingrich with 11%, Mitt Romney with 5%, George Pataki with 2% (why he is still contemplating running if this is how he scores in the state neighboring the one he led for 12 years is beyond me), and Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Chuck Hagel (D-NE), Mike Huckabee, and Duncan Hunter with 1% each.

The Democratic field also features a strong frontrunner. Hillary Clinton leads with 30%, followed by Barack Obama with 16%, Al Gore with 11%, John Edwards with 8%, Joe Biden with 6%, John Kerry with 6% (no wonder he decided not to run), Wesley Clark with 2%, Bill Richardson with 1%, and Christopher Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, and Tom Vilsack scoring the last recorded results of Joe Biden's IQ test - 0.

In the general election match-up, Giuliani beats Clinton 48%-41%. McCain edges the New York Senator 44%-43%. Given the 2006 experience, I wouldn't put too much faith into these numbers if Iraq continues to be a problem. If Bob Menendez can win, well, it raises the question of who couldn't win as a Democrat in New Jersey. That said, it gives Republicans much-needed cause for optimism.

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Look at those names. All of... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Look at those names. All of them. Is this the best we can do? Time to be very concerned about our future.

Exactly, Coot.My G... (Below threshold)

Exactly, Coot.

My God, Chuck Hagel? George Pataki? But the worst is Hagel. Hold Jeez.

However, no one has yet pub... (Below threshold)

However, no one has yet published the poll showing that dead people prefer the generic Democrat over any Republican by 4 to 1.


The Dems have the same prob... (Below threshold)

The Dems have the same problems. I personally support Bill Richardson...

BTW, I just cannot see either McCain or Rudy leading the Republican ticket in '08. Both of them are just too divisive, especially to the branch of the party that wields the financial big stick. But Romney and Brownback are too far right to win in November, so you guys need to find a candidate that palatable to the whole Pub spectrum. I used to think that Mike Huckabee was your best chance for that, but the recent scandal throws that into doubt as well. Maybe you could consider Dick Lugar -- he's got all the credentials needed.

I have to dis-agree with th... (Below threshold)

I have to dis-agree with the senators' remark about Dick Chenney"not being in touch with reality" statement, regarding Iraq. Guess
he's not aware of Chenney's relationship with Haliburton.

On the subject of the roads that are being built in Afghanistan. It's being reported they're being built by the U.S. Who really is building the roads? The military or a private contractor or maybe a sub of Haliburton? Good idea, let's build a better road so they can smuggle their opium and trained terrorists easier. Somehow
I just don't see how that is in the best security of the of our homeland.

Then they wonder why our educational system is falling behind. I'm beggining to think some would prefer it that way.

We need to look at Bill Richardson's resume and what he is proposing. It will definitely take a "man on the moon effort" to reverse the damage that has been done to this country in the
pursuit of fossil fuels and emense wealth. The current way has taken us to professionals having discussions of 'doomsday' scenarios.

If we continue on the status quo we are definitely in trouble.

A "man on the moon effort by the U.S." is the only thing that will reduce our independence on foreign oil, and I for One would think that would have been a much better use of our wealth than
the trillion and untold lives we will have spent on Iraq and Afghanistan before we are broke.

Hope it's not to late before we get Richardson into office. Check him out, the real deal.

Jskey:No new roads... (Below threshold)


No new roads, and Afghanistan remains in the 4th century. I've been there. I have seen it from the ground and air. Roads could make a BIG difference, and not just for the opium trade.

Oh, you mean the same twice... (Below threshold)

Oh, you mean the same twice divorced Rudy Guiliani who supports a woman's right to choose? The same Rudy Guiliani who supports gay rights? The same Rudy Guiliani who was a registered Democrat until he decided to run for mayor New York City? Sure sounds like a liberal to me.

So what's this repub "much needed cause for optimism" you're referring to? LOL

Sorry, but the repubs are becoming more pathetic by the day. Your best hope in '08 is an East Cost liberal?!?! Hahahahahaha.

Yep, Maggy.The sam... (Below threshold)

Yep, Maggy.

The same Rudy that married his first cousin.
The same Rudy who slept with his mistress one bedroom away from his kids and wife.
The same Rudy that awoke the morning of 9/11 in a gay man's apartment.
The same Rudy who blamed the troops for our problems in Iraq.

I think Pataki's just angli... (Below threshold)

I think Pataki's just angling for an ambassador post somewhere warm as payback for throwing his 1% or so behind a contender. Or maybe a comfy post somewhere as Vice-Secretary of Boring Speeches Delivered In Sing-Song. Or maybe he just wants to be King of the Corn Festival, he's been spending a lot of time in Iowa.






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