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From the "when life hands you lemons" file...

Imagine you're the owner of a very large company. You find out that your bookkeeper has been ripping you off for years, to the tune of over $7 million dollars. You get her convicted and win a judgment for restitution, but you know you'll be damned lucky if you get back much more than a quarter on the dollar. What do you do?

Well, if you're John Ferreira, the owner of J&J Materials, you figure you've got nothing left to lose, so you try to sell your story to Hollywood.

Over six years, Angela Pratt wrote herself company checks and lived the life of Reilly, without nary a person suspecting. She bought lavish houses, expensive cars, threw positively bacchanalean parties, all on the company dime. And when she was finally caught, most of it was frittered away.

Well, her story attracted the attention of some Hollywood screenwriters. And they did the unusual thing: instead of going to her for her story, they partnered up with her victim. If the movie gets made, Mr. Ferreira stands to get a cut of the action.

Although I don't really think too much of John Travolta as the lead...

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Now, I knew Reilly, and tha... (Below threshold)
Dan Collins:

Now, I knew Reilly, and that's just not true about his life. He worked like a dog, saved and invested, and was good to his wife and kids. He was a volunteer fireman and a member of the Odd Fellows, and he made a difference.

Looking up info on the J&J ... (Below threshold)

Looking up info on the J&J Materials company it looks to me like a successful regional business. But it doesn't look like the kind of outfit that when just about $1.1M per year is swindled it could go easily unnoticed. If I were the business owner I'd fire myself for my lack of oversight. It's hard to feel too sorry for the guy, but I wish him luck with the movie.

It's just like Ron White sa... (Below threshold)

It's just like Ron White says:

"If life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Then, look for someone life handed vodka, and have a party."

Who was the auditor, Arthur... (Below threshold)

Who was the auditor, Arthur Andersen ?

Well first of all you make ... (Below threshold)

Well first of all you make sure you don't have any pesky government regulations to interfere with the rights of business to operate freely. Sarbanes Oxley will eventualy cause the downfall of civilization. Next you make sure you kill all the lawyers, because frivilous lawsuits, like this owners attempt to recover his money are a stupid waste of taxpayer money. Why cry over spilt champaigne?






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