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Just when you think people can't get any lower...

There's a very ugly story going on in Massachusetts these days. A 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death, and a 16-year-old classmate is charged with his murder. And already the scum are flocking to the case, not even waiting a single day to pass since James Alenson was laid to rest.

For there are some people to whom nothing is sacred, that no event is so profound, that they can't use it to shill for their own political ends.

First up, the ever-reliable assholes from the so-called "church" of Scientology. Since the accused killer was under psychiatric care and on prescription medication, this means the case is yet another rallying point for their anti-psychiatric crusade. Can't we just round up all these idiots and feed them to an alligator in a swimming pool or drop them in a volcano or lock them in a hotel room without water or something?

Next, the Boston Globe decided to weigh in on the matter. They don't like strong laws against criminals, and this case happens to fit one of those laws. 10 years ago, the Massachusetts legislature mandated that accused murderers as young as 14 should be tried as adults. Period. And now John Odgren faces a possible sentence of life without parole for allegedly stabbing Alenson over and over in a bathroom at their high school. So today, the day fater Alenson's funeral, they have an op-ed piece by a law professor decrying the law.

It's disgusting to what depths people will sink to push their pet causes. But, sadly, it's no longer surprising.

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On the Globe piece:W... (Below threshold)

On the Globe piece:
Who exactly were they planning to convince with this? It's not like this is a case of an 8-year-old playing too roughly by throwing a knife and accidentally killing a playmate.

If the situation is that he's mentally ill or retarded, there's already a provision for adults with these problems, so I'm sure that can be used. Why being 16 makes it any different -- I mean, if he had been a mentally ill 30-yr-old guy, wouldn't the Globe make the same objection?

I'm guessing James Alan Fox wants to capitalize on the news story of the day to get publicity, and doesn't really care if he convinces anybody.

No quarrel with your take o... (Below threshold)

No quarrel with your take on the scientology nuts (all hail Xenu!), but I'm afraid I don't understand your objection to the op-ed piece. You seem to be saying it should not run at all instead of disagreeing with the position taken therein. Are you objecting because the op-ed comes too soon after the funeral of the victim, or that op-ed was run at all? If the former, how long is the acceptable waiting period for such opinions to see print? If the latter, I would ask are you just opposed to op-eds in general? He is, in fact, arguing a public policy position, and that seems to me entirely appropriate for the pages of a newspaper. Or is it that the Globe, which I don't really read and with which I am mostly familiar through your writings, would not run an op-ed arguing the opposite position?

Rounding up and feeding Sci... (Below threshold)

Rounding up and feeding Scientologists to alligators? Scrapiron threatening to dismember jaku? You all need to tuck your ids back inside your pants, Uday and Kusai.

bryanD: Stop by the library... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

bryanD: Stop by the library soon and look up the word "hyperbole"; it's something often used by moonbats so I'm surprised you don't seem to know what it means.

One thing France has dead r... (Below threshold)

One thing France has dead right: their treatment of the Scientology loons as the proto-fascist money-grubbing mind cult that they are.

(Another is widespread use of nuclear power.)

BryanD, I'm sorry if you di... (Below threshold)

BryanD, I'm sorry if you didn't catch the references, but all the dire fates I wished upon the Scientologists are based on prior incidents. In the 1970's, they put an alligator in a reporter's swimming pool when he started asking too many questions. A member who was trying to leave was held in a hotel and "treated" until she died of dehydration. And as for the volcano... well, that one you can look up on your own.


I'm surprised Fred Phelps a... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised Fred Phelps and Cult aren't there picketing the kid's funeral.

I have no use for Scientolo... (Below threshold)

I have no use for Scientologists or any other collectivist cult. But their setting themselves up as having the only objections to psychiatry, or letting the media set them up as such, is a TREMENDOUS disservice to science and medicine. There certainly ARE valid reasons to object to the way anti-depressives, especially serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are prescribed, but not to the medications themselves, IMO.

Serotonin, an important chemical produced in the brain, is a neurotransmitter considered essential for relaxation, concentration, sleep and calmness. Its lack or suppression can lead to severe mental disturbances and even violent behavior. To make serotonin the body requires sufficient levels of magnesium, tryptophan and vitamin B-6, nutrients which many nutritionists say American diets are severely deficient in, but which medical doctors rarely run tests for -- even when they prescribe ritalin or other medications which depend on adequate serotonin levels (which is often!), and even when just taking supplements for those missing nutrients may be all that is needed.

There are about 20,000 deaths a year in the U.S. because of illegal drugs, and about 200,000 deaths, or ten times as many, because of prescription (legal) drugs, including the homicides and suicides from anti-depressives.

Most American medical doctors have taken no more than 5 hours of nutrition classes in medical school if any at all, yet they are subjected to dozens and dozens of presentations by pharmaceutical company representatives on patent medications every year. So it should be no wonder why more and more people look elsewhere for advice on nutrition.

It's funny how these lib pa... (Below threshold)

It's funny how these lib papers are against the rule of law and the guilty being punished until the "guilty" are either rich white kids (Duke Lacrosse), or Republicans (Rove, Scooter Libby, Bush, Delay, Limbaugh).

It's sad how they take a tragic event like this, or Hurricane Katrina, or any other major event and try to push some kind of social agenda with it.

As was mentioned above about Jay's motivation to write the piece, I just feel it is another sad example of a newspaper, or a liberal person in an op/ed section (of whom he represents many other at this newspaper and other newspapers point of view) that instead of representing an opposing point of view, he is excusing murder based on a persons age. I wonder how this writer would react if that was someone that was close to him that was murdered by a 16 year old. Would he still say that the 16 year old shouldn't be tried as an adult? Would he still "take the moral high ground" and say that teenagers are not responsible for their actions?

It's easy to be a back seat driver, but this guy needs to insert himself in the situation and think about how he might feel if this all happened to someone close to him. I think his feelings would change quite a bit.

Old Coot: Be quiet, don't f... (Below threshold)

Old Coot: Be quiet, don't feed (educate) the moonbats. Let them take everything serious, it'll put them in a rubber room much faster. They already send someone else to look around a corner before the approach it. They were hyperactive as kids and reared on anti-depressants (instead of getting a few butt busings by momma) and it doesn't take much to have them jumping from tall buildings or kissing aligators.
I do so love messing with they're minds. You can read three of they're laughable left wing anti-American post and know which to poke with a sharp stick. Most of them have a piece of paper showing they are educated, that in itself proves how bad the higher education system is.
All of this from a man who has been living on borrowed time for 31 years. I always figured I'd get killed in a barroom brawl before I was 35 and it didn't happen so I quit drinking and fighting. ROFL

Back in the late 70's and 8... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Back in the late 70's and 80's I taught English and Drama in a H.S. ...I also had two children pass through these years...in fact I myself passed through these years...
Anyone who believes someone who is 15 or 16 has the cognitive abilities of an adult has not experienced the first two and have forgotten the third...

Young people commit horrific crimes...that does not mean they should be tried as if they were adults...

If you fall back on the "right from wrong"..
May I ask two questions..
If a 15 or 16 has the mental and emotional stability to be tried as an adult, should not those same stabilities allow them to vote?

Why can't 15 or 16 year-olds enlist in the military with their parents permission?

Whatever objections one might have to these questions must also apply to being tried as an adult...

Ahh, I'm mostly on board wi... (Below threshold)

Ahh, I'm mostly on board with you on this, except that "we" (me for sure) often comment on policies we disagree with that lead to rape, murder, especially child sex abuse etc. that are in the news.
Seriously, it's not something that "they" do that we don't, at least not in cases involving crime.
If a kid gets raped and murdered by a seriel child molester, don't we scream about soft judges, or lax immigration enforcement?

NOGO, the libs made this ha... (Below threshold)

NOGO, the libs made this happen. Girls from 10 to 17 are able to decide to get an abortion without informing their parents because they are mature enough. Oh, and of course 16 year olds cannot possibly no it is wrong to murder. ww

WildWillie: But, to the lib... (Below threshold)

WildWillie: But, to the libs you refer to, abortion is not murder. It is like giving blood. Except you still need parental concent to give the Red Cross blood. Odd, that.

Garion: I am sure BryanD will be there with the rest of Westboro baptist as soon as he can.

Old Coot: Hyperbole and our friends on the moonbat far left: No, they are serious. They mean it. That's why they can't spot hyperbole when a sane lefty like Mantis uses it, let alone when a righty like Jay pulls it out.

Consent...... (Below threshold)


CSIwussy(!!!!!), Funny! But... (Below threshold)

CSIwussy(!!!!!), Funny! But the Baptists have been infiltrated by Freemasons. Plus they misread Paul's rebuke of gossipy women (in church) as a proscription of female pastors. Wrong! Women were among the Judges of Israel. Over your head, I know, but I'm bored. Practicing typing...

I have a son very much like... (Below threshold)

I have a son very much like this boy, so this story is tearing me apart. And it scares the hell out of him too, fearing what he is capable of and not knowing if he'll be able to control himself.

For all of the True Believers in the lock em up and throw away the key philosophy, I simply say, "you have no idea."

Is there no religion you do... (Below threshold)

Is there no religion you don't hate, Bryan, or don't ascribe a conspiracy to?
I pegged you as Westboro simply because they are the most hate-filled and ignorant flavor of Christianity I could think of. I shudder to think that you represent a variety that has sunk even lower...

SCSIwuzzy, I think bryanD a... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

SCSIwuzzy, I think bryanD actually missed the Westboro reference. Which is somewhat ironic, given his charmingly ignorant "over your head" comment.
He does come across as somewhere between them and a Chick tract, though, doesn't he?

wavemaker, best wishes, some people who engage in violent criminal behavior are just missing the essential brakes to their temperment, and it's hard as hell on them and the family, especially when they are trying to fight it. I don't tie myself either to the "innocent because they can't help it" or "lock em up and throw away the key" philosophies, I think it's different for different people. I hope for the best for you and your son, and the fact that both of you are very conscious of that possibility lends itself to that hope. . . knowledge, particularly self-knowledge, is strength even against personal demons, and can even gain strength from them.

Thank you for the kind word... (Below threshold)

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, John.

SCIENTOLOGY and its wacko f... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

SCIENTOLOGY and its wacko founder L.RON HUBBARD are as freaky as SECULAR HUMANISM and TOM CRUISE belongs to this freaky religion






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