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John Edwards' America

Mary Katharine Ham has the facts on the John Edwards estate at Townhall. Her post includes the picture above, as well as the following:
1) At 28,000 square feet and 100 acres, if there are two Americas, I'm sure John can pony up and house at least one of them.

2) If a Wal-Mart had wanted to clear-cut that much land in Chapel Hill, the unwashed, protesting, green masses on Franklin Street would still be screaming about it.

3) L.L. Cool J = Limousine Liberal Cool John
Listen, I got no problem with the guy being rich and spending his money how he wishes, but it is supremely obnoxious that just about every liberal politican lives like the top 1 percent they've been denigrating for the past six years. That 1 percent is full of George Bush's buddies, but Democrats know none of them, right? The rich are not evil. For the most part, they are people who have worked hard at something they're good at, and the market has deemed them worthy of healthy payment.

Sadly, John Edwards spent his working career building this luxurious life for himself from fairly humble beginnings, and he will spend the rest of his political career trying to convince the rest of America that his story is an impossibility in "George Bush's America."

Be sure to follow the link and read the rest.


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Comments (47)

Don't you realize that this... (Below threshold)

Don't you realize that this photo of his personal residence gives aid to terrorists?

Looks like he's going to ta... (Below threshold)

Looks like he's going to take up strip-mining as a hobby.

I don't want to spoil the p... (Below threshold)

I don't want to spoil the party here, but if you look at the trees, it looks like this was taken in winter.

If you look at the tan areas in the photo, you can see what looks like combine marks.

Also the author of this post would like to imply that Edwards is clear cutting an unacceptable portion of his 100 acre estate. One that ordinary folk, or even corporations would not be able to achieve.

What I get out of this picture, is it's winter, which explain the tan color. It also looks like it's a field with winter ground cover left on which is used by enviromentaly responsible farmers to control erosion. Finaly, it's common out here where I live for the county to require you to keep a certain portion of your property untouched. In our case 40%. If this project occured where I live that would require 40 acres be left untouched. That does not apply to farming.

When I look at the photo, it looks like a small portion of this parcel, perhaps about 10 to 20 acres. About half of it - 5 or 10 acres in total is dedicated to farming from what I can tell. The other 80 or 90 acres, we don't know about.

Bottom line is this is a non story. Looks like your typical farm in winter.

This is just SAD! Sure, he'... (Below threshold)

This is just SAD! Sure, he's a scum-sucking trial lawyer! But what are you? A mongoloid?

John: Wilkommen! Another "p... (Below threshold)

John: Wilkommen! Another "primary source"! (it's like shooting fish in a barrel!)

Winter, sminter, what a TOT... (Below threshold)

Winter, sminter, what a TOTAL f'ing hypocrite.

If you look at the tan a... (Below threshold)

If you look at the tan areas in the photo, you can see what looks like combine marks.

Actually, you can see what looks like brush hog or lawn mower marks, since that piece of clearcut land in the photo is about one percent of the size you'd need to justify using a combine.

At most, it's mown hay to feed the horses.

Winter, sminter?Jo... (Below threshold)

Winter, sminter?

John "Man of the people" Edwards, a hypocrite for ALL seasons!.

cirby: you're as phoney as ... (Below threshold)

cirby: you're as phoney as a three dollar bill!

That has to be the most odd... (Below threshold)
Robin Goodfellow:

That has to be the most oddly shaped farm in modern existence. John, haven't you seen an actual farm before? This ain't it. Nobody would ever intentionally create a farm of such a shape due to the difficulty of irrigation (especially with the road right through the middle). This is obviously newly cleared land which is slated to be landscaped with turf and whatnot.

My guess is it looks like h... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

My guess is it looks like he will keep horses and have pasture land and a barn to, graze, exercise, and house them.
John Edwards is entitled to use all the millions he has been awarded by suing doctors and hospitals in the way he sees fit. I don't have any problem with him as a portrayer as an advocate for the portion of the "Two Americas" that he preaches about. That's what politicians do. He is in a party that continually tries to pit one race against another, one economic class against another. Some people buy his shtick, I don't.
Rumor has it that only one half of the red barn will be used to stable horses. The other half will be used to store his one month supply of cosmetics and hair spray.

There is ONE America but tw... (Below threshold)

There is ONE America but two groups of Americans: those who take advantage of education and job opportunities with hard work and responsibility and those who envy the others who do.

If you look at the photo an... (Below threshold)

If you look at the photo and look close at the edges of the fields.

You will notice all the trees go straight up without limbs protruding over the open space.

This whole area was carved out of forrest land. As for the amound of space The green roofed house 's
floor plan is over half an acre by itself. You are looking at this parcel at an acute angle so its hard to
determine the amount of open space.

That back pasture could be 15 or 20 acres alone but the angle makes it hard to tell.

Hey the guy built a nice.. No problem..

But as a politician he's an empty suit... Remember if John Kerry is elected, Christopher Reeves will walk again!

That is really crappy to spread that kind of false hope..

WHAT?... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:


John Edwards wasn't Just a ... (Below threshold)

John Edwards wasn't Just a trial Lawyer...............He made his millions blaming health care providers for Cerebral Palsy victims plight, winning huge judgements by his antics parading these victims in front of jurys.

Whats a waste?

100 seat bus

going off the cliff with 99 lawyers on board.......................

He wants to stay as far a... (Below threshold)

He wants to stay as far away from those poor people he's been studying about. Who is the party of the rich? This asshole is the reason poor people can't afford health insurance.

Lorie:I've been re... (Below threshold)


I've been reading your posts for months now. I'm not sure why actually. That's probably a good question for my psychiatrist, maybe something to do with guilt or some other catholic way to punish myself for past sins.

What is it that makes you so bitter, so angry, so resentful of those who don't share the same political beliefs as you? Please don't try a cop-out by using the "hypocrisy" canard. I've noticed that the vast majority of your posts lack anything solid to support your point. Just emotional and angry lashing out at your perceived enemy -liberals. You and Priestap are the principal practioners of the unsubstantiated bitch and moan.

Take this one for example. You take the easy way out and just copy a post from Townhall that is patently false and disingenuous. Ham says she has no problem with Edwards being rich and then goes on to bitch and whine about it. By the way, that seems to about all the right has to offer to discourse these days, lots of bitching and whining; the victim role.

The most absurd and, of course, unsubstantiated falsehood if Ham's assertion that "just about every liberal politician" is in the upper 1% of income.

Why are you folks so damn miserable and bitter? I feel kinda (but not much) sorry for you.

Since no one has mentioned ... (Below threshold)

Since no one has mentioned it, the Carolina Journal newspaper's website has a high resolution version of the Edwards compound photograph available for download (high res photo is 3000 x 2000 pixels; file size is 4.7Mb).

Instead of getting bleary-eyed from staring at a small photo, notice with the larger one that:

1. yes, deciduous trees have no foliage, so presumably shot was taken at mid-winter;

2. yes, the compound itself is freakin' huge, leading one to wonder how many families (plural) could comfortably live there;

3. yes, trees at edge of clearing have no branches at lower levels, confirming that the area was recently cleared (and there are far too many deciduous trees sprinkled in with the pines to suggest that the area is a timer-managed forest for a logging company);

4. yes, the cleared areas that are brown are grassed, and cut with a bush-hog tractor attachment (at this resolution, area is too uniform for straw or other crops; brown color would be attributable to a warm-season grass, or else a cheap cool-season grass like Kentucky 31 Fescue that does not hold up well in freezing weather); and

5. yes, the fact that the compound is so large (interestingly enough, the $$$ evangelist Joyce Meyer also owns a 10,000 sq. ft. house in Missouri) suggests that somehow, the Breck Girl was able to make something of himself in "George Bush's America" that lands his socio-economic status squarely into that richest 1% that he seems to despise so often when talking to the so-called "common man" at political rallies.

Meanwhile, let's watch the so-called "logic" of our DoD ("Defenders of Democrats") crowd:

1. Ridicule anyone commenting about the Breck Girl's house, his wealth, or anything related to Mary's Townhall post;

2. Discuss a small portion of the topic and use that issue to "prove" that John is just like the rest of us, and then ridicule anyone commenting about the issue;

3. Ridicule anyone who comments about the fact that John's ranting against Republicans or GWB on the basis of class warfare, while owing a house that violates so many Democratic shibboleths (ostentatious display of wealth, clear-cutting wide swaths of forest land; not using alternative power generation methods; etc.), is rank hypocrisy.

Look on the bright side: if the tabloids are right, and Britney Spears really *is* knocked up preggers again, perhaps the Breck Girl can represent her against the poor unwitting sperm donor who did the nasty deed...

Isn't Edwards also th eguy ... (Below threshold)

Isn't Edwards also th eguy who incorporated himself so he could take his earnings as a dividend and thus pay the dividend tax rate instead of the income tax rate?

What the matter hugh? Th... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

What the matter hugh? The Democrat party of perpetual fraud getting exposed is too much for you to handle?

Just to sum up:It'... (Below threshold)

Just to sum up:

It's not so much a working farm as a place to sit and look out over nice cleared fields while sitting in a huge house.

BryanD: You need to look up what "phoney" means, since it doesn't mean "correct," as you used it above.

The phoney here is the person who pretended that John Edwards was running some sort of industrial farm, with a combine harvester and everything, instead of the big recreational area seen in the photos.

What's the real point of sh... (Below threshold)

What's the real point of showing us the "facts" on Edwards' estate? Is it supposed to be some type of revelation that he isn't a true man of the people? We have always been accepting of the fact that our Presidents have, by and large, come from the upper socioeconomic strata, no matter how hard they try to relate to the common folk. Bush's drawlin', brush clearin',tough-talkin' Texan persona conveniently obscures his background as a scion of a northeastern family whose international power and influence make Edwards look like a law clerk. Let's keep things in perspective.

Isn't this the American dream? Didn't he work hard at something he was good at? That's how it's supposed to work, right? If Edwards tried to run for pres with the same "two Americas" theme while working in a small law firm and making a couple hundred G's per year he would be invisible. Unfortunately one needs to have amassed a small personal fortune, or at least be bought by someone else who has, to be elected to major office. Personally I think this is a major flaw in our system but it will probably never change.

It seems the degree of perceived "hypocrisy" one is willing to accept from their leaders depends on the depth of their partisanship and ideology.

Sadly, this type of "gotcha" whining along with floating one bogus news story after another seems to be all the right has these days.

Johns trees have a... (Below threshold)
Black Elk:

Johns trees have a bad case of beetle damage
(ie) DEAD...

I've got a better idea. Let... (Below threshold)

I've got a better idea. Let's have this guy for President. He'd have the advantage of being an authentic-looking champion of the poor...and he'd have the advantage of reaching out to those as far away as the corner. I think we all need to get real. We don't elect "hundred-aires" for President in this country.

I'll never forget the video... (Below threshold)

I'll never forget the video of him that surfaced in 2004--preening and dallying in front of the mirror. What a little bitch.

It seems the degree of p... (Below threshold)

It seems the degree of perceived "hypocrisy" one is willing to accept from their leaders depends on the depth of their partisanship and ideology.

...which sums up most of the "noble" American Left right now.

Edwards makes a huge deal about how companies like Wal-Mart are "bad" for people, while doing the same sort of things for the benefit of a very few people. If it's bad for someone to put up a big store with cheap prices in a wooded area, then it's actually WORSE if someone puts up a big house for a very few people in the same sort of wooded area.

Note also Ted "wind power is critically important unless I can see it from my yacht" Kennedy.

...and when caught out in things like this, most of the hard-core leftists can't admit that it's even TRUE. Note your own "bogus news story" comment which, unfortunately for you, seems to not be bogus.

The big point is that, once they latch on to someone's press releases, much of the American Democratic mob tends to never be able to let go of the things they've been fed ("man of the people," "plastic turkey," "650,000 dead Iraqis").

I'm not sure Edwards is eve... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

I'm not sure Edwards is even consciously being hypocritical in this instance. His issue with the "Two Americas" stance seems to be the disparity of lifestyle and perception between the broad range of the middle class and the higher echelons of the corporate executives.

I don't really buy into the crusade of hate against WalMart, but there are pro's and con's to such a large corporation that has made itself an essential part of the American landscape (and beyond, when my girlfriend and I needed a new air mattress while camping outside Montreal, guess where we found one?). Sometimes they drive out good small business as people favor WalMarts high volume discounts, but sometimes, as with any of the box stores, sometimes they drive out poorly run, shoddy small businesses and replace them with better working conditions and product. Ive tried new, excellent products from a WalMart (a certain Mexican pop in multiple flavors comes to mind) that a smaller store would have been unable to stock, simply because the product comes from a smaller provider that would not have made profit on selling to a lower margin store at smaller volumes.

There is a view of Edwards that says he made his money conning juries in malpractice suits, and that view may have some justification as well. But I do think Edwards himself believes his money was made honestly, by representing people with a claim to the best of his extensive ability, and therefore I really can't see hypocrisy between himd drawing a line between his own lifestyle and those of executives who make millions for runing a company into the ground and then bailing out with a contractual guarantee of massive payouts regardless. Sooner or later companies are going to stop hiring the "top talent" of executives with such guarantees, and link the payouts to profits and losses, simply because of the track record in the market and the economic sense. It takes a while for good ideas to filter through any beauracracy, whether corporate or government.

I'm of mixed mind about Edwards anyway, I thought he was rather well spoken and Presidential during the primaries, less so as he took the VP nomination from Kerry, and while my respect for Kerry went up with his gracious concession speech, Edwards came across as whiny and condescending in his.

Yes, yes, I know, a lot of words that could have been summed up with "meh."

John, the problem is that E... (Below threshold)

John, the problem is that Edwards rips into corporate America for living THE EXACT SAME WAY HE LIVES.

That is, by any definition, sheer hypocrisy.

Nobody is mad that he's doing well. It's irksome, though, that he chastises people who do well for living LESS extravagantly than he does. It's like Gore lecturing, for example, ME on wasting resources. I don't fly, don't own multiple massive estates, etc --- I consume FAR less than he does. Where does he get off lecturing me?

"I've noticed that the v... (Below threshold)

"I've noticed that the vast majority of your posts lack anything solid to support your point. Just emotional and angry lashing out at your perceived enemy -liberals. You and Priestap are the principal practioners of the unsubstantiated bitch and moan"

Nailed that, Hugh. It's really ratcheted up since the election. These blogger are developing serious DDS (LDS?). The amount of spin Lorie and Kim apply in these blatant, childish attacks is amusing, Sadly, when you call them on it, as I and you and others have done numerous times, they never respond. There have been several instances of gross errors in their posts, and they go uncorrected. Just -- Plain -- Lies.

At the core is a hatred of their fellow americans. They hate people who have different opinions and views than theirs. They HATE Democrats, and the hate ooozes from the page, and their sickness is getting worse and worse with each passing day.

Lee, I'll point out that yo... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Lee, I'll point out that you come across the same way about Republicans. You've also been much more fair from time to time, and you've picked up a lot of respect for those times. Instead of returning it hate for hate, why don't you return to the more measured responses, it works better (you've convinced me on a couple of occasions that I may have been supporting the wrong side on a matter). Don't worry about the motivations, use the facts, and try to bear in mind that none of us is 100% right or wrong. As you said "They hate people who have different opinions and views than theirs," and some of your more recent comments have had some of that same flavor to them. I know the frustration that leads to wanting to lash back out like that, you've made comments with your own spin on things that have made me want to rip into you, but then I remember that you've also had good points before and you're just expressing the situation as you see it. The same consideration from you has gone a long way int he past, and would continue to do so.

Both sides pick on the petty hypocrisies and missteps of people who for the most part honestly feel they are doing what's right, and only differ in how they feel it should be approached.

MikeSC, I did address that in my comment. I've listened to Edwards on a few occasions, and he does not equate himself, or those who worked to become wealthy, with those he is criticizing. I'm not sure that he should, either, he did provide a service, that as all services do has its benefits and drawbacks, whereas the executives who take a company to the brink of bankruptcy, yet have to be bought out of their position with a huge payoff, have provided no valuable service whatsoever, except maybe to that company's competitors.

I'm by no means nominating Edwards for sainthood, as I said he seemed to me to go from earnest speaker to whiny git over the course of an election, but I don't think this particular criticism is completely fair either.

It funny how hard the left ... (Below threshold)

It funny how hard the left is trying to defend their hypocrite.

I have no doubt they would take up arms if you disparaged their ultimate leader, George "I crush small countries economies for fun & profit" Soros.

After all he's foot the bill for the new radical Left.

I don't expect any better f... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I don't expect any better from liberals these days. They will defend their hypocrites and elect their criminals to Congress at the same time they make all these big talks about ethics and the poor. We should know by now that liberals don't mean what they say and they are not honest enough to admit who they are.

Just look at the actions of the dems/liberals and you will know who they are: hypocritical, intolerant, anti-American, defeatist ...

Darn you Republicans, just ... (Below threshold)
Robert the original:

Darn you Republicans, just because this guy made millions off insurance scams is no reason to think that everything about him is phony. His hair is very real.

How dare you think that this is anything other than a working farm? I'm sure they are growing tomatoes somewhere. Where does it say you can't have an acre of indoor space for every patch of garden? A farm is a farm and he should get the lower property tax rates.

Global warming is real darn it, and we will all die by Tuesday. It is therefore up to our leaders to demonstrate the folly of clear cutting vast areas of woodland and profligate waste of energy. This will only serve to educate the other America.

Who are reminded to hang their laundry rather than use those energy-wasting dryers.

Just more evidence on the d... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

Just more evidence on the desperate need for tort reform. Anyone want to guess how many additional dollars we all pay in our annual insurance premiums because of ambulance-chasing shysters like JE?

Not for nothin but...... (Below threshold)

Not for nothin but...

...why does someone need "two stages" in his workng barn?

And a year from now if anyone can prove to me that any produce (sod doesn't count) was grown in any of those fields (other than hay for horses), I'll eat all of it in one sitting.

Just look at what he has do... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Just look at what he has done and to think that the eco-wackos supported these two KERRY/EDWARDS and just how many trees dose AL GORE use a day?

the problem with Edwards we... (Below threshold)

the problem with Edwards wealth is it was derived not by being rewarded by the market, but by a corrupted and flawed legal system he exploited. No wonder he possess so much guilt.

I guess he's in t... (Below threshold)

I guess he's in that nameless 1% that we here so much about. I'd like to see an interviewer ask these rich dem/libs if they feel they should be paying more in taxes and also would they recomend paying taxes on all offshore acounts.

And also what have you done to decrease your carbon footprint. (or whatever it is they call it)

He's a bit like Kerry: so ... (Below threshold)

He's a bit like Kerry: so self-absorbed, he can't see how ridiculous he's become.

Perhaps Kerry thought one delusional Dim running for Prez was enough and stepped aside for Johhny.

There is a view of Edwar... (Below threshold)

There is a view of Edwards that says he made his money conning juries in malpractice suits, and that view may have some justification as well. But I do think Edwards himself believes his money was made honestly, by representing people with a claim to the best of his extensive ability, and therefore I really can't see hypocrisy between himd drawing a line between his own lifestyle and those of executives who make millions for runing a company into the ground and then bailing out with a contractual guarantee of massive payouts regardless.

Good intentions do not make up for horrid results. Edwards has A LOT to answer for.

C-sections have roughly quadrupled in NC. C-sections are more risky for women than natural childbirth by any medical standard.

The change in cerebral palsy, the reason why the C-section became more prevalent after the court-room antics of Edwards? Zero.

Edwards DIRECTLY led to more women in NC being in danger of any a LONG list of not-terribly-pleasant effects of C-sections. Go down the list. It's quite bad -- and worse because medical science says it is unnecessary, but lawyers trump science any day of the week.

I'll take Wal-Mart over that any day of the week. I'll take the executives who, at their worst, provided jobs for people over lawyers who do not come close to matching that. The guys who ran Enron were corrupt thieves who, also, employed people for years. Fastow got off light, as did Skilling and Lay, but they provided SOME benefit to people for a short while, even if the overall impact was completely negative.

What, precisely, was the benefit at ANY point Edwards provided to ANYBODY besides himself and his client? He cost hospitals millions in damages for a problem they could not have POSSIBLY fixed --- damages that could have gone to provide better diagnostic tools that could've led to more saved lives. Not ONLY did he sentence pregnant women to more painful recoveries from pregnancy (and also, no doubt, caused doctors to consider avenues OTHER than the ob/gyn route), he also indirectly impacted future patients who have to deal with less-than-state-of-the-art diagnostic tools because a lawyer employing junk science robbed them blind.

Heck, he OPPOSED setting up a trust fund for victims of cerebral palsy which would dare to treat all victims EQUALLY because it might limit his ability to make money. He avoided cases where the patient died because without the poor disabled child to parade around the courtroom and override all evidence, the rewards are MARKEDLY lower.

And you ATTEMPT to defend THAT in any way, shape, or form?

And of course he doesn't equate himself to
"them". Hypocrites don't do that. They ALWAYS feel that what THEY do is nice, moral, and upstanding while the evil OTHERS are doing harm. Hitler felt he was doing good as compared to the evil Jews. Stalin felt he was doing good as compared to anybody who disagreed with him. Pol Pot thought his genocidal policies would save Cambodia from itself.

Name a single hypocrite who argued "Well, I'm no better than them". You can't because such a person does not exist.

Edwards is a hypocrite. Plain and simple.

I'm by no means nominating Edwards for sainthood, as I said he seemed to me to go from earnest speaker to whiny git over the course of an election, but I don't think this particular criticism is completely fair either

That is laughable. Edwards made his money bilking hospitals in jury trials where intelligent people have a nasty tendency to not make trials and, try as they might, high school-level education recipients are certainly in NO position to actually comprehend complex medical testimony.

Funny, when I look at the p... (Below threshold)

Funny, when I look at the picture, I think of Waco. Kinda resembles David Koresh's farm, eh???

Lee - why do you assume that - just because someone has a rational disagreement with you, that they HATE you or HATE democrats? Why can't you just say "we disagree"? Cowards throw out "hate" when unable to argue effectively.

So, Johnboys constructed Hi... (Below threshold)

So, Johnboys constructed Himself a country club complete with 9 hole golf course up on Waltons mountain ehh?

Wonder where the stem cell lab is?

He will have to sign on to kyoto so We can track all of this places green gas emissions..

Lorie's and Mary Katharine'... (Below threshold)

Lorie's and Mary Katharine's outrage is justifed. After all, it is a house with indoor plumbing.

What exactly did Lorie Byrd... (Below threshold)

What exactly did Lorie Byrd get wrong in her post?

To listen to the liberals, she wrote a post proclaiming that day is night, and night is day.

Or . . . is this just the typical liberal tactic of repeating a wish often enough and hope it comes true? As in, 'Byrd and Priestap are LIARS', and if it just gets repeated enough, it becomes true!

Actually, the truth and liberals have never become acquainted, so I guess I can't blame them for not recognizing each other. That seems to be the problem here.

MikeSC in defending a busin... (Below threshold)

MikeSC in defending a business's perogative to follow it's own happiness, which directly leads to the benefits it provides to society, writes:

The guys who ran Enron were corrupt thieves who, also, employed people for years. Fastow got off light, as did Skilling and Lay, but they provided SOME benefit to people for a short while, even if the overall impact was completely negative.


They provided SOME benefit to people for a short while, even if the overall impact was completly negative.

Yeah... You think?

MikeSC, your argument makes NO SENSE. Even ScrapIron can be more lucid than that.

MikeSC, your argument ma... (Below threshold)

MikeSC, your argument makes NO SENSE. Even ScrapIron can be more lucid than that.

Since apparently you cannot keep up, I'll try and make it simple.

Both sides are corrupt tools. The difference is that I can recognize the horror that was Enron while you are not quite able to see the same in Edwards, which is hardly shocking with you being a moron and all.

Thousands of people worked for Enron. They put food on their tables for several years due to working for Enron. Most of the wiped out savings were due to them investing almost solely in Enron (including buying MORE Enron stock AFTER all of the problems became public --- the part of the story that got ignored at the time) when a diversified portfolio would have allowed them to be comfortable.

NOBODY benefitted from Edwards. Women were hurt by an increase in C-sections and its complications with (and this cannot be restated enough) ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICAL BENEFIT. Children with cerebral palsy were hurt by his opposition to a trust fund to pay for the disability on a equal basis for all, which I imagine you don't really see any need to explain why a man who is SO against the "two Americas" thing opposed an equal plan to give children money who were suffering from cerebral palsy.

Enron put a roof over peoples' heads for a few years.

Who the heck did Edwards EVER help?

john edwards is a good exam... (Below threshold)
ed workman:

john edwards is a good example of how the eviromentalist insist the average guy buy small cars turn off the toaster ect but think nothing of heating and cooling 28000 sq feet.






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