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Why Adding Bloggers To Libby Trial Was An Excellent Move

More bad reporting from the NY Times, this time at the Libby trial. Thankfully there was a good blogger in attendance to set the story straight. (Hat tip to Instapundit.)

When I read examples like the one above I can't help but think I am not nearly skeptical enough of the things I read in the mainstream media, and I am already to the point that I question nearly everything I read.

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You should question ... (Below threshold)

You should question everything you read, particulary if you want to play at being a journalist.

I hope you keep following up on this trial, since all that flap from last week about how Wilson lied in his Op Ed piece, and Rove was as pure as the driven snow, and Cheney knew nothing, etc, etc, is changing as the trial goes on, isn't it.

I do hope you keep tracking this story. Should be interesting.

Lorie: You DO REALIZE that ... (Below threshold)

Lorie: You DO REALIZE that when God Almighty comes down from On High, He's gonna BITCH-SLAP the HELL out of liars and fools!?!? (just checkin'...)

"I can't help but think I a... (Below threshold)

"I can't help but think I am not nearly skeptical enough of the things I read in the mainstream media"

Says a woman who PROMOTES Michelle Malkin...

How many chances does she get? How many chances does anyone get before the lose credibility? Can I get a number, please?

Yawn. Trolls never sleep.<... (Below threshold)

Yawn. Trolls never sleep.

FITZ!!!!... (Below threshold)


Says a woman who ... (Below threshold)
Says a woman who PROMOTES Michelle Malkin...

How many chances does she get? How many chances does anyone get before the lose credibility? Can I get a number, please?

Is this the same jp2 that submitted the 'piece' to Wizbang Blue ? Most self-aware people would have hid after writing something so laughable.

I think the big media news ... (Below threshold)

I think the big media news this weekend is how the Vice President likes to go on Meet the Press so he can 'control the message'.

Tim Russert - you're a tool.

I actually give EmptyWheel ... (Below threshold)
Dan S:

I actually give EmptyWheel at FireDogLake the edge in the blogging so far. (Just don't read the comments, if you're a sensitive, caring Conservative! The hate!) Joyner has been good, but he's been slower and less detailed on the whole.

Where editorializing creeps in, Joyner is less obviously partisan, I think. But EW got batter at keeping that out of the liveblogging as she went along.

Needless to say, I've been following it all closely, enjoying the dissection at JOM.

I think EW has been fair an... (Below threshold)

I think EW has been fair and Joyner too - and they should be commended for that. People are going to see this case through their own partisan prism - but the liveblogging has been pretty fact based and objective. Good job.

The truth was buried at the... (Below threshold)

The truth was buried at the bottom of one of the links Lorie provided. Right-wing bloggers know that most of their readers won't follow the links, and will just take the story as they present it, at face value.

Thats a mistake. Here's what was buried...

Of course, Mr. Lewis is a sly fox - what he wrote was "intensely interested in Ms. Wilson and her husband, Joseph C. Wilson IV", which literalists and Times editors can defend as correct - Libby and Cheney had an intense interest in Mr. Wilson and no discernible interest in his wife, at least per the account of Ms. Martin.

Literalists? Since when is the someone who tells the truth a "literalist" LOL!!!!

FACT - The story was accurate -- literally.

THis is one of your worst efforts to date, Lorie. Your desperation is palpable.

And a lot of this testimony... (Below threshold)

And a lot of this testimony will be used in the civil trial that the Wilson's have in the works. How will that all be explained away?

Real interesting trial, now, and one more down the road will also be interesting.

don't you mean skeptical of... (Below threshold)

don't you mean skeptical of everything except for other right wing blogs which confirm everything you already think, regardless of factual content?

"bryanDumbass" you will be ... (Below threshold)

"bryanDumbass" you will be the first.

Bloggers are killing libera... (Below threshold)

Bloggers are killing liberals and liberalism and their news outlets.

God bless the blogs.

Why can a blogger accuratel... (Below threshold)

Why can a blogger accurately quote what people are saying at the trial and the antique MSM has to lie about everything. They have to be smart enough to know they will be caught in the day of the computer.
The only news paper I read is the local county paper to keep up with propery transfers and such. The rest you can read the lie on the web and then check a blog and get the truth. I think the antique MSM is running about 99% lies that only the really simple minded (aka democrats) would believe. If a dhimmi saw a red car run over someone and the MSM said the car was black the dhimmi would change is story instead of challenging the MSM. It has became a real comedy even if it does get us all killed.

ScrapironTell the ... (Below threshold)


Tell the truth...you get most of your news from reading your used toilet paper.






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