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Jimmy Carter: Meta-Liar

As Joshua Muravchik reports in Contentions, the dynamite new "weblog" of Commentary magazine, Jimmy Carter made the following statement during his visit to Brandeis University in an attempt to defend his new book: "This is the first time I've ever been called a liar." In making this claim, former President Carter asserted that, until his tome Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid hit the bookshelves, he had never been charged with mendacity.

Naturally, this is itself a boldface lie--as Mr. Muravchik, referring to a 1976 Harper's article called "Jimmy Carter's Pathetic Lies," makes clear. What strikes us, the crack young staff of "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," as so offensive, moreover, is the fact that it is such an obvious fib.

We mean, come on: Who in his right mind believes that any president of the United States has entirely avoided being dubbed a liar? On its face, Jimmy Carter's statement is entirely unbelievable.

Yet perhaps what most rankles about President Carter's statement is its obvious--and smarmy--attempt to make its speaker into a victim. It's as if he's saying: "All I wanted to do was encourage dialogue on the Middle East and I was so horrifically maltreated! Oh, woe is me!"

Forgive us if we don't shed too many tears for the mendacious former president. After all, he gave his ill-informed, one-sided, propagandistic rant the fiercely polemical title Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. In so naming his screed, Carter likened the Israelis' struggle for survival to the militant racism of apartheid South Africa. Gee: Who would have thought that this would have offended a few people? Not Jimmy "Stagflation" Carter, it seems.

And then there's the little matter of a passage in the book implicitly condoning anti-Israeli terrorism. Although President Carter apologized for this bit during his speech at Brandeis, why should he be surprised that this would meet with outrage?

In general, President Carter's lame reaction to his jeremiad is sadly typical of modern political life: Having given massive offense, the perpetrator must claim to be the real aggrieved party. In short, everyone must be a victim.

Hence the notorious Gang of 88 at Duke University, when not prejudging lawsuits to fit their own political prejudices, must blather on about how horrid it was for them to receive all sorts of vicious hate mail. Well, gee: You just hung out a couple of innocent students out to dry, and it turns out that some people didn't care for that too much. Poor, poor you. Ah, you sad little tenured professor; we're just riddled with compassion.

(Note: The crack young staff normally "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently working on a new book tentatively titled Jimmy Carter: Shill for Terrorism and Muslim Apartheid.)


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Comments (27)

If this site didn't have Ca... (Below threshold)

If this site didn't have Carter, Clinton and Kerry, you'd have nothing to talk about at all. I'd much rather discuss the events of, say, the last 6 years...

attempting to turn o... (Below threshold)

attempting to turn off italics...

[/i]one more time...... (Below threshold)

one more time...

Joshua Muravchik! ANOTHER n... (Below threshold)

Joshua Muravchik! ANOTHER neocon scribbler! Staff Toad at AEI! (On C-SPAN a couple of weeks ago, owned up to former membership in SDS. Confessed his regret at avoiding the military he's now so eager to employ on behalf of the Likudniks in Washington. Why? Not because he would've enjoyed the risk of a green VC tracer round up his ass, but because he's a certified Pussy! Please Good Liberals: don't knock this sight for being "Conservative"! Orwellian? Jacobean? Trotskyite? Opportunist? Relativist? ANY of those, but not conservative! Please!

mine's in italics, too! Is ... (Below threshold)

mine's in italics, too! Is that good or bad?

Trying also to cut the ita... (Below threshold)

Trying also to cut the italics...

Hmm, the "Harpers" after 19... (Below threshold)

Hmm, the "Harpers" after 1976 above was supposed to be in italics using the normal 'i' in arrows - but the closeout of the italics tag is showing TWO slashes instead of one. So, I guess I'll try a THREE slash close, see if that does the job.

No. Dang. Editor! Italic ... (Below threshold)

No. Dang. Editor! Italic Cleanup on Aisle 3!

CRAP! Jacobean should read ... (Below threshold)

CRAP! Jacobean should read Jacobite! King James I= GOOD!/ Robespierre= BAD!

Or is it Jacobin? YES, JACO... (Below threshold)

Or is it Jacobin? YES, JACOBIN! (Excuse the bandwidth-hogging, but this pertains to a "Hatemongers'" post, so who gives a shit!)

"If this site didn't have C... (Below threshold)

"If this site didn't have Carter, Clinton and Kerry, you'd have nothing to talk about at all. I'd much rather discuss the events of, say, the last 6 years...
Posted by: blackcat77 at January 28, 2007 12:42 AM"

Do you mean like a book authored by a past US president and released a couple short months ago that is centered on events that impact the current and everyday situation in the Middle East?

OH! I understand now.

But if posts on Carter, Kerry and Clinton doesn't give you enough opportunity to write "I hate Bush, I hate Bush... I truly hate Bush" to satisfy you I'm sure DKos, Atrios or the DUmmies will be more than willing to give you the space to do so.

And BTW, I'll ask you that same query I did Lee when he whined about content here: Just when was it you were hired as an editor at Wizbang?

And how much is the pay?

P.S. It's also obvious there's a parade of the clu3less in process of passing by. Only an author at Wizbang can close the Itals tag, not commenters.

marc: You have to concede, ... (Below threshold)

marc: You have to concede, a blog with 0% turn-around time should be more topical. Poor George has his balls in a vice with the Libby trial, and the editors point fingers at some (ANY!) Democrat for God knows what! It keeps me coming back for laughs, but what do you think? Is W the crazy aunt you keep in tha fruit cellar?

They are not being paid by ... (Below threshold)
Robert the original:

They are not being paid by this site Marc, but it is a fair question to ask.

I've often wondered why so many stop by so regularly to complain about the topic and posters.
Some days it is like a broken record.

I tried to think of a reason I would stop by a liberal site - many times each day - and complain about the site and the posters and to whine like a child. I couldn't think of one, except pay.

Some of them are thoughtful but most have the IQ of a grapefruit, so they are fairly easy to skip by.

I figured out long ago just to ignore them and let them continue to hit Kevin's site meter.

Robert the original, I (for... (Below threshold)

Robert the original, I (for one) stop by this sight because it's EXCEEDINGLY well laid out. (hide/show comments rocks!) Microsoft Blue is hard to beat and is eyeball-friendly. Plus My Wisdom is allotted its very own Field of Blue! The laziness of the Wiz Posters is a problem though, which would be less obvious if Wizbang Politics and Bomb Squad were incorporated into the main page. Fortunately, it's the comments that get the clicks and I get a kick from how feeble the Bushbots non-responses are to the leftists like lee and aR. Plus pub and DJ had a fine colloquy yesterday. i.e. the comments MAKE the site! And let's face it: JT, Lorie and Kim are NOT deep thinkers. (Paul's done good, though) , so agreeing to something stupid is STUPID!, DIS-agreeing with something stupid is INTERESTING!

marc: You have to conce... (Below threshold)

marc: You have to concede, a blog with 0% turn-around time should be more topical.

I concede nothing.

A blog is what the author, or authors decide it to be. Nothing more, nothing less. And it's G-Damn presumptuous for some to consistently whine and cry like two year olds because they are unhappy with the content.

Not happy, too bad, either shut up about content or leave.

And if you think anyone in the Libby trial is going anywhere but Libby (and that may be a stretch) your very plainly misinformed.

marc, I don't know if it's ... (Below threshold)

marc, I don't know if it's the italics or what, but you sound unhinged! " I concede nothing" reminds me of TV's Sergeant Shultz: "I know NOTHINGGG!" Anyway, it's nice to hear you say Libby isn't quite as pure as the driven snow. I mean, a 50 year-old Jew named Scooter...who worked for Marc Rich for 20 years... who wears a fedora to court a'la Jack Abramoff (because that's what observant Ashkenazys do...)

OK, OK, enough whining. Tim... (Below threshold)

OK, OK, enough whining. Time for one of the editors to get up off his/her lazy ass and do something.

And the italic problem is fixed. Just needed the site's resident "morning person" to rise and shine.

As for the rest... I, too, wonder about the persistent critics. Did the BDS resident moneybags, George Soros, start up a new group just to loiter on blogs such as ours and run us down? How much are they getting paid? And where do I sign up?

I mean, really, if they're willing to pay people per COMMENT, how much would they be willing to pay an EDITOR? One who can not just react to content, but shape it? Money talks, folks...

OK, now that I've fixed the italics issue, time to write my own piece. And just to keep blackcat, BryanD, and the rest happy, it's about John Forbes Kerry (D-Teresa's mansion)...


jay tea: Pay-per-comment: I... (Below threshold)

jay tea: Pay-per-comment: I'M RICH!!!(cue Ralph Kramden)

WOH DOGGIE! "Did the BDS re... (Below threshold)

WOH DOGGIE! "Did the BDS resident moneybags, George Soros, start up a new group just to loiter on blogs such as ours and run us down?"... Yes, I'm kind of slow (an hour behind on blogs; a full year on sitcoms: Roseanne/ Coach), but do you REALLY want a dialog between jhow66 and LoveAmerica Immigrant??? I didn't think so!

That's abusing the word "di... (Below threshold)

That's abusing the word "dialogue", bryanD. "Verbal shitting contest" would be more appropriate (apologies to shit).

BryanD -I'm a subs... (Below threshold)

BryanD -

I'm a subscriber to Sirius Satellite Radio and have some of the stock. The Yahoo stock board is CONSTANTLY infested with folks posting all sorts of crap against Sirius. They'll post shit, you put up solid information correcting it, and a few weeks later they'll post the same shit again.

After a while, you get tired of responding to the same old shit. By default, that's a 'win' for them.

The way I look at it, if I don't like a stock I'm not going to hang on the board 25/8/367 posting crap against it for free.

If I were getting paid to do it, that'd be something else - but if I'm not? then I won't do it.

Of course, pay can come in a lot of different forms, not all of them tangible. Some folks get a boost from being nasty to others in an anonymous format, some enjoy a good arguement with the same folks over and over. Some have problem making friends in the real world, and see the folks they argue with as 'friends' even while being nasty as anything towards them.

Or so I think - and it doesn't matter one damn bit in the great scheme of things.

JLawson: thanks for the not... (Below threshold)

JLawson: thanks for the note, but what does it mean? Philosophy makes my eyes glaze over. If it's friendly: thx! If not:I never would have guessed. My head would be on your platter. I get the 5th paragraph, though. So true.

T'was friendly, to be sure ... (Below threshold)

T'was friendly, to be sure - it was about how the similar the postings on a financial board are to the political boards, for the same 'apparent' gain for the poster.

BryanDumbass & W'bored-glad... (Below threshold)

BryanDumbass & W'bored-glad to see that I get your attention- that means you know I know what you are--brainless moonbats. Bring it on!

I am amused by the talk abo... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I am amused by the talk about "dialogue" from liberals. Liberals are doing the terrorists' work by calling Bush and America all kinds of name. If the liberals are honest, they would have strongly condemned people like Carter, Kerry, and Hanoi Jane. These people are excited about protesting against the US and Bush. At the same time, when Chavez and Adm (of Iran) are here, they didn't even protest and worse embraced them or make excuse for them.

Sorry that I found liberals today are contemptible and hypocrite. Show me your actions, then I believe you. Otherwise, you are just trying to make excuses or cover up for your blatant hypocrisy.

Show me that the liberals are spending 10x the energy they are using right now against Bush/the US to protest against the terrorists, then I can believe them.

Near as I've been able to t... (Below threshold)

Near as I've been able to tell, 'we must have a dialog with our enemies' has as a base equal parts delusion (They're just like we are, and want to talk things over instead of fight!) and appeasement (If we just drop our pants and bend over, they'll be our stauch friends and allies in the WoWhatever!) and stands about the chance of a snowball in a blast furnace.

In general, Presid... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:
In general, President Carter's lame reaction to his jeremiad is sadly typical of modern political life: Having given massive offense, the perpetrator must claim to be the real aggrieved party. In short, everyone must be a victim.

You misused the term "jeremiad". Jeremiah was a true prophet reporting what God told him to say. Dhimmi Carter is equivalent to the false prophets who fought Jeremiah and is a liar. Using the term "jeremiad" insults the prophet.






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