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Chris Matthews Is A Drooling Fool


For anyone who tapes MSNBC's Hardball (which rules out most everyone), Chris Matthews got frothed at the mouth - literally - at 7:19PM Eastern, in discussing the Scooter Libby trial. Matthews did one split screen shot with NBC's David Schuster with a giant trail of slobber slowly rolling down, then off, his chin.

This is pretty much what YouTube was made for... Let's get some video on this, OK?

Update: Thanks to a helpful e-mail tipster we've now got the video...

The drooling starts, coincidentally, as Matthews talks about the Vice President's office covering up the inquiry into the uranium purchases from Niger, and right before he throws it back to Schuster. When he reappears on camera (not shown), the spittle is magically gone. Imagine the production assistant who had the honor of cleaning up that mess...

Comments (17)

The guy has some serious he... (Below threshold)

The guy has some serious health issues -- for example, he was recently hos-spittle-lized (ha ha... I made a funny) with complications related to diabetes. This may explain some of his more "random" interview moments, especially of the past six months.

KevinI thought I'd... (Below threshold)


I thought I'd die before ever finfing common ground w/ a Wizzer. I saw Matthews & missed it...maybe looking down or away.

It's often uproarious when some Wiz commenter berates this moron as a lefty. The plain truth is that Matthews is a dumb-ass Russert wannabee, as if that was some desired goal.

Matthews is a stupid puke and I am amused to learn that he DOES need the drool cup I always thought he should wear.

repuke, what's gotten into ... (Below threshold)

repuke, what's gotten into you?

This IS repuke, isn't it???

No Mitch its "pukeface"-lol... (Below threshold)

No Mitch its "pukeface"-lol.

He looks like a zombe just ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

He looks like a zombe just sitting there staring into space completly clueless

Doctors tell me that Stage ... (Below threshold)

Doctors tell me that Stage 4 BDS (or CDS - Cheney Derangement Syndrome) includes symptoms like drooling.

jfo4261: Cheney...Libby...R... (Below threshold)

jfo4261: Cheney...Libby...Rove... whatever Mama Fitz serves up, we'll eat!

I've pondered this image si... (Below threshold)

I've pondered this image since it was first posted a few hours ago.

I'll admit I'm dumb as a rock, I should have figured out in a second.

That's not drool. Its Kerry/Murtha/Durbin spit back!

I was just sitting there, w... (Below threshold)

I was just sitting there, watching the Tivo manual recording that I had made earlier of Hardball and Olbermann, with a teething Avril Rose sleeping on my shoulder, 1:30 ay em, when I noticed the glistening, wet, thick, clear liquid gold just appear mysteriously in a long thin line down TWEETY's lower lip.
I'll never sleep peacefully again

bryanDumbass--looks like yo... (Below threshold)

bryanDumbass--looks like you will eating crow.

Imagine the production ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Imagine the production assistant who had the honor of cleaning up that mess...

Nah, that would mean Matthews had some sense of class and dignity. I bet he just used his sleeve....


I'm diabetic, but I never d... (Below threshold)

I'm diabetic, but I never drooled myself; I don't believe that's in the diagnostic manual for the disease.

I concur with the BDS/CDS diagnosis. Perhaps he should take a break. Permanently. With Olbermann.

Kevin's post in another exh... (Below threshold)

Kevin's post in another exhibit in why some in the conservative blogosphere have too much time on their hands.

There are medical conditions(Bell's Palsy) and some medications that cause excessive saliva. Trust me, I know from personal experience.

I don't like Matthews much but posts like this and the similarly constant mocking of people Cindy Sheehan show a tremendous lack of maturity.
People can't stick to the issues and resort to personal attacks.

Don't disagree with a conservative blogger or you're medical problems can be used for cheap laughs.


TFM:And LWBloggers... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


And LWBloggers have never poked fun of or made a mockery out of President Bush's inability to say words like "nuclear" and "peninsula", never once considering that he might have a speech impediment or lisp that prevents him from saying those words correctly. Right.

Give us all a friggin' break with the pious, "you're all so insensitive!" tripe.

Geez, To listen to Chris Ma... (Below threshold)

Geez, To listen to Chris Matthews is painful.
Here's is a self-hating white guy is there ever wasone. He goes ga ga over Al Sharton of late. I
thought he was going to cry a river when Harold
Ford lost in Tennesee. I could continue.

I remember hearing that he ... (Below threshold)
Roger R. Racine:

I remember hearing that he once contracted malaria while on assignment somewhere overseas. Maybe drooling is a lingering symptom of that disease? Anyone?

Or maybe it's hard for him ... (Below threshold)
Roger R. Racine:

Or maybe it's hard for him to move his lips because of Botox injections






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