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Live From The Scooter Libby Trial

Monday is trial day at Wizbang. As part of the Media Bloggers Association's historic coverage of the Scooter Libby trial, I'll be reporting the days activities live from the U.S District Courthouse in Washington D.C. Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer is expected to be called to the stand today. I'll be live blogging all of the testimony today with each witness is a separate post. You can come back to this post to get links to the witness testimony stories.

Joining me in coverage today is Rory O'Connor. Also attending are Jeralyn Merritt of Talk Left and Marcy of Firedoglake. All of the days stories can be read via the MBA's aggregated trial feed.

All of todays posts are linked below:

Morning Trial Notes
Cathie Martin Testimony
Ari Fleischer Testimony
David Addington Testimony

Check out my fellow MBA blogger Rory O'Connor for additional reporting as well. Between the two of us we probably got most of the detail...

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Let us know, Kevin, if Shoo... (Below threshold)

Let us know, Kevin, if Shooter shows up!! Both he and Libby seek to ensure that Libby's not a fall guy for Karl Rove. Oh, and Ari Fleischer is expected to show up:


Fleischer will take the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination and has been granted immunity by Fitz. Kevin, please try to find out why.

From the link above:

Fitzgerald said that Fleischer, after reading a newspaper article indicating there was a criminal investigation, in September 2003 on the leak of Plame's name, indicated that to Fleischer, "it was one of those moments when your heart goes in your throat, and you think, I could be in very big trouble here."

So just who are the leakers?

Well, so far we have

Rove leaking to Cooper and Novak
Armitage leaking to Woodward and Novak
Libby leaking to Miller

and now it appears that we have

Fleischer leaking to Gregory

Here is
a clever video presciently foretelling Fleischer's involvement. As can be expected, the video shows Cheney managing the whole sordid affair, Condi losing sight of the "big picture," Rove weighing the political implications, and Bush dropping in to share his thoughts.

Excellent, Kevin. I'm look... (Below threshold)

Excellent, Kevin. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

Is Fitzmas for real this ti... (Below threshold)

Is Fitzmas for real this time? We have been lied to so many times....And what is to become of the super/smart/deadly dynamic duo couple PlameWilson? They looked so gallant posing in Prada for Vanity Fair. The evil men in this world must have been relieved that they are no longer on their trails....

The cat is out of the bag a... (Below threshold)

The cat is out of the bag and the Lord Buddha will bring down the burning Bush.

Again, the liberals are sho... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Again, the liberals are showing their true color again: hypocrisy and dishonesty. They are supporting a known liar Joe Wilson. Liberals are quite willing to support a cover up by a prosecutor who had known the leaker several years ago.

I expect the liberals will continue to swim in the moral and intellectual sewage of the partisan liberal press/dem party.

herman, that was actually a... (Below threshold)

herman, that was actually a good flash movie and effective (and FUNNY!). The nail was hit home by emphasizing the betrayal of foreign AND American assetts who had had dealings with Ms Plame Wilson in the past. That's a big deal and deserving of treason indictments on the OVP cabal. And the Fleischer plea is icing on the cake.

"bryanDumbass"-you get dumb... (Below threshold)

"bryanDumbass"-you get dumber by the minute. Hillarious!

Yeah, BryanD, I too think t... (Below threshold)

Yeah, BryanD, I too think the video is effective and humorous. In light of the events of the past couple of days, I now find those who put in the hard work and research involved in creating the video to be amazingly prescient. Remember, this video came out a few years ago, around the time there was heavy speculation that besides Rove and Libby, people like Hadley or Addington may have been involved in leaking. Very few, if any, were guessing Fleischer.

herman: A few YEARS AGO????... (Below threshold)

herman: A few YEARS AGO???? That IS impressive! They must read Justin Raimondo, though I don't remember even him mentioning A F.

bryanDumbass: re your Herma... (Below threshold)

bryanDumbass: re your Herman post-just goes to show how dumb you really are.






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