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Nine Phone Calls, Nine Faxes, Nine Emails

Hugh Hewitt provides phone and fax info for nine Senators to contact regarding the proposed resolution on Iraq.

First thing in the morning, call, fax, or write Senators McConnell, Lott, Kyl, Ensign, McCain, Warner, and Cornyn --the seven senators at the center of the debate, and Senators Gordon Smith of Oregon and Norm Coleman of Minnesota, who are both standing for-re-election in blue states and getting one-sided noise from the anti-war voters in their states. Urge them to refuse cloture on all resolutions. Urge them as well to enter this week's debate demanding support for the troops and a rejection of the resolution dance that, according to General Petraeus and Secretary Gates, encourages the enemy.

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LorieThanks for th... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the list. I have called everyone on your list and urged them to stand up and show that they will not be Republican lackeys for Bush's failed Iraqi policy.






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