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Joshua Sparling Spit and Cursed at during Anti-War Protest

Anti-war protesters aren't any different than they were when they protested the Vietnam war; they're just as vicious and immature as ever. They say they support our troops, but they don't support them at all. They despise them. When anti-war protesters came into contact with Joshua Sparling, an Iraq war veteran, they called him a baby killer and asked him how he slept at night. And another protester spit at him. From The New York Times:

In Washington, counterprotesters also converged on the mall in smaller numbers, but the antiwar demonstration was largely peaceful.

There were a few tense moments, however, including an encounter involving Joshua Sparling, 25, who was on crutches and who said he was a corporal with the 82nd Airborne Division and lost his right leg below the knee in Ramadi, Iraq. Mr. Sparling spoke at a smaller rally held earlier in the day at the United States Navy Memorial, and voiced his support for the administration's policies in Iraq.

Later, as antiwar protesters passed where he and his group were standing, words were exchanged and one of the antiwar protestors spit at the ground near Mr. Sparling; he spit back.

Capitol police made the antiwar protestors walk farther away from the counterprotesters.

"These are not Americans as far as I'm concerned," Mr. Sparling said.

Joshua and his girlfriend were on Fox and Friends to talk about the incident, and even though Joshua has been treated so poorly by other Americans, he isn't letting that ruin things for him. Check out this video via Allahpundit where Sparling proposed to his girlfriend live on television:


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Comments (51)

At least he did,nt let that... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

At least he did,nt let that antiwar jerk get away with it he showed the wacko what he thought of him

KimMy gawd, I'd th... (Below threshold)


My gawd, I'd think you'd rather slit your throat than go to the heartland of the liberal-biased, drive-by MSM to get an anecdotal story. Course, I guess you got clued in from watching Faux News Sunday.

This is just typical of the points that you are always trying to make.

You take one f--ked up anecdotal story and make it appear as if this is somehow reflective of the 10's, if not 100's of thousands of protest marchers in DC last Saturday.

You seem to be scouring every media source for any single misstake that you can dredge up and use to pillary an entire movement or political group.

Your strained efforts could almost make some think of psychosis.

Of course, you know you'll always get the huzzahs from the Wizpuppies sitting in their drool waiting for the ring of your bell.

Kim, I see you have the ant... (Below threshold)

Kim, I see you have the anti-american yellow dog dhimmi barking again. Lets see, second comment on post. Who was sitting in they're drool waiting for the bell to ring. Are you sure aRep isn't really nemed Crissie M.

Same progaganda/slander of the military=
Toyko Rose-WWII-you can't win.
Dhimmi's-Iraq-You can't win.

Tokyo Rose was the enemy of America and so are the dhimmi's.

ScrapironYour "... (Below threshold)


Your "Depends" bag is overflowing. Better empty if before your wife smells something in the house.

aRep,Did you even ... (Below threshold)


Did you even watch the video?

Interesting how NYT article... (Below threshold)

Interesting how NYT article claims that Sparling spit back at the protestor. However, he was on Hannity & Colmes last night and specifically said he did not spit back.

Hey pukeface take off your ... (Below threshold)

Hey pukeface take off your shirt so everyone can see the yellow stripe down your back. Did you take a good look at the so-called protestors? Each and everyone of them looked like complete idiots. If that SOB spit at me it would be his last spit.

You forget to included the ... (Below threshold)

You forget to included the fact that the anti-war group Code Pink allowed Josh to express his views on their stage during the rally.

A little balance please.

aRep still don't get how co... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

aRep still don't get how contemptible the liberals are. arep mentioned that 10's or even 100's of thousands liberal leftists demonstrated to protest against the war in Iraq with the infamous Hanoi Jane. This shows that the liberals are more animated to protest against America when fighting against the communists and now the terrorists and their sponsors. The liberals didn't show up to protest Chavez or Adm, the Iranian sponsor of terrorism. That 's why the liberals are so despicable. The even embraced or made excuse for these dictators. What a corrupt movement.

I wish this guy would wear ... (Below threshold)

I wish this guy would wear a camera to these events, so any skepticism could be proven wrong on my part. I read the story about the spitting this week and believe it (I guess), but the guy enjoys attention. He was on Hannity's radio show a year ago and even Hannity had a hard time segueing his ass off the air for next segment. It was always."One more thing; when are we gonna eat lunch at Ruth Kriss; I never got the I-pod...): that was from one show. And proposing on tv...(bleeech)

One thing we don't need to ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

One thing we don't need to be skeptical about is the clear actions of the liberal leftists at these protests. They showed up with Hanoi Jane to protest against America. But they didn't show up to protest the brutal dictators and terrorist sponsors. That 's why these liberal leftists are so despicable. The spitting is just a sideshow in my opinion.

Ahhh, the love and toleranc... (Below threshold)

Ahhh, the love and tolerance of liberals. Ain't it grand?

This is disgusting. The pr... (Below threshold)

This is disgusting. The protestor knew the symbolism behind his action of spitting at Sparling and knew what message it would convey. I have watched Democrat party operatives all over the blogosphere tear into Sparling for having the temerity to be there and speak out and defending the actions of the moron who spit at a wounded American soldier. This is truly disheartening.

Why are we surprised? Burni... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Why are we surprised? Burning the flag, spitting on our heroes, pissing on America...that's what the moonbats do. Pity the fools.

To take up where BryanB lef... (Below threshold)

To take up where BryanB left off, this is Josh's third confrontation with anti war activists, and he is close with Hannity (per Hannity).

He was there with a Fox radio remote. Was there any provocation on the part of the Fox radio entourage, and how come not one of the Fox radio "team" had a camera to capture the confrontation? Not even a camera phone to record the after action? What a load of BS!

The (one) person who spit a... (Below threshold)

The (one) person who spit at the vet is an asshole - no doubt about it, but who's been more disrespectful of the troops in Iraq: the guy at the demonstration, or George Bush? After all, it's George Bush who:

- oversaw the cutting of veteran's benefits (after the invasion of Iraq)

- refuses to attend even one(!!) funeral of a dead soldier

- arrogantly stated "bring em on!" when asked about the insurgency in '03

- stood under the huge "Mission Accomplished" banner three years ago - just before the problems in Iraq really started

- chose to serve protecting us from the Viet Cong in Alabama during the Vietnam war, rather than go to the far east

- talks about the 'noble cause" but not a single member of the Bush family is serving in Iraq - not really very surprising

- hides true casualty numbers from the public (did you know that if a soldier is injured in Iraq, but dies at the military hospital in Germany, they're not counted as an Iraqi casualty?)

So get real folks. The guy who spit this weekend is an asshole, but your jug-eared hero George Bush is about as disrespectful to the troops as anyone can possibly be.

Sparling, a right wing darl... (Below threshold)

Sparling, a right wing darling that's gets free tickets from Sean Hannity, was spitting on people. Although the Post makes no mention of the incident, as far as I can tell.

He was there with the Freepers. That's all that needs to be said.

Maggy, Your post i... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Your post is full of errors and typical lies from the left so it is no point to give you a run-down on each of your points. I give you the benefit of the doubt that you simply post the typical talking points from the lying liberals on the left.
Using your own arg then since most of the dems didn't fight in VN, so the appropriate response for the dems is to cut-and-run before the terrorists and their sponsors, slandering the US abroad (Kerry, Clinton, Carter etc...), and protesting against the US/Bush in America and providing propaganda for the terrorists? DOn't you see the despicable actions of Kerry and Jane Fonda in VN? Don't you see the despicable actions of these liberal leftist protestors? Why didn't they show up to protest the butchers like Chavez and Adm who openly called for the destruction of America? Or you agree with their socialist and tyrannical policy?

If you are consistent, you should be 10x more angry at the terrorists and their sponsors compared to your anger at Bush. I am still waiting the the real actions from the liberals. Unfortunately your post is one more typical excuse in order not to face the contemptible actions of the liberal left. The liberal left is truly despicable in the cold war and now in the war agaisnt terror.

LoveAmerica Immigrant: If y... (Below threshold)

LoveAmerica Immigrant: If you address "Maggy", why not address a point or two that she made. Most immigrants I know have a developed sense of logic or rhetoric or cold common sense. What happened?

bryanD, surprised t... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

surprised that you or maggy didn't even address my key point yet. Where are the actions of the liberals to show that they are 10X more angry at the terrorists compared to their anger at Bush and America?

OK, one of maggy 's cheap points: bush didn't attend one soldier 's funeral. He has taken time out to meet with families of many fallen soldiers. Many touching accounts have been written about his meetings with soldiers's families. Another one about the landing has been talked about ad-nauseum in various threads already.

I have used facts and logics so far to show that all the liberal left has is distortion and lie. They cannot even be honest about who they are and what they want. Can we agree about the despicable actions of the liberal leftists (like Kerry, Carter, Jane Fonda etc...)?

If you are consistent, you ... (Below threshold)

If you are consistent, you should be 10x more angry at the terrorists and their sponsors compared to your anger at Bush. I am still waiting the the real actions from the liberals. Unfortunately your post is one more typical excuse in order not to face the contemptible actions of the liberal left. The liberal left is truly despicable in the cold war and now in the war agaisnt terror.

Posted by: LoveAmerica Immigrant at January 30, 2007 02:14 PM

We didn't address your "key point"? I'm assuming you're referring to the one on top of your head? Please, tell us of all the "lies" in my post....

You're a typical ass-wipe for the Bush cabal. Come on, tell us of the "lies" in my post.

LoveAmeric Enemagrunt... (Below threshold)

LoveAmeric Enemagrunt

Anyone who doesn't suck from the same propaganda tit that you do is a "traitor," "treasonous," "commie-symp," "terrorists lover"or any other similar label you want to foam.

You said once that you were an Enemagrunt from, I believe, Viet Nam. Clearly you came from a country where dissent from Communism was not to be tolerated and now you would impose the inverse of that same mentality in a nation where "Freedom of Speech" is enshrined in the First Amendment.

You certainly do not represent the most famous hallmark of your adopted country. Rather, you represent the same kind of closed doctrinaire mentality of the totalitarian country you left, just turned in another direction.

Moreover, you classically represent Maccabee's summation of RWB's about which Jay posted yesterday.

Maggy, One lie in y... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

One lie in your posts i have pointed out is that Bush has met with families of many fallen soldiers already. And the families have been touched deeply and his sincerity and concern. Many accounts have been written about it. I didn't bother to bring it up because a decent pres should do that in any case. And Bush did do that. Only the BDS deranged liberals would want to twist and nitpick to criticize no matter what.

General Tommy Frank asked Bush to do the landing to boost the troop morale as explained by Navy veterans in previous threads already. Again, this is a blatant example of the dishonesty of the liberal MSM in twisting the event to serve as a propaganda.

Still you cannot deny the obvious facts before your eyes of the despicable actions of liberals like Kerry, Carter, Clinton, Jane Fonda. When did liberals protest against the dictators and sponsors of terrorism when they cam to America? On the other hand, liberals invited these dictators to give speeches on campus. Let 's be honest enough to face the despicable actions of the liberal left.

aREp, I simple made... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I simple made the observation that the liberal leftists in this country is behaving exactly like the communists in VN. I think that 's why the liberals supported the communists during the cold war. I speak from personal observation. In fact, I bring up the facts and using logic to support my conclusion. Feel free to refute my logic and facts if you can.

LoveAmerica,As is ... (Below threshold)


As is typical of a mouthpiece for the right, you've twisted what I said. I never stated that Bush didn't meet with families, I stated that he has yet to attend a single funeral of a fallen soldier.

Now, that you've been made to look like the jackass you are, please tell us of all the other "lies" in my post. Why do I feel like you won't?

As is also typical of an ass-wipe like you, churn up "but, but, but Clinton, Clinton, Clinton." Yawn.

More precisely, the liberal... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

More precisely, the liberal leftists in this country are behaving exactly like the communists and their enablers in South Vietnam before 1975. They took advantage of the freedom in the South to do the propaganda bidding of the communists. Once they are in power, they shut everyone up. The dems are behaving in the same way.

So my observation: the liberals are behaving the same way today as they were behaving during the cold war.

I bring up the facts and us... (Below threshold)

I bring up the facts and using logic to support my conclusion. Feel free to refute my logic and facts if you can.
Posted by: LoveAmerica Immigrant at January 30, 2007 04:03 PM

Logic? Facts? Either you're high on drugs, or a liar. You attacked Maggy's post as being full of "lies", but didn't offer a single example of any lies in the post. That's not facts, or logic.

Maggy, YOu don't un... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

YOu don't understand the point. Funeral is a private event of the family. You used that as a point to attack Bush as not concerned about the fallen soldiers. That is a blatant lie/distortion. I have shown you the fact that Bush did care and met with families of many fallen soldiers.
IF you understand logic, you would see that this is a blatant attempt of using isolated facts to distort for the purpose of slandering.

Can you agree now that Bush cared far more about the troops than Kerry, Clinton, and Carter? Can we be intellectually honest enough to agree on this simple point?

Ohhh, Maggy, a "Cabal" arou... (Below threshold)

Ohhh, Maggy, a "Cabal" around Mr. Bush. Oooh, that sounds so arch and intriguing.

Just what the fuck does it mean, anyway?

You've got more labels floating around in that thick head of yours than a Walmart sale.

By the way, I would not have wasted spit on any of these wackjob "protestors." These are the people who are greatly challenged in getting along with others, holding down responsible jobs, and learning from the past. Probably all work for the Education bureaucracy or the local Dept. of Transportation.

LoveAmerica Enemagrunt... (Below threshold)

LoveAmerica Enemagrunt

In one of your comments, further above, "I have used facts and logics so far to show that all the liberal left has is distortion and lie."

and further on, "In fact, I bring up the facts and using logic to support my conclusion. Feel free to refute my logic and facts if you can."

In all the inane comments seen on these threads those two of yours above are the most incredibly laughable statements I have ever seen.

When it comes to Logic and Facts, you make the National Enquirer or Star look like paragons of reliability

Enemagrunt facts, logic?? About as much as is found in 10lbs of elephant dungue.


aREp, I have shown ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I have shown you the facts and logic: your own statement in this thread claimed 10s and even 100's of thousands of liberal leftists showed up to protest against Bush and the war in Iraq. They invited the traitorous Jane Fonda (who served as a propaganda tool for the Vietnamese communists) as a speaker etc... These liberal leftists didn't show up to protest the dictators Chavez and Adm (the Iranian sponsor of the terrorists) when they came to the US. Logically, these liberal leftists should show up in millions to protest these butchers if they are honest. Where is your refutation of my fact and logic?

LoveAmerica Enemagrunt... (Below threshold)

LoveAmerica Enemagrunt

My refutation of "your logic and facts," unfortunately, was flushed down the toilet after I took a dump.

You should have no problem, swimming as you do in your cistern of " logic and facts," sniffing them out.

Tell the truth, Enemagrunt, you were expelled from Viet Nam for dragging down the literacy standards of that nation.

aRep, Your post aga... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Your post again is typical response from the liberal posters on this forum. No facts at all. You simply cannot refute my facts/logic. So my conclusion stands: the liberals/dems are beyond contempt by their words and actions. You can continue to swim in their moral sewage if you want.

Mitchell: Justin Raimondo t... (Below threshold)

Mitchell: Justin Raimondo terms the "cabal" a Treasonous Camarilla. Follow the links within the links: Israeli spies having their clearances re-instated and put to work for the War Party, etc: http://www.antiwar.com/justin/?articleid=8491

bryanD and Republiken:... (Below threshold)

bryanD and Republiken:

Can you believe these losers (Enema and Michelle)? Of all the things I said, the only things that can be attacked are my referring to a "cabal", and LoveAmerica's assertion that Bush cares about the dead soldiers' families. What a joke. Neither one can refute that Bush dodged the Vietnam war, that his family WON'T serve in Iraq, that he was a blowhard when he said "bring em on!", hides real casualty numbers from the public, etc., etc.

No wonder it sucks so much to be a republitard these days! LOL.

Maggy, No matter ho... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

No matter how you spin, I have pointed out one blatant lie/distortion in your post. Until you acknowledge that your post is not worthy of serious consideration. Do you acknowledge that this is a blatant lie/distortion from whoever you get this from?

A few other points:<p... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

A few other points:

(1) Bush served in the National Guard, far more than Clinton ever did. Kerry was a despicable for making a big stint about his brief service in VN. He slandered the American military and provided a propaganda tool for the communists to torture or break down POWs.

(2) Your post about Bush 's family not serving in Iraq, so he cannot send troops to fight the terrorists in Iraq is so dumb. Just give you an example. You are the major of a town. Since you and your family are not serving in the police force, you cannot send the polices to take out the thuggish gangs? This is such a silly arg that only liberals can spout.
If you want to talk about hypocrisy, can we agree on the despicable hypocrisy of the liberal left? Can we be intellectually honest to agree?

Maggy & LuvAmeriKa Enemagru... (Below threshold)

Maggy & LuvAmeriKa Enemagrunt

As you can see from Enemagrunt's nic, he douches & empties it here.

What I find most amazing was that in Jay Tea's piece yesterday about Daily Kos' Maccabee's lurking on the RWB's and Jay's complaint that Maccabee offered no links or facts to back his assertions, that good ole Jay Tea didn't realize that that was unnecessary; Jay Tea need look no further than comments on Wizbang by the Wizfools here, topped by none other than His Emminence, The Logician, Enemagrunt.

I would imagine that Enemagrunt is a refugee from Viet Nam because the current government rejected such a damaged product of its educational system.

aRep, Thanks for pr... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Thanks for proving my point again that liberals simply cannot make an honest arg based on facts and logic. You are reduced simply to silly posting void of any coherent points.
I am glad that you are providing another example of how ignorant liberals are.

"No wonder it sucks so much... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"No wonder it sucks so much to be a republitard these days! LOL."

The truth is that it sucks being you. You hate the fact that you have to come here and tell your democrat lies because its Maggysturn. If Democrats stopped speaking the only thing left to talk about would be the truth.

These parasites aren't here to learn anything or hear the truth or else they would listen and pay attention. They are here to lie , make trouble and spread their discontent and misery on those not like them.

Exactly why do you losers come to this site? It sure isn't to seek information or have meaningful discussions.

Rob LA CAWith the ... (Below threshold)


With the intellectually diminished like you and your raving WizBro LoveAmerica Enemagrunt, not to mention Kim's and Lorie's psychotic attempts to spin any of-the-wall anecdote into some flimsy talking point, Wizasylum is the last place I would come seeking truth.

I watch this site and read snippets from Raw Story, Think Progress, the Huff Po and watch the cable networks and, occasionally parts of all 3 mainstream network news shows. It is beyond me to fathom how anyone could possibly monitor the available media flow and even begin to sniff out some truth. But one thing is clear from watching the Wizasylum: anything to do w/ fundamental truth and the postings/comments here is purely coincidental.

Much of what one sees here. particularly the comments, is deranged.

Maggy and Repuke et al, you... (Below threshold)

Maggy and Repuke et al, you'd have to be an angry liberal schmuck to show up on a conservative blog daily, almost hourly, posting your rage against Bush, the "War Party," Republicans.

What a bunch of losers. Get a life. Read something besides NYT and assorted leftist crap. Nobody here gives a shit.


Breaking news, someone spit... (Below threshold)

Breaking news, someone spit near someone else!

I guess not everyone at the protest was as cordial as these folks.

Mitchell , This reminds me ... (Below threshold)

Mitchell , This reminds me of you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvxMSSF7IwQ

Rob & Mitch, As I m... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Rob & Mitch,
As I mentioned, these liberals simply come here spouting the lies from the liberal left. They was fooled into believing that they are sophisticated. When their lies were expose and the contemptible behaviors of the liberal left are shown to them, they don't have any logic or facts to back them up. So what do they do? They simply divert attention by their stupid name calling. They know that they are swimming in the moral sewage of the liberal left and they try to cover it up. If they don't know that, then they are really dumb even after we tried to explain slowly to them.

Well Maggy, this is blatent... (Below threshold)

Well Maggy, this is blatently untrue. It's even been debunked numerous time on Democratic Undergrond, by BDS leftists.

- hides true casualty numbers from the public (did you know that if a soldier is injured in Iraq, but dies at the military hospital in Germany, they're not counted as an Iraqi casualty?)

All deaths are counted, whether they occur in Germany or the US after injury in Iraq. You can go here and see that the place the person died at is listed.


Notice the two entries for December 2006.

This list came from here:

Frankly for someone who claims to be so informed about the "truth" you are remarkable ignorant if you actually believed that deaths weren't counted if they died outside of Iraq. This is very basic common knowledge.

What else do you have wrong that you are so sure that you know the "truth" about?

The fact that Sparling retu... (Below threshold)

The fact that Sparling returned fire betrays a fundamental lack of respect for the brave men, womyn, and transgendered Americans who graffiti the Washington Monument for our feeedoms. The protester who cursed and loogied at him gave up a day of playing Gears of War on his Xbox 360 to march against violence and bring our troops home in shame and defeat. Instead of whining, Sparling should get down on his knee (not the one that got blown off - the other one) and thank him for his sacrifice.

Notice that Maggie had lots... (Below threshold)

Notice that Maggie had lots to say until she was called on her lying/ignorance. Now she ignores the thread.

Hmmm, according to Snarling... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, according to Snarling it was another vet who supposed spit on him. Another 82nd Airborne vet, as a matter of fact.

According to the NY Times, "words were exchanged." Well, having seen video footage and pictures of Snarling posing next to an effigy of Jane Fonda being with a noose and a sign calling her an "American Traitor B**CH!!," standing next to a banner telling protesters "Go to Hell Traitors!," wagging his finger in people's faces, taunting and heckling marchers, and calling people "a**holes," I can guess what Snarling was contributing to the exchange.

Of course Snarling also denies spitting back. So, is the NY Times story true or not? If it is, that means Snarling is a liar.

Hi! [url=th... (Below threshold)

[url=thanks for sharing][/url]

Hi! > [url=b... (Below threshold)






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