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Is that a wand in your pocket, Harry, or are you just glad to have landed the part?

Yesterday, in our discussion about North Carolina and one state senator's attempt to exercise some control over state-subsidized movies shot there, one commenter -- OldeForce -- opined that perhaps the parents of child actors should exercise some "censorship" about what roles their children accept.

And then, today, oddly enough, I stumble across this story...

One wonders if young Mr. Radcliffe's parents attempted to (ahem) "rein in" his ambitions, or if he just went for the part full gallop...

(OK, after those puns, I better hoof it outta here...)

Comments (4)

Ahh, he was just horsing ar... (Below threshold)

Ahh, he was just horsing around.
And it does seem to be fodder for the media.

I vote "Neigh!!"... (Below threshold)

I vote "Neigh!!"

You are assuming that the p... (Below threshold)

You are assuming that the parents have any better judgment than the 17-year old! Generally speaking, they don't. Child actors are 95% of the time pushed beyond all common sense by parents whose thwarted ambitions for themselves are visited upon their children. I've seen it so often! When I lived in L.A. I knew parents who drove their children unmercifully to succeed in "the business" and all their children wanted to do was go to school and be NORMAL. It's so horrifying to watch. And probably explains why so many of these kids end up involved with drugs and/or alcohol.

He really needs a tan. He'... (Below threshold)

He really needs a tan. He's so pale he's almost blinding.






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