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Judith Miller Testimony

A.J. Strata takes a look at some interesting revelations from Judith Miller's testimony in the Libby trial including her reference to "clandestine guy."

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Read Soothsayer's comments ... (Below threshold)

Read Soothsayer's comments to AJStrata's article. In a nutshell: Libby told the media about Valerie Plame, and not the other way around. EVERY witness has affirmed this! (AJ then feels compelled to call him a "Liberal". SUPRISE!)

Talk about selective report... (Below threshold)

Talk about selective reporting. AJS says the key date is 7/8/03 when the real key date is 7/12. That is the date Libby claims to first learn the identity of VP.

In Miller's testimony she discusses a meeting on 6/23 where Libby tell hers that the "clandestine guy's" wife works for the agency. In the second meeting on the 8th, he tells Miller that Wilson's wife works for the CIA in the Nuke None Prof Division.

There is a mountain of evidence that Libby was well aware of Plame's identity weeks before he said he did.

As usual Barmey Google and ... (Below threshold)

As usual Barmey Google and Bryan Dimmy picked out two sentences they liked and forgot the rest of the article. Shame on you lefties anti-american nuts. ADD got you down?

Scrappy, I hate to bum your... (Below threshold)

Scrappy, I hate to bum your dome, bud - but there is in fact a "mountain" of testemony indicating that Scooter did in fact know Plames identity before he claimed he did. What, something like the last 6 or 8 witnesses had a fairly consistant story stating that...?

Oh yeah, Rove's name came up too today, which you might have heard if you were listening to the news.

What's it gonna take to convince you this is not just an "anti-american" plot?

Didn't Cooper testify today... (Below threshold)

Didn't Cooper testify today too, about Karl "I've Said Too Much Already" Rove?

I believe the "clandestine"... (Below threshold)

I believe the "clandestine" She refers to is Armitage the leaker.

Hoo-wee! Bushbots won't tou... (Below threshold)

Hoo-wee! Bushbots won't touch this subject with a 10-foot clown pole! ('cept Srapiron (sic), but he's tetched in da haid!)

Is this that "Fitzmas" we a... (Below threshold)

Is this that "Fitzmas" we are all so wet between the legs to get at?


American Weenie Leftist

p.s. Supersecret Agent PlameWilson can still melt buildings with her secret Prada sunglasses.






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