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Audio of Man Witnessing a Car Accident

So you're asking yourself, what good is audio of a traffic accident?

And why post it here?

You just hear it for yourself.


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Comments (8)

If that's not funny, why ar... (Below threshold)

If that's not funny, why are tears rolling down my cheeks?

Yeah, cause I feel sorry for the guy - that must be it.

God bless Texas!

My favorite part, was when ... (Below threshold)

My favorite part, was when the little lady who "Looks like Mother Goose", "beaned him with her Bible".

Yeah, I lost it at the Moth... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I lost it at the Mother Goose line myself.

I've heard this one several... (Below threshold)

I've heard this one several times on late night radio, but it's still hysterical. Now if you can only find the one with guy who hits a deer and calls 9-11 from a phone booth....

<a href="http://www.9-1-1ma... (Below threshold)


Here is the bambulance link. Mickey was a business associate of mine.

I had this clip emailed to ... (Below threshold)

I had this clip emailed to me three years ago and I still listen to it every other week or so.

Old and fake. Sorry. It is ... (Below threshold)

Old and fake. Sorry. It is funny though.

Does anyone know where I ca... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know where I can find the real one with the old black guy who says you can't miss the cadillac el dorado with a deer sticking out of it and that it was messing up his interior? He was near an Arby's and a Sun-a-co? C'mon out there, I know it has to be somewhere on the internet.






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