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The Publication Date of the last Harry Potter Book Announced

The very last book in the Harry Potter series is titled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and it's due out July 21st. I just pre-ordered mine here.

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I just pre-ordered two copi... (Below threshold)

I just pre-ordered two copies myself :)

I like the title, it's remi... (Below threshold)

I like the title, it's reminiscent of Godric's Hollow, which we know is where the Griffendorf founder hales from, and also where Harry announced he was going at the end of HBP.


This series has had an amaz... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

This series has had an amazing impact on the literacy of our kids.. Third,Fourth and Fifth grade kids are reading books over 500 pages and asking us teachers how to pronounce a word and it's meaning..They lug this in their backpacks.
Here in Denver it is one of the most popular (boys and girls)books during the DEAR Time (Drop Everything And Read)

It is a shame that in many areas religious zealots continue to try and keep this series out of school libraries because they "promote witchcraft".
But of course they have the same problem when it comes to what is taught in science...

Harry Potter will be a favorite 100 years from now..

anyone know when the next C... (Below threshold)

anyone know when the next Chronicles of Narnia movie will be out?

Geez, nogo. Can't you even... (Below threshold)

Geez, nogo. Can't you even comment on a book of fantasy without taking cheap shots? And your nom de plume is offensive, too.

I know I'll be picking up a... (Below threshold)

I know I'll be picking up a copy within the first week or two of publication, but I won't give it the hosanna's others are.

JK is a gifted storyteller and definitely found and filled a desperate need in the world for entertaining fiction that children could relate to.

However, its not the best in the world, sorry. :P

good to see more children reading though

So you only praise supreme ... (Below threshold)

So you only praise supreme accomplishments? Just doing really good work over a period of ten years doesn't earn your praise?

I imagine your ancestors:

'Sorry DaVinci, your stuff is good, but let's see you paint a Sistine Chapel ...'

'You know Brahms, your work is okay, but it's not like you're any Mozart or something ...'

Actually, I'm pretty sure your parents weren't quite so picky ...

'Hey sure you're a nice guy and good-looking, but if you're not a super-model ...'

If you're looking for spoil... (Below threshold)

If you're looking for spoilers, check out one of the fan sites. My favorite is

I suppose this book will pr... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I suppose this book will probably have a centrefold in it...

Geez, nogo. Can't you even comment on a book of fantasy without taking cheap shots? And your nom de plume is offensive, too.

1. No.
2. Ever seen "field negro's"?

You are deceived, Kim. This... (Below threshold)

You are deceived, Kim. This is just Satan's way of popularizing witchcraft. You're inviting demons into your home, into your family -- into your mind.

God doesn't want you to read this book, Kim -- and moreover, I don't want you to read this book.






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