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Must be some misunderstanding...

Apparently, the quickest I can get a service technician out to fix my cable/internet problem was not yesterday, but NEXT Thursday.

This IS being escalated...

And until then, all I can say is NOW I understand why Adelphia had the reputation -- and fate -- it enjoyed.

In the meantime, I'll be TRYING to get online SOMEHOW...


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Jay, doesn't your town mus... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay, doesn't your town must have some internet shops/cafes? I am in the middle of Brazil and my town is filled with them?

Try a couple of motels in y... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Try a couple of motels in your area (assuming you have a laptop). Most don't require passwords unless they are in congested areas. Use the lobby, beats sitting in your car at night in frigid weather. They will think you are a guest.

Next alternnative is Verizon's wireless service and drop your cable company.

If they're anything like Ad... (Below threshold)

If they're anything like Adelphia in Colorado, once they get there, they'll look around and tell you they'll have to schedule ANOTHER service call, ANOTHER two weeks out because they need a flux capicitor or something.

Good luck and my sympathies.

You'll need three things:</... (Below threshold)

You'll need three things:

1. Your laptop with a wireless card

2. Mr Ducky

3. A coffee/sandwich shop with free wireless

Use Mr Ducky as a conversation starter while you blog/browse the net.

You're not missing much - j... (Below threshold)

You're not missing much - just a couple of tools making asses out of themselves on DJ's nice piece about Molly Ivins.

It's OK, JayTea. We'll wait... (Below threshold)

It's OK, JayTea. We'll wait. The suggestion to use a wireless hotspot was a good one.

Go to Satelite Internet. Th... (Below threshold)

Go to Satelite Internet. Then when you have a problem you'll only have to wait for the service guy to climb a ladder to the satelite and climb back down to tell you the problem is in your house.
Just keep a smile on your face and don't let them or the dhimmi's get you down. Eventually they will all be replaced by something worth while and dependable. LMAO

snowballs is correct...the ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

snowballs is correct...the pitiful trolls are flinging an exceptional amount of their silly poo in several threads today.

I see the WAAAHHHHHmbulance... (Below threshold)

I see the WAAAHHHHHmbulance has arrived at Wizbang.

Jay just cut to the chase a... (Below threshold)

Jay just cut to the chase and get an air card.

(I'm serious, look into it... You are the perfect customer)






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